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Cancer – Understanding Natural Health Versus the Medical Model Can Save Your Life!


The conventional position is that cancer cells are abnormal cells that grow and divide uncontrollably. How does that mesh with NH’s position that cancer is nothing more than toxic waste safely enveloped by the body in a protective sac? 


The medical industry takes a wide range of symptoms and labels all of them as cancer. They do not delineate between different symptoms or the progression of the condition other than to say that Cancer is in stages 1-4. In Natural Hygiene or Life Science, the medical diagnosis of cancer falls into both the sixth stage of disease and the seventh stage of disease depending on the exact conditions.  The sixth stage is the body putting the toxic material into a specific area, as opposed to it being circulated around the body.   

I would clarify that “toxic waste safely enveloped by the body in a protective sac” is not quite an accurate description of how natural hygiene explains cancer.  The backlog of waste is never safe for the tissues.  It remains problematic until the body has been freed of it.   However,  the body isolates that material in one area to protect the rest of the cells in the body from the toxic materials.  This is what I mean when I say the body is intelligently encapsulating the waste.   Not that the material is safe, but the body is making the best of a bad situation by isolating the materials in one area.  The cells in that localized area though are continuing to be injured. If the causes of disease are not removed the area will continue to grow and spread as the amount of waste in the system continues to grow. Eventually, this will result in the failure of the person to survive the toxic conditions present in their body.  

Natural Hygiene agrees with medicine that cancer cells are abnormal cells and at some point what the medical industry calls Cancer will progress to a state where the individual cells grow and divide uncontrollably.   However, the majority of Cancer diagnoses will fall in Stage 6 of disease, induration, rather than stage 7. In stage 6, the body creates tumorous tissue (scar tissue) to bridge the lost tissue which occurs in Stage 5 ulceration and encapsulates the poisonous materials that destroy the tissue.  The ulcer (stage 5) and the toxic material in that area are encapsulated by the hardening of the tissue around them.   

If at this point the causes of disease are not remedied then the body will enter Stage 7, Cancer, where body vitality is at a very low energy, cells are no longer under the control of the body’s master control system and the cells begin to multiply and grow abnormally.  

This is due to 2 malfunctions occurring in the cell.  In normal cells, there is a process called contact inhibition, whereby the normal cell continues to grow until it touches or comes in contact with the neighboring cell, at which point its growth stops.   In a cancerous cell, the conditions surrounding the cell cause malfunction that results in the contact inhibition being faulty and the cell continues to grow past the point of contact.  

The second malfunction is in the lifespan of a cell.  In a normal cell, there is a limited lifespan of the cell and when the cell is no longer functioning optimally the cell is recycled.  

“…normal cell divides in two at a constant rate, then the two daughter cells into four, and so on, but along the road of reproduction some of the cells die at a constant rate equal to the rate of reproduction. Balance is therefore maintained. But not so for cancer cells. They do not have a finite life span. Nor do they die in the same proportion as those that reproduce.” – T.C. Fry, Life Science Course, Lesson 75

Natural hygiene recognizes that the abnormally growing and multiplying cancer cell has reverted to a simpler form and become disconnected from the network of cells.   In a normal healthy body, all cells are coordinating and working together for the greater organism. In an abnormal cell, the conditions surrounding the cell are so toxic that the cell can no longer operate in coordination with other cells.   Its functions then become simplified to the basic survival of the individual cell, as opposed to the survival of the entire body.   The cell focuses only on its own needs instead of being tied to the other cells and coordinating its actions.   

Where natural hygiene diverges with medicine is in how we respond to this information and what steps are taken to remedy the malfunction.  Medicine treats its various collections of symptoms as unique, separate, and individual diseases. Natural hygiene recognizes that disease is a progressive condition, starting with the first cries of discomfort of the infant, building into the first colds the child experiences, and progressing steadily over years and decades as we fail to provide for the needs of the body and fail to allow the body adequate energy and materials to maintain its internal conditions.   

Medicine says, the cancer cell is a virus that is attacking the body, while natural hygiene says, the cancer cell is the result of repeatedly damaging a normal cell through the repeated ingestion of toxic materials.   In the medical narrative, the solution to a virus is the application of poison to the body to kill the invading force. Meanwhile, the natural hygiene explanation says to remove the causes of injury and the body will stop being injured.   

Medicine seeks to cut, poison, or burn the malfunctioning cells out of the body. This causes injury to the healthy cells along the way and forces the body further into the upper levels of disease. Medicine approaches the abnormally functioning cells with the idea that they can apply poison to the body to correct the abnormality.  The poisoning of a healthy cell would result in disease, but in medicine applying poison to a malfunctioning cell will return the cell to normal function.   

Alternatively, the natural hygiene approach is to remove the causes of injury that led to the cells behaving abnormally and provide the conditions of health to allow the disease conditions to progress in the opposite direction.    

Cancer is stage 6 or 7 of disease and medicine wants to add to the causes of progressive disease, keeping the body in stage 6 or pushing it to stage 7 while removing the symptoms which are the warning bells and whistles.   Natural hygiene wants you to listen to the warning bells and whistles and move your body from stage 6 or 7 back to stage 5, then 4, then 3, and onward until you return fully to completely normal operation of all cells. 

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Eat fruit and be well my friends.


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Ointments, Herbs, Poultices, Antibiotic Creams, and other Suppressants

T.C Fry on why using herbs/remedies or pharma drugs to “heal” is not healing but suppression:


I think you’re wrong about all healing being self-healing. I’ve personally seen a woman who had a leg ulcer for over a year. Topical application of comfrey poultices healed it in less than ten days. How can you deny that?


I do not deny that the leg ulcer healed, and I do not deny that the comfrey poultice was the agency that precipitated the healing process of the leg ulcer. But the body is probably worse, not better for the treatment.

What happens physiologically to cause the ulcer in the first place? Why do they sometimes persist only to heal later? What happens when the agency of toxic materials such as in garlic, aloe, comfrey, or in pharmacological preparations are applied and the ulcer is healed?

The comfrey poultice neither caused nor healed the ulcer. The body created the ulcer in the first place just as it creates a boil, fever, pimple, or other so-called infection. The body creates these conditions as outlets for an extraordinary load of toxic materials. As long as the body is burdened with toxicity that it cannot eliminate through normal channels, it will utilize vicarious outlets, i.e., outlets other than normal. As long as the practices introduce into the body toxic materials and the sufferer’s habits are such as to cause the body to retain its own metabolic wastes, then the body will protect itself against a death-dealing situation by getting rid of its problems any way it can.

An ulcer is created in two ways. First, a lesion can be created by the body through self-autolyzation of its tissues. The body causes the self-digestion of a hole to the surface in the case of a boil or pimple. It is the body that forces toxic materials into the hole it has created to the surface. It is the body that creates the tremendous pressure necessary to keep the pus and debris near the surface in the form of a boil until drainage or expulsion occurs.

Just so it is the body that causes the ulcer in one way or another. Probably the leg ulcer was caused by the body’s collection and concentration of poisons in a given area until the cells and tissues of the area were totally destroyed. Then the body utilizes the open sore as a drainage outlet much as a teakettle will discharge its steam through a blown hole after the hole is blown. When aloe vera, comfrey, or certain pharmaceutical preparations are applied, they do not solve the body’s problems. Herbs and drugs have not the intelligence or power to create cells and new tissue to bridge the chasm or gulf that constitutes the ulcer or lesion.

What happens is that the poultice or drug application applied to an open sore poses a new danger. Absorption of poisons from the outside causes the body to change strategy. Where it had been exuding poisons to keep them low, the body is now absorbing poisons there. To obviate this new threat the body closes up the dumping ground and seals it off from the outside by scarring it over.

Though the body healed the ulcer, it is now worse off than before. It is retaining the toxic material previously expelled through the open sore or ulcer. Either it must now create a new extraordinary outlet or suffer the retention of the toxic materials it previously expelled through the ulcer.

Had the ulcer sufferer fasted, the ulcer would have healed more quickly than with the application of a poultice. Moreover, the body would, under the fasting condition, be free of the input of toxic materials and toxigenesis due to enervating habits. Under this condition it can accelerate expulsion of toxic materials through regular channels. Once the level of toxicity has been reduced below a certain tolerance level, the body will promptly proceed to heal the ulcer. Healing takes place much more quickly under the fasting condition than any other. While fasting, the body can concentrate its energies and its material resources to the healing process, thus affecting healing much more speedily.

So, the comfrey poultice did not do anything other than become a source of irritation. The body “closed up shop,” so to speak, at the ulcer site and did business elsewhere. Keep in mind that all healing is a body process and never that of drugs. And let us not mistake the drug nature of comfrey. It contains pyrrholizidine and allantoin, two quite toxic alkaloids or glycosides.

Emotional Eating

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating today. I thought I would share some thoughts from T.C. Fry that may help you make better decisions as temptations abound today. No matter how the day goes, tomorrow is another opportunity, so don’t stress being perfect but do try to hear your internal dialogue as you navigate any temptations!

Emotional Factors and the Foods We Choose

By T.C. Fry

Eating an optimum diet would be simple if we were all rational beings, freed from emotional conditioning. However, in the realm of diet, it is often the emotions and past habits that are king and queen instead of reason and clear perception.

We eat ice cream, spicy foods, candy and other destructive foods primarily because of emotional needs and emotional associations with these foods—not because of any true physiological need or premeditated reason.

People form emotional attachments to foods as a result of childhood experiences, past associations or self-conditioning. Consequently, certain foods are often eaten during particular emotional states, such as depression, etc., or in hopes of inducing a specific emotion, such as contentment or happiness.

For instance, ice cream is often associated with the rewards of childhood. When we were children, ice cream represented a treat or perhaps a sign of parental approval or indulgence. “If you’ll be good, I’ll buy you an ice cream cone,” is a common promise of harried parents.

Thus, at an early age, ice cream is associated with “being good” and with parental approval. Consequently, when we have been good (such as staying on a good diet for a few weeks), we decide to play both parent and child and reward ourselves with a bowl of ice cream. Similarly, if we are feeling depressed or overwhelmed by life’s problems, we may eat other childhood “reward” foods to temporarily escape our adult troubles.

Holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving are intimately associated with strong emotions and certain festive foods. So strong is this emotional association of food with holiday fun that some health-conscious individuals may eat turkey, pastries and sweets on a holiday in an effort to capture the childhood memories of days long past, as well as for parental approval in the present.

Please note that no value judgement is placed upon the emotional associations and attachments to food. To a certain extent, all of our food likes and dislikes are based upon emotions. Few people eat out of purely rational reasons, nor is it necessary to do so. What is necessary, however, is to be aware of the role emotions play in our food choices. If we are eating certain foods that are not conducive to health because of a disturbed emotional state, we should be aware of our behavior and try to approach our problems in some other manner besides food.

Foods themselves cannot satisfy emotional needs. If we are depressed, eating chocolate chip cookies may stir the memories of a carefree childhood, but they do not remove the cause of that depression. Indeed, the foods we are eating may be creating the emotional problems we are trying to escape from.

For example, in our culture, most children are brought up to associate sweet, sugary foods with approval, love, affection, etc. A child is often given candy as a reward. This type of conditioning becomes an internal pattern which is carried over into adulthood.

When grown-up people feel lonely, bored or in need of reinforcement, they may buy an ice cream cone or put money in the nearest carbonated drink machine. They eat the sugary reward food and feel somewhat better emotionally for a few minutes. This illustrates that a negative emotional state, (boredom, insecurity, loneliness, etc.) may influence the selection of and eating of nonfood items (candy, cookies, snack foods, etc.).

These nonfood items then contribute to a nutritional imbalance which may, in turn, re-create the emotional state that one is trying to escape from. For instance, the refined sugar in sweet foods gives a temporary rise in energy and a false emotional “high.” After this energy surge, the sugar has the effect of depleting the body of B-vitamins and other nutrients. This sugar-created depletion then sets the stage for additional emotional distress and depression.

A seemingly inescapable cycle is thereby created: A person is continually eating sugar-filled foods in an effort to escape the depression that the foods themselves are helping to create.

Today, as you move through the day, keep T.C.’s words in your mind and ask yourself what patterns am I carrying, how do they fulfill my emotional needs, where might they have developed from and are they still serving you? Every choice is a new opportunity to build a better you. Have a wonderful holiday if you are celebrating and if you are not, have a lovely Thursday – or Friday for those ahead of us! 

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Flesh-Eating Bacteria


What is flesh-eating bacteria and how do people get it?


Flesh-eating bacteria is a myth of the medical industry based on their wrong foundational understanding of bacteria’s purpose in the body.

Bacteria only feed upon dead and dying cells and cell debris. It does not feed on healthy living cells.

When a person is diagnosed with “flesh-eating bacteria” what is really happening is the body is extremely toxic and an open wound has become a port for the expulsion of the toxic waste material. The wound is pushing out lots of acidic waste which is causing more and more cells to die in the area surrounding the wound. The bacteria is present to break down those dying cells for recycling or elimination. The bacteria is there in response to the conditions, it is not creating the conditions. When this happens under the care of the medical industry the patient will have many poisons applied to the wound directly or to their body generally. The initial wound or ulceration was caused by the chronic application of poisons and wrong foods to their body and then the medical treatment is to apply more poisons to the body. This means the body is going to have a continuous stream of material it needs to push out in order to survive. This leads to the wound area continuing to ulcerate, destroying more and more tissue in the area and causing more and more bacteria to be created to keep up with the workload.

If the patient was fasted and no more poisons were applied to the body then the body would stop having material to push out, it would be able to catch up on the backlog of waste, the ulceration would stop and the waste load would fall and as the waste load falls the bacteria populations would be reduced by the body in direct correlation to the reducing waste load.

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Blackleg and Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in Cattle


I see the term blackleg come up often when people talk about vaccinating livestock. They also mention BRD a lot too, which is like pneumonia. These cattle farmers are insistent that they must use the immunizations to prevent the loss of the animals. So why does this work in cattle? The 1st seems to be spore-related and carried until a minor injury turns the muscle into a feast for a toxic soup-creating bacteria. The 2nd seems to be commonly, possibly caused by stress… but stress alone can’t create the disease of mucus-filled lungs. How would the terrain model explain these claims?


Whenever we are looking at a medical label blaming bacteria or viruses for disease there are always clues that point to the answers we seek within the medical literature narrative that can help us see through the false science, misconstrued, misinterpreted, or misinformed opinions, and sales pitches and get a clearer picture of what is actually happening.

Here is one source that we can look at for clues – Blackleg: A Preventable Disease of Cattle from the West Virginia University Extension

As usual, they have the fearmongering statements “Clostridium bacteria have developed the ability to survive extreme environmental conditions by developing into highly resistant spores. As spores, the bacterium can live in soil for many years, waiting for its opportunity to strike and infect a host.”

The Bacteria is present in healthy animals without causing infection

Looking at this first one, we can see that the spores are present with no negative impact on the cattle and can live in the soil for many years, which means hundreds, if not thousands of cattle are exposed to them, but only a some of the cattle suddenly start dying from the bacteria according to the medical literature.

Here is another confirmation”If sheep or cattle have ever grazed the land you are currently pasturing, it is most likely you have the Clostridium chauvoei spores.”

A Narrow “Infection” Window

“It is not uncommon for prime blackleg conditions to affect an area for a period of 10 days.”

So beyond 10 days the bacteria suddenly becomes inert and not harmful? It’s everywhere that cows or sheep have grazed previously, thousands of cattle are exposed to it with no health issues. This is the same pattern used to blame e-coli, MRSA, tetanus, etc in humans when these bacteria are found in all healthy humans.

It’s highly unlikely that the material would only become harmful within such a narrow scope, but perhaps we can find a more rational explanation within the article for why a cow would succumb within 10 days of injury.

“It is not entirely understood what causes the bacteria to proliferate, but one theory is muscle bruising associated with handling and shipping may be a major cause. “

“There are several signs and symptoms an infected animal will exhibit, including lameness, loss of appetite, depression, rapid breathing, fever and swelling. Sometimes the animal will appear lame on the affected leg before any other sign is noticed.”

When these cattle are transported they are crammed into metal trailers and very often become injured. Since the cattle are fed a completely unnatural diet, and raised on pastures that are abused and devoid of nutrition, they start out very weak. The cows are given a wide range of toxic injections and supplements, and antibiotics are fed “preventatively” leading to a chronic state of disease from birth to slaughter. The pastures are often planted with only one or two grasses, which are chosen to maximize short-term weight gain, not nutrition. All of these conditions lead to an animal that is not in a good condition to recover should they experience a traumatic injury.

In chicken farming, they feed the birds a feed that makes them grow so heavy in such a short period of time that it is common for the bird’s legs to break under their own weight. In cattle, we see the same pattern of fattening for the fastest return on investment leading to bodies that grow rapidly, but not strong. No care is given to the animal’s nutrition because the cattle farmer only cares about getting them to maximum weight as quickly as possible, they don’t care about their long-term health. They have no desire to allow the animal to live to its natural life span, so there is no incentive to feed them properly for longevity.

Poor Nutrition leads to weak bodies that easily succumb to injury

Most people recognize that livestock that live in a feedlot system are getting very poor nutrition and a stressful life with little care for their wellbeing. However, we tend to get the false impression that “grass-fed” cows are getting good nutrition and living naturally. This is the furthest thing from the truth. A grass pasture is just a field the farmer has planted with rye, wheat, or other grasses. In nature, cows would eat flowers, shrubs, fruit, legumes, clover, wild herbs, and a wide variety of greens and grasses that would be growing next to each other on wide tracts of natural land. Grass-fed cows are fed a mono-crop or possible a small mix of grasses, flowers and legumes in a small grass field. In nature they would not be limited to a few high-protein grasses selectively chosen for maximum weight gain. In nature, they would grow slowly and naturally. On a farm the goal is to get them fattened for sale or slaughter as quickly as possible to maximize profit.

A “grass-fed” cow is the equivalent of a McDonald’s fed child. A body that has been fed poor nutrition is far more likely to succumb to an injury than a body that is strong and has the materials needed to heal properly.

So we have an animal that is severely injured during transportation and then dumped into a field that offers no rest and little nutrition, likely they are also given their preventative antibiotics (poison) and supplements (poison) because the grass field is lacking in many of the natural materials they need. As a result, the conditions of health are not being provided and therefore we cannot expect the body to heal in effective way and we can expect many of these cows to succumb to injuries which would not be fatal in a healthy animal but becomes the straw that breaks the camels back in these weak mis-fed animals.

Why do the injections appear to work?

Using the same article as above –  Blackleg: A Preventable Disease of Cattle from the West Virginia University Extension

We start with the sales pitch, the favorite of the industry is the “better safe than sorry”, “we offer the solution for very cheap so make sure you use the prevention.” Here it is in the article: “It is a very inexpensive insurance policy to protect animals with vaccination. Most blackleg products will cost producers approximately $1.20 to $1.60 per head, plus the cost of labor, depending on the product used.”

In the disease-for-profit industry, they have inbuilt protections to keep their system running. Hundreds of thousands of different disease labels for a small number of symptoms. A set of symptoms can point to one of 10, 20, or 100 different disease labels, but the presence of any particular bacteria or virus is the definitive factor that provides the specific diagnosis in many diseases.

The way a vaccine works is you give it long before any symptoms are apparent and you give it en masse to thousands or hundreds of thousands of victims.

“Vaccines are very effective if given to young, healthy animals in time for them to increase their immunity before being challenged by the disease.”

Since most of the victims would never acquire the disease in the first place you simply credit the vaccine for the lack of symptoms rather than the statistical norm that already existed prior to the invention of the vaccine. Now all the animals that never would have gotten the “disease” in the first place we are told only didn’t get it because they were vaccinated and therefore protected from it.

Then when inevitably symptoms arise in some of the animals or humans that match the disease that the vaccine is supposed to protect for, they simply change the disease label. In humans, we vaccinated for polio, and then anyone who got the symptoms associated with polio from being exposed to a neurotoxin but is vaccinated, they are now diagnosed with transverse myelitis, guillain-barre, spinal cord stroke, meningitis, brainstem stroke, botulism, or other medical labels instead of polio. Polio is ruled out because they were vaccinated for polio already. Instead a different label is chosen. In areas where the vaccine was not given en masse, they are still given a polio label and we rarely see the other diagnosis labels being used.

You see, if an animal has been vaccinated for a particular disease then that by default removes that disease from the diagnosis choices the vet is choosing from and they choose another label instead. Plenty of labels are available to diagnose the same limited spectrum of symptoms, so it’s easy to simply relabel.

In this case, “C septicum, C novyi, C sordellii, and C perfringens may resemble those of blackleg.” and malignant edema, tetanus, enterotoxemia, red water, and botulism all share the same symptoms and can be used as an alternative diagnosis.

But to add a further level of protection for the narrative we are also told “calves vaccinated under three months of age must be vaccinated again at weaning or at four to six months of age to be protected.” and ” Animals must be vaccinated annually.”

So if the vet wants to diagnose blackleg they can also claim that the farmer did not vaccinate enough times.

“Delaying vaccination until a calf is older can be inviting disaster” -Source: Alabama Cooperative Extension article Blackleg and Other Clostridial Diseases in Cattle

The industry sales materials always have the call to urgency and the moral imperative – if the farmer does not vaccinate they are “inviting disaster” and being neglectful and abusive. This type of social pressure helps keep questioning to a minimum – no one wants to be labeled abusive or neglectful so “just to be safe” they inject the poison.

“Intramuscular injection of clostridial vaccines causes significant muscle damage and, therefore, clostridial vaccines must be injected under the skin (subcutaneously or SQ) in the neck area. This will prevent injection-site damage to high-value cuts of meat.

The result of “just to be safe” is “significant muscle damage” but that is socially acceptable because it is a result of medical “care” which is deemed necessary and appropriate as long as its not in the high value cuts of meat.

Bovine Respiratory Disease

“Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), sometimes described as “shipping fever,” is the most common and costly disease affecting the North American beef cattle industry.” “BRD refers to any disease of the upper or lower respiratory tracts”

Here the cause is right in the description, “shipping fever”. The extremely high stress the cattle are under during shipping leads to many of the cattle developing detox symptoms after the ordeal.

Symptoms of BRD in cattle:
Fever (up to 42°C)
Watery nasal discharge progressing to a thick mucoid nasal discharge.
Depression and lethargy.
Lack of appetite.
Rapid, shallow breathing.
Unwillingness to move, standing with neck extended.

All of the above are detox symptoms. This is the body’s natural healing and repair processes being instituted as a result of exposure to toxins or stress. When an animal or human is under high levels of stress this creates an overacid condition of the body due to the overworking of the cells. All disease is a result of the overworking of the cells, so stress, especially prolonged stress can certainly result in detox symptoms.

In humans, prolonged stress results in cold or flu symptoms, which are detox symptoms, also known as a healing crisis. In cattle, the medical industry has labeled this collection of healing symptoms as BRD just like they have labeled the symptoms pneumonia, flu, or cold in humans. It’s the same process just with different labels depending on who invents the label first.

However, there are some caveats to stress creating these symptoms. Under normal conditions in a healthy body the body would quickly eliminate the results of the stress in the body and no lasting symptoms would occur. If anything the symptoms would be minor. In a body that is misfed, however, the body is already under a chronic burden and is unable to rapidly eliminate byproducts of stress. The body is dehydrated and as such the lymphatic system is backed up and moving more slowly than it would naturally. This results in slower elimination of waste products and therefore more damage at the site of the cells when the waste is not able to be rapidly eliminated from the area. Therefore, a normal condition that a healthy body would rapidly eliminate with minimal symptoms becomes a major issue with major symptoms and discomfort for a body that has been chronically misfed and poisoned.

On top of this, if the care given to the animal is rest, fasting, clean water, and species-appropriate food that provides the highest quality nutrition then the body will recover rapidly. If the opposite is done, if the animal is applied with poisons and force-fed, not allowed proper rest, and not provided with the needs of health, then the symptoms will linger, the elimination will drag on and the symptoms may worsen depending on the amount of poisons applied to the body by the medical person in charge of their care.

As with any condition of disease, we cannot poison a poisoned body back to health. Stress creates poisonous conditions, and the body responds to these poisonous conditions by creating expulsion symptoms, the medical industry responds to the body healing expulsion symptoms by applying additional poisons in the way of antibiotics, supplements, and other symptom suppressants, attempting to poison away the symptoms which were brought on by the initial poisoning.

If the body survives the initial poisoning and the secondary poisoning the medical poisons are touted as the savior. If the animal succumbs to the secondary poisons the body’s healing processes are blamed for the death rather than the poisons. The explanation always protects the profits of the disease-for-profit industry.


The Importance of Hydration and Water Consumption in Achieving or Restoring Optimal Health

In our previous article, “Humans are Herbivores, Comparative Anatomy” we established that eating watery fruits and fresh greens is the optimal diet, what about water consumption? Many people seem to believe that if you consume optimally hydrating foods that water is no longer necessary.  However, this is a grave mistake. Perhaps if someone has been following this ideal diet their whole lives this may be the case, however, virtually all of us have spent years and decades consuming non-ideal foods:  Processed junk, meat, dairy, etc. Making sure you get enough water in addition to eating as clean as possible will help speed up your healing process tremendously.  Why? Virtually all of our unnatural lifestyle decisions will eventually result in dehydration.

Eating processed foods? Dehydration

Caffeine?  Dehydration

Pushing yourself too hard? Dehydration

Not drinking enough water? Dehydration

Eating acidic foods? Dehydration

Need to burn off excess fat for energy? Takes a lot of water

Consuming animal products? Dehydration

Alcohol?  Dehydration

Bowel troubles? Water will help clear it

Exercise or physical activities? Dehydration

Body temperature regulation? Consumes water

Eliminating oils and lymphatic waste? Consumes water

Virtually all bad diet and lifestyle issues lead to dehydration eventually.  Consuming more water will help reverse most health issues. Often since we are not accustomed to drinking appropriate amounts of water we go through phases where we can’t take in very much, which is why it is generally recommended to start slow and go by feel.

I was on a raw, fairly ideal diet for about 3 years before I put together the water piece thanks to Sam Kovalyov, and my health improved dramatically in just the few months after I began drinking water regularly again. At first I was only able to drink about 2 quarts per day and I was urinating constantly.  Only a few short months later I was up to over a gallon each day and I was no longer feeling a need to urinate all the time.

When I first began putting emphasis on water again in February of 2020, I went through phases of edema (swelling) in various parts of my body as the water pooled up in areas of my body which it was being used to help clean. Our bodies will use water to help dilute acids and waste as they are cleared out.  Just like raw diet, the water piece takes time for your body to become accustomed to and some time for your body to utilize it.

Frequent urination is usually a sign that your body is passing toxins.  This is very common for most people when they begin to drink more water because most people are chronically dehydrated. Water helps break up the toxic gunk and as it becomes urine, the urine is more harsh than normal, so our bodies want to pass it sooner rather than later.  Frequent urination is a great sign you’re doing some cleaning. This step usually won’t last very long.

Ideally you will get to a point where it’s easy and you feel better consuming about a gallon or more per day, but if you are not used to this yet, it is recommended to work up to it slowly. Start with maybe 2 quarts and work up from there. If you need to hold at 2 quarts per day for a week or two then that’s totally fine.  As usual, go at your own pace.  Frequent urination will slow down over time and it will be easier to drink more and more.

It took me about 3 months of habitual water drinking before I began to be able to feel my own thirst impulse again.  Talking to others in similar situations, this seems fairly normal.  Just try to go slow and don’t feel like you need to force excessive amounts of water down as this can result in other types of issues. Drinking excessive amounts of water can result in a condition called hyponatremia which happens when we drink so much water that the concentration of sodium or other minerals in our bodies gets too low.  Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion, loss of energy, restlessness, muscle weakness, and can even progress into seizures or coma. If you begin to suffer from these symptoms, simply stop drinking and wait and your body will utilize the excess water in your system and everything will rebalance naturally.

So again, as always, go at whatever pace is comfortable to you.

Healthy adult kidneys can process about 1 liter or 1 quart per hour at most, so exceeding this rate of consumption is not useful.

Ideally we sip and keep water throughout us throughout the day.

I recommend getting a large water bottle. I use a one gallon tank that I fill once or twice a day and lug around with me everywhere I go.

These days I also really prefer to get in most of my water in the mornings.  I usually wake up anywhere from 6-8 a.m., and I refill my gallon every morning right after waking if it wasn’t full from the night before.  I like to try to get a whole gallon in before my first meal of the day, which is usually somewhere between 12 noon and 2 p.m.  This way I can just sip water the rest of the day in between meals without feeling any pressure to try to stay ahead of dehydration.

Addendum / Clarification from Sam Kovalyov and Lauren Whiteman

Sam: Water helps keep our extracellular fluid hydrated and mobile so it can transport nutrients to where they are needed, when they are needed… intracellular fluid is best affected by the water from fruits and veggies because it has minerals in it that give it different physical properties from plain drinking water… toxins get recycled into our digestive system and back into our extracellular fluid over and over again until they are broken down enough to be eliminated by the kidneys or mixed with enough fiber in the digestive system that they make it to our colon for elimination… either way, water is a necessary component to this process… cellular hydration is a result of a fully hydrated extracellular environment, as the ECF will pull water from the cells if it is lacking, and since fruits and veggies contain substances in them besides water, they do not help to dilute and remove old toxins from the system as readily as plain water does. It is a currency that is spent in the detox process and thus gets to be replenished. As the need for detox goes down, so does our need for water, and the body communicates this to us with subtle signs of discomfort when drinking water, which should tell us that we’ve had enough to drink, just as we eat food until we feel subtle signs of discomfort, which tell us we have eaten enough food for now.

Lauren: We have always had the same position on water. All humans today require water because they have old waste compacted in their bowels. 1-2 gallons per day. Humans are not physiologically designed to drink water, but we are also not physiologically designed to eat cooked foods, so when we make the mistake of eating inappropriate foods we must counter that by replenishing the water lost via the cooking and digestion processes. We do not have a drinking anatomy because our anatomy was designed for fruits, but when we put in anything other than our ideal foods we must replenish that water to heal.

Heavy metal detoxing, cilantro, and the chelation myth

If you have been in the natural health community for any length of time you have probably heard about the supposed magical powers of cilantro to pull heavy metals from your body.   Heavy metal detox smoothies with cilantro, detox tinctures, powders, potions, and various other products claim to use the magical power of cilantro to pull metal out of your body.   

With heavy metals being the big scare tactic in natural health, anything that can “assist the body in detoxing” them has a huge appeal, which means money in the pocket of those who sell them.   You may have even seen popular terrain theory gurus like Dr Kaufman profiting off selling you some expensive cilantro concoction to help you “pull out heavy metals.”   

All of this marketing is a scam.  

The people pushing it may not realize it is a scam, having fallen for some false correlations, lacking an adequate understanding of why the body creates symptoms, or having missed some lapses in logic in these claims, but it is a scam nonetheless and one which ultimately is keeping true health out of reach for you.  

Cilantro is not a magical herb that can float around your body and suck out the heavy metals and there is nothing – no product, herb, pill, potion, or tincture – which can ever  “assist the body in detoxing.”  Anyone selling you on the idea of “assisting the body in detoxing” either is scamming you or is ignorant of how the body operates.  They are selling you science fiction that belongs in Star Trek, not real life. 

The body takes all action

When we consume any substance the substance itself is acted upon by our body.  The substance is inert, meaning incapable of action, or dead.  The food is chewed by the body and swallowed by the body.  It enters the stomach where it is broken down and softened by the contractions of the stomach. The body creates and releases enzymes and acids to break apart its bonds.  Then the body moves the substance from the stomach to the digestive tract, where additional contractions break the material down and the body’s bacterial colonies go to work on the substance.  The body breaks down the material and the bacteria moves the material to the cells by passing through the walls of the digestive tract.   Every step from the first bite to the elimination is an action taken by the body on a substance that takes no action.  

Let us compare this to the cilantro chelation myth.   In the claim, cilantro is said to attract heavy metals, pull heavy metals, remove heavy metals, or assist the body in removing heavy metals, often the claims state that it will remove heavy metals from our brains or improve cognitive function, presumably by its power of removing those heavy metals.   How is this possible?   Inert objects take no action.   As we just saw, all actions are taken by the body against the substance.   At no point does the cilantro gain the ability to direct its own action. The cilantro does not jump out of the stomach and swim up to the brain in order to work like a magnet to suck out heavy metals.  This is biologically impossible.   

Many people have fallen for this logical black hole, however cilantro is inert.  Perhaps when bottled and sold for $120 for 1.58 oz it can suddenly perform magical feats.  Back in reality, cilantro cannot push or pull, it can not attract or repel anything.  It can no more take action on the body than a virus can.   ( ) Inert objects or substances cannot take action.  Until that changes, cilantro cannot assist us in detox. 

How did we get the idea that cilantro can detox us?

At this point, you might be wondering how this fallacy became a common claim in the natural and alternative health communities.   There must have been some type of science that led to these beliefs.  As with any bit of misinformation there is always some kernel of truth that they grow out of and the same is true with the idea of cilantro chelation.   

In this case, an observation was made, heavy metals in water moved towards the cilantro in water.  Much like a magnet pulling a metal paper clip, rather than remaining stationary the metal in the water moved towards the cilantro.  

Here is the problem:

In vivo is not ex vivo.   

In vivo means “performed or taking place in a living organism.”   Ex vivo means “that which takes place outside an organism”.   Cilantro in water is ex vivo, occurring outside of the body.  Cilantro in the stomach is in vivo, occurring inside of the body.   When we study something in science we are either observing an action in vivo, occurring inside the body, or we are observing ex vivo.   Things that occur outside the body do not react in the same way inside the body.  Outside the body, there may or may not be a living organism taking action against the substance.  In vivo, the body is taking action.  

Metal floating towards cilantro in a glass of water does not equal metal being pulled from the brain or some other tissue.  The cilantro remains in the stomach until the body breaks it down and eliminates the waste. There is no way for the cilantro to magically pull from the brain to the stomach.    The body takes all action.  The cilantro is inert; it is dead.   Nothing inert can move something from one area of the body to another. If anything was moved from the brain it would be by the action of the body.

Adding to the inaction of inert substances we must also realize that the stomach is a filter.  The digestive tract and the stomach are outside the body, not inside.  Picture the body as a donut and the stomach and digestive tract as the donut hole.  Substances enter the mouth and exit the anus and the entire time they remain in the tube which is the digestive system.   Only the body’s workers, the bacteria, and microscopic organisms can pass from the digestive tract to the interior of the body.   These workers break down the usable material and carry that into the body while leaving behind all of the unusable material.   The original food does not enter the body cavity, only the materials the body wants and can use will enter.   

Now that we are clear on how dead material cannot take action, let’s look at why some people are confused into believing that cilantro, as well as other toxic materials like herbs, liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, etc., are “assisting their body with detox.”  

Nothing can detox the body

When it comes to healing the body we cannot use products to start a detox, speed up detox, or influence detox in any way. All we can do is create a burden or not create a burden. What we can do instead is put the conditions in place to lift enough burden from the body so that the body is able to initiate the detoxification of old waste which is impairing cellular function.  Rather than initiating detox for new poisons, when we remove burden the body can remove old waste and improve cellular function. We can stop putting in the poisons and toxins that require detoxification or rapid removal from the body and instead, the energy can shift to repairing decades-old damage and removing old waste.

Most importantly we can stop burdening the body with foods that are difficult to digest, assimilate, and eliminate and that drain our nerve energy and steal that energy away from the cleaning and healing processes.

In other words, healing is all about subtraction and not addition. Healing requires us to put less in the body, put less burden on the body, do less, and rest more. Healing is not about addition. We don’t add things to assist the body, we take things away to remove the burden from the body.  To learn more about what detoxing is please read: 

Cilantro is a mildly toxic herb

Our body is equipped with certain defensive mechanisms to protect us from harming ourselves.  Unfortunately, over many generations of social conditioning, we have taught ourselves to ignore or fear some of our greatest defensive protections.   

The ones we fear are the expulsion symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, fever, and other symptoms. These are all used by the body to remove poisons, toxins, acidic cellular debris, and other waste that impair the body’s ability to function normally.   Modern medicine has taught us to fear these healing processes and to apply either pharmaceutical poisons or more natural plant-based poisons to shut down the body’s healing processes and suppress the symptoms, rather than addressing and removing the cause of the excess waste.    We apply poison to the body and then when the body responds by trying to remove the poison we apply more poison to the body until the body runs out of energy to expel it and instead moves further up the disease ladder. This is the basic premise of the medical model.

The defensive mechanisms that we ignore are our senses.  We are gifted with a sense of taste and smell which are designed to protect us from consuming irritants, toxins, and poisons.   When a food smells sour, we know that it is rotten and should not be consumed.  If we ignore this sense and eat some yogurt or fermented foods, drink alcohol, or otherwise consume a rotten substance the body has to deal with this via other means, usually diarrhea or vomiting.   

The sense is meant to protect us and avoid the expulsion symptoms from having to be used.  But most of us have been well trained by society to ignore this protective sense when it comes to certain traditional “foods” and toxic beverages.   

If we drink alcohol our first reaction is to pucker and have discomfort at the taste of the alcohol.  The alcohol is not pleasant to consume.  It is dry or bitter and if strong enough creates a burning sensation.  The feeling we register is not one of comfort, even if we have been trained to associate positive emotions with drinking.  This is our first warning that we are consuming a poison.  Next, our stomach will register discomfort.   We keep going though and eventually, we become intoxicated, which simply means we have been poisoned.  

The body responds by activating all of its defensive mechanisms.  If we are lucky we have enough vital energy in our body to vomit and remove the poisonous beverage out the way it came in, minimizing the damage to our cells.  If our body lacks the energy from years of chronic abuse then the poison travels through our system and the liver has to spring into action to break down the poisons.    

With each substance we consume our senses tell us if it is a beneficial substance or a toxic substance.  Our natural foods cause no discomfort when eaten.   

Toxic substances cause some form of discomfort.  The most common ways we register this discomfort are spicy, bitter, excessively salty, or sour (fermented).   When we consume these substances our body becomes stimulated as it takes action against the material to remove it.   This is akin to a red-alert, all-hands-on-deck reaction.  The body ramps up its energy to defend itself from the damage the substance is causing.  Unfortunately, we subject our bodies to these abuses from a very young age, long before we are capable of refusing the foods our parents force-feed us.   Many children spit them out and cry but well-meaning parents keep forcing them to eat, not understanding the rejection because they were force-fed these same substances long ago and no longer have the awareness to realize the discomfort they cause.  

This is how we have trained ourselves over many generations to ignore the senses God gave us.   We do so at our own peril.   

Cilantro is one of those substances.   If your system is clean and you have awareness and vitality you will notice that cilantro is bitter and spicy.   You would never sit down to a large bowl of cilantro because to do so would cause great stomach pain and likely vomiting.   In small quantities, the poisonous herb is added to cooked foods to stimulate us.  We eat it often enough that the body has stopped responding aggressively against the poison, the body simply doesn’t have the vital energy available to do so, but we do still get a mild rush from the injury that is caused each time it is eaten. This rush is stimulation and it is behind most of our food addictions and cravings.   

Cilantro is just one of many ways the average person ingests toxins each day. Since we are burdening the body on a daily basis the body must conserve its energy.  When we ingest a new irritant the body will respond to this with vigor, but if we eat irritants chronically the body becomes tolerant and conserves its limited energy for more concentrated poisons.   However, when we return to the natural diet and return vitality to the body, we immediately notice the burning, the bitterness, and the discomfort.   Regaining our connection to our senses allows us to omit this harmful herb from our plates.    

However, for those who are not eating naturally, their connection to their protective senses is dulled.  Instead of hearing the body’s warnings and heeding them, they consume the cilantro as a culinary spice or as a magic potion in hopes of ‘assisting detox’ and their body responds by ramping up detox symptoms.  Then the unwitting victim sees the detox symptoms and believes the cilantro is “assisting detox.”   What is really happening is the body is taking action against the cilantro itself, which is then taking energy away from the body being able to heal and do deeper cleaning.   By taking the cilantro, they not only are not assisting detox but they are both causing injury to the body and taking energy away from the body that the body could be using to detox and heal removing old waste.   Cilantro is not only not helping them detox but it is impairing detox by distracting and robbing energy.   

This same misunderstanding has been used to sell other detox herbs, tinctures, TRS and heavy metal detox sprays, spirulina, chlorella, and other non-food supplements.  In all cases, the increase in detox symptoms is a result of the body taking action against the supplement and not a removal of the heavy metals.   They are only impairing and slowing the removal of heavy metals.   

Only the body itself can remove heavy metals and the only way it can do so is if we stop causing the daily injuries that drain the energy from our body and impair the detox processes. 

Do you want to learn more about how our self-healing and self-cleaning body remedies disease conditions and returns to a state of health when the conditions of health are supplied?   Start by reading “Why do we get sick? –

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Eat fruit and be well my friends.

Reader Q&A

The Flu and Saunas


What is the flu? After being at a sauna spa, I got bad flu symptoms. Would you say it is a detox or a virus I picked up in the spa?


Flu symptoms are expulsions symptoms, this is a healing process. The Flu is a detox process in which the body is expelling poisons, toxins, or an overload of cellular waste that was recently encountered or had been building up in the body. Virus particles are simply spent cellular debris – pieces of broken-down cells. They cannot take any action because they are dead, inert, and have no nucleus, a requisite for life.

The body creates colds and flu when the level of toxicity in the body rises above the body’s tolerance limit. This occurs primarily because we are eating foods that are far removed from our natural diet and which are a burden on the body. As we eat cooked and processed foods day in and day out the level of cellular waste builds inside the body and the body is not able to keep up. When the level of toxicity reaches its tipping point the body initiates a healing event, which we call disease but in reality, is the solution to the already existing disease conditions.

Working out, and exposing ourselves to extremes in temperature from saunas or ice baths, or even very hot and very cold weather can trigger a healing event because we are overworking the body creating a large flush of excess waste. Saunas are detrimental to our health because of the strain they place on our cells. Our body works hard to maintain internal temperatures within very narrow ranges. Outside of these ranges, we will die. When we expose ourselves to extremes of heat in a sauna the body has to work exponentially harder to maintain survival temperatures. When our cells work harder they create more waste. It is the cellular waste that the body creates which creates disease conditions. So overworking the body by overheating creates lots of cell waste which then requires the body to initiate an expulsion event to catch up on the backlog of waste.

The more we eat our natural diet the easier it is for the body to maintain its temperature in extreme conditions, but ideally, we do not want to unnecessarily expose ourselves to extremes of temperature.

Drug Addiction 

by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

Science, as medicine is commonly called, is never-ceasing in its search for cures. In his syndicated column, Albert Edward Wiggam once wrote that science has not discovered a surefire cure for alcoholism, but it has found a drug that helps. He said that, after a drunken man sobers up the drug Equanil quiets his tense nerves and helps reduce the desire for another drink. This is to say, the drug substitutes for alcohol. The drug is sufficiently dangerous that it can be obtained only upon a physician’s prescription.

Drug addiction is frequently an aftermath of the employment of drugs in the treatment of disease. Sedatives, narcotics, and stimulants are employed with which to provide evanescent, but fictional, relief from discomfort and pain. Somatic awareness, no less than psychic awareness, is benumbed by the taking of sedative drugs and the housecleaning that is so urgently needed is not undertaken. Each repetition of the dose tends to build a drug habit. A rebirth of awareness follows the excretion of the drug. It is then that the drug user becomes aware of his actual condition. His physician will call his symptoms withdrawal symptoms. He should realize that they are the outcries of an organism that has been outraged with poisons. Drug addiction grows out of the search for relief from the unease, weakness, discomfort and pain that result from the employment of drugs and is not a genuine demand for a repetition of the drug. There is no craving for a drug, but a subconscious demand for relief.

For fifty years I have insisted that what is called drug addiction arises out of the search for relief from the unease, discomfort, distress and misery caused by prior taking of a drug. The narcotic addict obtains a brief respite from his misery by renarcotizing his nerves. The stimulant addict receives a brief illusion of renewed strength by goading his nerves with the stimulant the prior taking of which is responsible for his weakness. In July of 1971 a former drunkard was interviewed on television here in San Antonio. When asked what made him drink he stated: “I would drink today to get relief from the misery caused by drinking yesterday.” Thus speaking from his personal experience, he confirmed my view.

So persistent and so insistent is the demand for relief from the drug caused misery, the victim of the drug practice finds himself unable to resist the temptation to return again and again to the source of his misery for the temporary “relief” this affords. To provide this “relief” requires a progressive increase both in the size and the frequency of the dose. The standard procedures in such cases continue to revolve around efforts to break the vicious circle by a gradual reduction of the dose, both in size and frequency, and to substitute one addiction for another. Both of these plans have proved very unsatisfactory, for the reason that each of them continues to outrage the nervous system by continuing drugging and the search for relief through drugs. Instead of stopping the drug to which the habitue is addicted, it is continued or an effort is made to substitute another drug—one narcotic for another or one stimulant for another. The addict continues to be smothered in his drug-induced miseries. No effective means of promoting the health of the individual is employed, hence the addict does not recover normal health. In those few cases where apparent recovery from addiction occurs, the tendency to relapse is great.

Diseases and vices, growing out of the same general causes, and being essentially the same, are therefore, to handled on the same general plan. That mode of care that will restore health to the sick man, will just as effectually relieve the vicious man and vice versa. If it fails in one, it will fail in both. When either disease or vice becomes thoroughly matured, it is, to a large extent, beyond control of the will. A proper environment and a Hygienic life provide the best hope in this case. It is idle to suppose that a man who has violated nature’s laws until his sensations are all abnormal, and the mainsprings of his life are all befouled, representing poor diseased conditions and vicious habits, can merely exercise the will to recover, and even recovery would not be at all sufficient unless good habits and a thorough revolution of life follow. To appeal simply to the intellect and moral sense of a tobacco smoker or an opium eater or a drunkard, as a means of inducing him to relinquish his indulgence is generally about as effective as to ask an ague patient to stop shaking. [Ague – Fever with chills]

When Professor Carlson, who was a habitual cigar smoker, underwent a short fast in his studies of hunger, he found that after the second day of abstinence, he did not enjoy smoking. “In fact,” he reports, “smoking tended to produce nausea.” It is not an unusual experience for the fast to compel the smoker to discontinue the practice. Many have been able to continue smoking through a fast, but all who discontinue smoking at the outset of fast find that after two to three days without food, they have no more craving for the weed. The same is true of other forms (chewing, for example) of tobacco addiction. 

A similar experience is seen in other drug addictions. It is a simple matter to give up coffee, tea, marijuana, alcohol, opium, morphine, and similar addictions by fasting at the same time the drug is discontinued. It is best to abandon all addictions at once and abruptly. For example, the average alcoholic also smokes tobacco and drinks coffee. He will find it easier to discontinue the alcohol if he also abandons both the coffee and the tobacco at the same time. This will be easily understood when the true character of addiction is understood.

Most addicts think it will be easier to give up one drug at a time or to give up one drug habit and continue the others. An organization in California has a home where drug addicts are taken in. By a program similar to that employed by Alcoholics Anonymous, they slowly eduate the addict out of his addiction. Frequently two years or more are required to whip the morphine habit. The addicts eat a conventional diet, smoke tobacco and drink freely of coffee. This is the hard way: it is the long way and it probably registers many failures. There cannot be any doubt that their educational program and their cultivation of self-reliance are useful features of the rehabilitation of the addict, but the education program does not go far enough.

Faulty education is the chief, if not the only cause of all drug addiction. It may be and probably is true that individuals with neuropathic tendencies most readily fall prey to so called habit-forming drugs, but the fact remains that the initial use of drugs arises out of false education. Had the whole population not been wrongly educated from infancy up, they would not turn to drugs to “sustain” them when some unusual circumstance puts a heavy tax upon the nervous system. Pain, sleeplessness, profound and lasting emotions, losses, etc., cause the nervously unstable to turn to those sources of palliation they have been, educated to believe will supply the desired, relief. For this false education and all the evils that grow inevitably out of it, we are indebted to the medical profession and to no other.

The legitimate pharmaceutical industry has flooded today’s market place with great quantities of addictive drugs which are being sold, especially to the young, through, both legitimate and illegitimate channels. Most of the drugs now being taken by youth are supplied the drug pushers by duly licensed manufacturers of the drugs. If we assume as is popularly done, that these drugs have valid medical usage, we are still faced with the fearful fact that the drug manufacturers are turning out thousands of times more of these drugs than the medical profession can possibly find valid medical use for. So great is their profit hunger that the manufacturers of drugs are willing to destroy the minds of all of today’s youth in order to increase their dividends. I marvel at the apathy and indifference of the parents of this country that cause them to sit by and watch the destruction of their children, instead of rising in their collective might and putting an eternal end to the drug industry.

Reprinted from Fasting For Renewal Of Life

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Eat fruit and be well my friends.

Nerve Energy

“The proper way to study disease is to study health and every influence favorable or not to its continuance. Disease is perverted health. Any influence that lowers nerve-energy becomes disease-producing. Disease cannot be its own cause; neither can it be its own cure, and certainly not its own prevention.”  Tilden, Toxemia Explained

Understanding our nerve energy and its functions is one of the most important keys to maintaining and recovering our health.   Without nerve energy our bodies cannot function.  Every cell and every elimination and cleaning process relies on nerve energy.  

Nerve energy is commonly squandered in modern life due to our lack of understanding of the importance of conserving our nerve energy.  Modern life promotes the constant misuse of this precious resource resulting in colds and flus and then chronic disease.  If we want to recover our health we have to adapt our habits away from the enervating habits taught to us by society and into habits of conservation.  

What Is Nerve Energy? 

Nerve energy is a form of electricity measurable in millivolts.  It is the electrical impulse that runs through our nervous system, allowing for the communication of every cell in our system with every other cell in our system.  Nerve energy is central to the cleaning and healing processes of the body and when it runs low our body’s ability to clean up after itself becomes impaired.    

“Demonstrating that nerve energy is electrical is easy. If you mashed your finger, a message would immediately go to the brain and back would come a command to remove the finger from that which applied the pressure. Moreover, the brain would command the entire balance of the body to cooperate in the extraction of the finger from the offending pressure. Only electricity is capable of such speedy transmission. No chemical process or circulatory process is capable of this dispatch. It occurs only through a network of nerves with conductive abilities, and electricity is the only form of energy it can conduct. 

If you take a weak voltage and hook up to it while holding someone else’s hand, the other person gets a shock immediately when you touch the live electrical source. I don’t think anyone can doubt that we do generate electricity, and that is the form of energy we use to conduct our physical and mental activities. Sensations are transformed into electrical stimuli and forwarded to the brain. The brain interprets these and sends out commands based upon the interpretation. Thus, if you put your finger to a hot object, the finger is commanded in a flash to withdraw from it.”  – T.C. Fry, The Life Science Health System

Why Is Nerve Energy Important To Our Health? 

“All diseases have an element of nerve derangement. Indeed, we must have enervation before any disease can develop and enervation may be brought about by anything–any influence–that uses up nerve energy.” – John Tilden, Impaired Health Vol. II

Diseases can be caused by any improper life practices, but generally are caused most by dietary indiscretions.  The primary mechanism that causes disease and root of all illness is reduced nerve energy.  Reduced nerve energy results in reduced ability of the body to eliminate the normal by-products of cell building and cell destruction.  

“In the process of tissue building— metabolism—there is cell building— anabolism—and cell destruction—catabolism. The broken down tissue is toxic and in health—when nerve energy is normal—it is eliminated from the blood as fast as evolved. When nerve energy is dissipated from any cause—physical or mental excitement or bad habits—the body becomes enervated, when enervated, elimination is checked, causing a retention of toxin in the blood or Toxemia. This accumulation of toxin when once established will continue until nerve energy is restored by removing the causes. So-called disease is nature’s effort at eliminating the toxin from the blood. All so-called diseases are crises of Toxemia.”  – John Tilden, Toxemia Explained

Toxemia/toxicosis may arise from many different sources: diet, water pollution, air pollution, injections, drugs, herbs and other poisons.  The toll toxemia takes and the reason we manifest disease symptoms when we are experiencing toxemia is because of insufficient nerve energy to eliminate the cellular wastes.  

“Obviously, to remain free of burdensome accumulations, both physical and chemical in nature, the body must have full use of its eliminative faculties. If these faculties are impaired by lack of nerve energy, if they have been disabled by toxic materials or if ingestion of toxic matters exceeds ability to cope, then elimination is likewise impaired. Accumulations further vitiate the elimination process until the body must undertake an eliminative crisis (disease) to free itself of its morbid load. – T.C.Fry

As nerve energy lags the body falls further and further behind in its elimination of cellular waste and this in turn further impairs the body’s ability to generate nerve energy.  The more nerve energy we squander the less we are able to generate until we crash. 

“…the body is primarily an organism that works on the amount of electricity it generates and which it has in its reserves. If this supply is depleted or otherwise insufficient to cope with the needs of the body, then body functions become impaired, including the processes of elimination of both endogenous metabolic wastes and exogenous poisons introduced into the body. This impairment begets further impairment including diminishing the body’s ability to restore depleted nerve energy.”  – T.C. Fry

This can be clearly evidenced in the individual who consumes coffee.  They quickly become dependent on having coffee every day, often multiple times per day because each cup of coffee makes their body more exhausted then the previous cup.  They begin to rely on the stimulation in a vicious cycle of fatigue and stimulation which drains their nerve energy and impairs the creation of nerve energy.

As we drain our nerve energy we build a backlog of waste that the body falls behind on eliminating.  Eventually the body must force a healing crisis to eliminate this cellular debris and at this point we experience a cold or flu healing event.  

“Due to unnatural practices or influences, humans frequently accumulate toxic substances in their bodies beyond normal capacity for elimination. When the accumulation becomes intolerable within the context of residual vitality, the body will preempt its nerve energy and redirect it to the task of extraordinary elimination or cleansing”  T.C.Fry

Squandering Nerve Energy Leads To Disease  

The word toxemia means blood poisoning. Toxicosis refers to any disease brought on by poisoning.  In the normal daily processes of life our cells themselves produce toxic byproducts.  In a normal functioning body these toxic substances are rapidly eliminated from the area and the cell’s function is unimpeded.  However, when we squander our nerve energy the body’s ability to eliminate these normal byproducts of cellular metabolism becomes impaired.  The body becomes less able to eliminate, which then impairs the body’s ability to generate nerve energy, which then impairs every other function in the body. 

“Nerve energy is required to digest food; nerve energy is required to keep up secretions and excretions; nerve energy is required to prepare enzymes for digesting our food intake and keeping up a normal resistance to environmental influences as well as those that are autogenerated. 

When this nerve energy is up to the standard, we are poised–or balanced, as it were, with our environments–and we can eat a maximum amount of food, and take care of it. This being true, it should be obvious to those who care to reason that any influence which uses up nerve energy lowers the digestive powers of the body, and that an amount of food which can be utilized when the nerve energy is up to standard must necessarily be too much when the energy is used up in work, play, or sensual indulgence.

It should be obvious to any reasoning mind that a full dinner taken into a tired body cannot be digested properly; that a full meal, or any meal at all, eaten by one in great mental anguish over some great trouble, cannot be digested. And, when food is not digested, it becomes a poison.”  John Tilden, Impaired Health Vol I

“Using nerve-energy in excess of normal production brings on enervation. Few people waste nerve-energy in one way only. Food is a stimulant. Overeating is overstimulating. Add to this excess one or two other stimulants—Coffee or tobacco—excessive venery, overwork and worry, and one subject to that amount of drain of nerve-energy will become decidedly enervated.

Elimination falls far short of requirements; consequently toxin accumulates in the blood. This adds a pronounced auto-toxin stimulation to that coming from overstimulating habits, and completes a vicious circle. This complex stands for a disease-producing Toxemia, which will be permanent except as toxin crises—so-called acute diseases—lower the amount of toxin, again to accumulate and continue until the habits that keep the body enervated are controlled. Perfect health cannot be established until all enervating habits have been eliminated.” – John Tilden, Toxemia Explained

The more nerve energy we waste the less ability our body has to clean out the cellular waste and debris that build leading to disease conditions.   As the body becomes more fatigued the disease conditions build and we move from minor discomfort to major chronic disease. 

How Is Nerve Energy Created? 

Sleep and rest are the only way that we can regenerate nerve energy.  When our sleep is disturbed or we ignore our bodies’ need for more sleep we set off a cycle of degeneration. 

“Enervation can be caused by depletion of nerve energy in any of hundreds of ways. Sleep regenerates nerve energy. Obviously, insufficient sleep will not supply us with our needs. It will not fully recharge our batteries. We need sleep to regenerate nerve energy for the brain and nervous system. Rest and total abstinence from food, liquid and solid, and reforming all enervating habits, will restore nerve-energy; the elimination of toxin through the natural channels will take place, and full health will return.”  – Tilden Toxemia

“Sleep is the condition under which the brain generates nerve energy with which to conduct body activities. The deeper the stage of sleep into which the body enters, the more efficiently can nerve energy be generated. There are five stages of sleep if we include the R.E.M stage, popularly called the dream stage, when there are rapid eye movements. Other stages are named after the brain wave frequency. The threshold stage of sleep is the alpha stage and the deepest stage is delta wave sleep. As nerve energy is the spark of vitality for vigorous activity and high level function generally, adequate sleep is very essential to well-being.”  – T.C. Fry

Closing our eyes and resting on the couch for a few minutes periodically throughout the day can also help to regenerate our nerve energy and allow the body to clean out and improve its efficiency.

“While sleep regenerates a fund of nerve energy, rest enables the body to restock physical stores as well as to “clean house.”” TC. Fry

Sleep is controlled naturally, your body will only sleep when sleep is required.  If you are tired and you force yourself to stay awake and push through you are only impairing your body’s ability to clean and heal.  When your body tells you it needs rest, obey it and it will pay you back in health and comfort.   Disobey and pain and suffering will be the end result. 

“We become sleepy when sleep is needed. If we don’t fight it off by taking pep pills or coffee, we naturally drop off into a state of unconsciousness when our bodies need sleep. And we will remain in this state until our nerve energy is sufficiently recovered— unless our sleep is prematurely put to an end by a jangling alarm clock or other disturbing influence. It is impossible to sleep if we do not need sleep. Sleep cannot be “stored up” for future use. – T.C. Fry

It can be tempting to just push through and use those stimulants to make it through our day, but by doing so we are selling ourselves short.   The rest we take today will pay us back in abundant energy.  The stimulant we take today will pay us back in erratic, nervous energy that makes us less efficient and less effective and will cost our energy for the rest of the day and the rest of the week.   

How Is Nerve Energy Wasted?

Sadly there are a great many ways in which we are wasting our nerve energy each day.  When we look at the list we must marvel at how well our body maintains some semblance of normal functioning with all of the mistakes in living that we throw at it each day.  Here is a list of just some of the ways that we squander our nerve energy:

  • Cold and heat – “Extremes of temperature require the expenditure of nerve energy to adjust to changes” – TC Fry   “If a person spends all his nerve energy in keeping warm, he has none left for taking care of food. All other influences work the same way. Anything that reduces the nerve energy lowers the digestive function. When any part of the nerve energy is used up in keeping warm, there is just that much less for digesting and assimilating food.” – John Tilden   “Deliberate cooling or heating of the body is exhausting of nerve energy and lowers the body’s functional abilities.”  -TC Fry
  • Seeking pleasure excessively  – “this condition may be brought on by exhausting the nerve energy in seeking pleasure–wearing out the nervous system enjoying, so to speak. Instead of taking a moderate amount of pleasure in going to the theater or picture shows, dancing, etc., the nerve energy is worn out taking these pleasures in excess.” John Tilden, Impaired Health Vol II
  • Excessive eating
  • Imprudent eating – “In processing food for use, we expend two kinds of energy. We expend metabolic energy, which is the chemical and mechanical energies expended, and we expend nerve energy. For instance, we use very little nerve energy in digesting watermelon. But, in processing foods to which we are not biologically adapted, an enormous expenditure of nerve energy is occasioned. Meats may cause nervous exhaustion due to the body’s frenzied activities in dealing with proteins, uric acids and other toxic substances in them. Though we may feel exhilarated while expending nervous energy just as we feel “a pickme- up” when taking coffee (which really drains nerve energy), the stimulation occasioned by eating unsuitable foods such as meat is an indication of the inefficiency with which the body handles it.” T.C. Fry
  • Eating wrong combinations
  • Fermentation
  • Consuming stimulants – Coffee, tea, chocolate and drugs all drain the body of nerve energy
  • Eating foods that are artificially prepared
  • Eating cooked and processed foods 
  • Eating excess proteins – “neutralization and elimination of the toxins of protein degeneration (putrefaction) uses up vast amounts of nerve energy which, though stimulating at the time, exhausts and debilitates the body.” T.C.Fry
  • Eating starches instead of fruits – “A larger amount of the body’s limited supply of nerve energy is used up when starches are used for fuel than when fruits are used because starches are, as you know, polysaccharides and must be broken down (digested) into monosaccharides before the body can use them. Fruits contain a preponderance of monosaccharides, which, as you also know, need no digestion at all. Therefore, fruit eating leaves more of the body’s energies available for other activities. This explains, in part, why people feel so “light” when they eat fruits and so heavy when they eat beans or bread.” T.C.Fry
  • Overwork 
  • Worry and fear 
  • Excessive emotions and outbursts
  • Arguments with loved ones
  • Stress 
  • Lack of discipline 
  • The use of stimulants of all kinds 
  • Carelessness in looking after the functions of the body
  • Any influences that will produce overstimulation, intoxication, enervation, or imperfect elimination
  • Overstimulation – Social media, television, even reading a book can be a source of nerve energy drain if done to excess, or to upset.

As you can see there is a wide range of ways that we can drain our nerve energy.  Some of these are behaviors that are required, like eating or enjoying ourselves, but when taken to a place of excess, like gluttony or lust, they become a negative habit, while in moderation they provide health.  Other habits are purely nerve energy depleting, such as consuming stimulants or watching negative television news or scary movies.  These are ways in which we trap ourselves in draining experiences.   Relationships can also be another form of energy drain, fighting with a spouse or child instead of having a calm and reasonable discussion can run us down leading to impaired function of our body.   Some of these things can be avoided while others we have little control over.  But the more aware we are of the various drains on our energy, the more we can adapt our lifestyle to meet the needs of our body through the healing process. 

“Intoxication occurs when we overload the body with toxic materials from the outside, or we fail to observe our capacities, and overwork, get insufficient sleep, or are subjected to great stress, or when any number of other factors deplete the body of nerve energy or prevent its sufficient regeneration. For instance, stresses, emotional shocks, or traumatic experiences can drain our bodies of nerve energy very quickly.” – T. C. Fry

The more we take charge of our life experiences the better we can mitigate the drain on our nerve energy.   

How do we conserve nerve energy as best we can?

“Insufficient nerve energy arises from dissipation, stress, overindulgence, excess or deficiency of the normal essentials of life, or pollution of the body with substances not normal to it. Accordingly, recovery from sickness can be achieved only by discontinuing its causes and supplying conditions favorable to healing.” T.C. Fry

“Find out in what way nerve-energy is wasted, and stop it—stop all nerve-leaks,” etc. I am appalled at my stupidity in saying to a patient to stop enervating himself, and allowing the matter to end by naming one or two gross enervating habits; for example: Stop worry; stop smoking;  stop stimulants; control your temper; stop eating too rapidly; stop allowing yourself to become excited. Stopping one enervating habit benefits; but dependable health brooks no enervating habits at all.” John Tilden, Toxemia Explained

As with all things health the answer is fairly simple but the implementation becomes more complicated.   The goal is to eliminate as much of the stimulation that is draining away our energy to make room for enjoyable activity that we can partake in because of our abundant energy.   The largest drain to our energy every day is digestion.   If you eat far removed from your natural foods the body will struggle in digestion and eat up nerve energy.   Correct the diet and a large improvement will occur.   

Next we must look at our sleep and rest habits.  Improve upon the quality of your sleep by getting to bed earlier and minimizing disruptions to your sleep.   Incorporate a nap into your routine, particularly after a meal or if you cannot nap at least close your eyes and sit quietly for a period.