Are Viruses Real?

Depending on who you talk to you may have heard that viruses have not been isolated and purified, viruses don’t cause disease, or you may hear people saying simply “viruses don’t exist.” This is confusing so I would like to take a moment to clear things up.      

Do Viruses Exist?  Are They Real? 

The simple answer is yes they exist, but no they don’t cause disease. Viruses are real in as much as there is a real substance that people can look at under a microscope. That material is cellular debris, which is dead (inert) and cannot take any action.

The difference between the medical model and the terrain model is in the action ascribed to the material. The medical industry claims that this dead material can attack the body, that it is a foreign invader which can replicate itself, and is the cause of symptoms. None of this has been proven but this is the claim the medical industry maintains. 

In the terrain model, we know this material to be cellular debris.  Virus material is the leftover broken pieces of cells that result from the breakdown of our cells either due to poison or toxin exposure or the natural cellular cycles. If we compare your body to a house that has been demolished we could name all the splinters of drywall and timbers viruses and classify them based on their various characteristics.

While these bits of cellular debris do exist, they do not cause disease as the medical industry claims they do. There is a high correlation between these bits of cellular debris and disease, but the correlation is not causation.  The more poisoned or toxic our bodies become, the more our cells die and the more of this debris we see. This cellular debris, labeled as viruses, is not the cause of symptoms, it is itself a symptom of a toxic body. 

Koch’s Postulates

Viral isolation is meant to prove the claim of action. Koch’s postulates is the standard by which the causation of disease by a microbe is proven.  Viruses and bacteria are both classified as microbes.  The German scientist, Robert Koch, maintained that for a specific microbe to be the cause of a disease:

  1. It must be found in every case of that disease.
  1. It must not be found when the disease is not present.
  1. It must be capable of living outside the tissues.
  1. It must then be capable of reintroduction into the organism and producing that disease.

As has been repeatedly demonstrated, viruses do not fulfill these prerequisites.

The specific requirements of “Koch’s Postulates” follow:

  1. A culture of the bacteria or virus must be taken from a diseased animal.
  1. It must then be grown in pure culture in a laboratory.
  1. After this, the culture has to be injected into a susceptible animal.
  1. It must cause the same disease, and culture must be taken from this animal.

To meet the standard of Koch’s postulates the material must be purified and isolated to be certain it is the only material present, then it must be introduced in its isolated and purified form into a healthy body and it must create the exact same symptoms in the healthy body that were present in the original body the virus was collected from.  To learn more about the difference between isolation and purification see the late David Crowe’s article here:

The purpose of Koch’s postulates is to apply the scientific method to this idea of microbial illness and disease causation.  The scientific method is always about determining causation – mainstream science admits Koch’s postulates can not be applied to viruses. Viral material has always failed to meet the standard of Koch’s postulates so instead of accepting that correlation is not causation and looking for a more rational explanation for why the body creates cleaning and repair symptoms, the medical system continues to move the goalposts to hold on to their highly profitable germ theory.  

Are viruses alive?  Can they replicate and attack the body?

“Decomposed cell debris is precisely what virologists and physicians are calling viruses. They regard viruses as living entities when, in fact, medics have not in all history observed any quality of life they ascribe to viruses. What is called ‘virus’ is always dead. It’s never been observed to be alive. It doesn’t have the first prerequisites of life, that is, metabolic and control mechanisms. Even bacteria have that. I repeat that what is called ‘viruses’ are nothing more than components of decomposed cells.”

– T.C. Fry “Life Science Course”

Viruses are not alive and therefore cannot replicate, they are simply garbage being taken out by the body as it repairs and replaces cells. They are present sometimes when symptoms are present because the body has been exposed to a toxin, poison, or irritant. The symptoms themselves are all expulsion or repair symptoms created by the body as a way to repair the damage created by exposure to the poison or toxin. These poisons or toxins can be the inappropriate foods we eat, environmental toxins like indoor air pollutants, dust, mold, or other harmful substances, water-based contaminants, or even stress that can lead to the body needing to clean and repair. 

“Viruses as an entitative existence are a medical myth. If diseases are caused by uneliminated metabolic debris, which is what so-called viruses are, then the medics have a point. But we Hygienists call that metabolic debris retained wastes, not viruses. Viruses are nothing more than the proteinacious debris of spent cells. Their accumulation can precipitate a healing crisis in the body. When this occurs, the body is likely to transport bacteria to the scene to aid it in cleaning up the mess, but the bacteria did not cause the problem. The habits and practices of the sufferer must be looked to as the real culprits. Once these deleterious habits and practices are discontinued, there will be no further toxic accumulations and thus the need for disease or healing crises will cease to exist. Sickness-free health will exist thereafter.”

– T.C. Fry “Life Science Course”

The ways we live today are unnatural, our diets are far from the natural foods which our bodies are designed to process.  We are designed to metabolize whole raw fruits and tender leafy greens.   We cook our food, we add food coloring, preservatives, inorganic minerals, and other toxins to our foods. We eat fermented (rotten) foods and are taught to believe they are beneficial to our bodies.  We smoke and drink alcohol and intake other poisons with no nutrient benefit to the body.  All of this burden must be expelled for the body to continue to function.   Our self-healing, self-cleaning bodies use expulsion mechanisms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, mucus, fever, diarrhea, and vomiting to expel this waste when it reaches a critical mass.  

As a result of all of the mistakes of living, we make day to day our cells break down and are damaged and so they decompose.   

“Other components of the decomposed cell are the RNA and DNA. These are toxic while in the system. If they accumulate as they do in most humans in today’s society, a condition of intoxication (toxemia and toxicosis) exists. These are what medical people call viruses, and they mistakenly attribute to this dead debris the powers of life and malevolence.”

  – T.C. Fry “Life Science Course”

Cellular Debris vs Attacking Entities

So to summarize, there is a substance that lab techs look at under a microscope, the disease industry calls this substance “viruses” and the terrain model calls this cellular waste or debris.  The medical industry claims without proof that this dead debris is an invading force that attacks the body, causes symptoms and creates disease.  The terrain model says this cellular debris is a result of a toxic body and the symptoms are the body cleaning and repairing itself.   In either model, the substance is acknowledged as existing, but the functions are vastly different.   

Self-Healing Bodies vs Poison Deficiency

In the terrain model, we know that when we put healing conditions into place the body responds to these healing conditions by taking action to detoxify.  Detox mechanisms (now considered symptoms)  include fever, mucus, diarrhea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, headaches, sweating, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, rashes, and a number of other expulsion symptoms.   Once the expulsion symptoms are complete the chronic disease symptoms are alleviated and health improves.   Sometimes the body goes through several of these healing events and after each event, the overall health of the body is drastically improved.   Flu will bring about the removal of tumors by the body or the healing of a neurological disorder.   A cold will be followed by the cessation of chronic headaches or migraines.  With each cleaning event, the person’s (or animal’s) health improves.  If we wish to heal from chronic disease we must embrace the body’s natural healing processes.   

The medical model sees the body’s natural cleaning and repair processes as mistakes. They believe these mistakes require the application of drugs (more accurately described as poisons) to stop the symptoms and correct the body. Essentially, in the medical model your body is deficient in this particular poison and the application of the poison is said to correct the deficiency.   If a healthy individual was to take the poisons applied to a person suffering a cold or flu they would get ill, but in the medical model applying these same substances is said to take a weakened body and return it to normal function.   In reality, the weakened body has been stopped from cleaning and must instead progress up the ladder of disease, working its way to chronic disease and eventually cancer and tumors to store all of the waste that it cannot remove when the cold and flu healing event symptoms are suppressed.  

The cold is the cure created by the self-healing, self-cleaning body.  The cold is only required because we misfeed our bodies and expose them to an unending stream of toxins and poisons.   Remove the cause and the body will stop needing these regular cleanouts.   Return to the natural diet, get fresh air, sunshine, and daily exercise and health is 100% in your control.

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