Questions? Unsure where to start? Struggling with transitioning back to the natural human diet? Let me help you.

Lauren Whiteman

Lauren is a long-time Natural Hygienist who recovered her health by following the principles of the science of natural hygiene. After healing herself, Lauren started rescuing shelter dogs with chronic disease and returning them to pristine health following those same principles. Lauren is the owner and creator of the Terrain Model refutes Germ Theory Facebook group and owner of Terrain Talk on discord.

What to expect from a consultation

Personal Consultation

A 45-minute or 90-minute conversation with Lauren discussing your struggles with returning to the natural human diet and developing a plan to help keep you on track, or answering your specific questions regarding symptom creation.

Pet Consultations

Assistance with navigating transitioning your dog or cat back to the natural diet, as well as help with navigating chronic disease, choosing a feeding program, when to utilize fasting, what symptoms mean and why the body creates them.

Please note: Consultations are not medical advice, I do not diagnose, treat, cure or manage disease conditions. Consultations are not meant to assist with navigating through a health crisis.

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If you need a consultation outside of the available hours please send me a message with your time zone and the time you would like and I will see if I can accommodate.