Assisting the Body in Fever

“When poisonous matter has accumulated in the system to the point where it becomes a menace to life, the body makes a violent effort to cast it out and we have pain, inflammations, fevers, and the whole train of acute diseases.”- Herbert Shelton

“A fever is a beautiful process, a fever is initiated and controlled by the body and is not dangerous to our health as we are taught. A fever CAN become dangerous when products are used to interfere/suppress the fever. It’s the exact opposite of helping the body when we apply products which poison the body further, while the body is initiating a fever to expel poisons in the first place!

A fever is a measure taken by the body to expel poisons. When we poison the body a second time, during the cleaning/fever, this is when the chances of death can increase, but it was never the fever itself that was the problem. The body wouldn’t initiate a cleaning event that it couldn’t handle, the body is intelligent, but when we add to its toxic load , that’s when the real issues arise.” – Mariah Mazza

Children run higher fevers because generally, children have a much higher level of vitality (more vital energy) which allows for more rapid and aggressive cleaning. This is also why young children tend to get a lot of colds and then as we move through the teen years and into adulthood the years of abuse and burden slowly wear down the body’s vitality until colds become infrequent.

When we encounter a fever we need to assist the body, but not in the way that most people think of assisting with herbs, pills or potions that stop the fever, all of which put life at risk.

Instead we need to assist the body by DOING NOTHING INTELLIGENTLY. What the body needs most is rest and the absence of digestion and the absence of poisons.

Stay in bed, sip water, aiming for 1-2 gallons throughout the day, sleep, rest, I repeat don’t get out of bed. What the body needs most is every single ounce of energy you can give it. If you drink adequately, sleep and avoid all food the fever will pass quickly. If you take fever reducers or pin medications or any other form of poison or any food during this time you are putting the body at risk.

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    1. Fever is always the result of underlying illness. Fever is the body’s solution to illness. It is always telling us that the body has been injured or is under burden and the body needs rest to make repairs.

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