Healing Hairloss in Cats


My 9-year-old cat started losing her hair about a year ago. After changing her food, she seemed to improve temporarily, however, she is now worse than ever. She also has a number of tiny red spots on her skin. I spoke to a vet and she said they would probably recommend steroids. I would prefer not to go this route. I have changed her food again. We give her dried and we are now back to tins after giving her freshly cooked food.


When the body has an excess of waste it will push that waste out through the skin and as a result, the hair follicle becomes damaged. Steroids will temporarily stop the symptoms for some cats but at great cost to the health of the animal. The body is creating this symptom because it is in distress and it is trying to alleviate that distress. Using steroids is akin to shooting the messenger, it hides the symptom for a little while by impairing the ability of the body to push the waste out through the skin, but it does nothing to remove the cause, so the cause continues to build internally, and since the original waste cannot use the skin as an outlet the body has limited choices of what to do with the waste. The end result of this process usually results in the body creating tumors to store the waste since it is being stopped from eliminating the waste through the secondary channels.

In a healthy body, all waste is eliminated through the primary channels – kidneys, bowels, and lungs. When the burden on the body becomes too high from feeding the wrong foods – cooked foods, processed foods, mixed foods, etc – the body cannot keep up with all of the waste through its primary channels and it will start to open up secondary channels. When it does this we see waste coming out of the skin, the ears (diagnosed as ear infections), eye discharge, nose discharge, red or irritated skin, and paws.

The body itself is creating all of these symptoms to get the excess waste out because the waste damages the cells and causes them to malfunction. If the waste backlog becomes too high then the body will no longer be able to function and life will cease, so the body’s ability to create these expulsion symptoms is crucial to survival.

So the symptoms are the result of a backlog of waste which means too much waste is being created. We can then fix this issue by stopping the input. We do this successfully for all disease conditions by returning the animal to their natural diet. When we correct the diet we lift the burden, there is no more excess waste being created and the body can start to catch up on the backlog. Once the backlog is cleared the body will stop pushing waste out through the skin because it will no longer need that pathway.

You can find the cat feeding guide here: https://www.therawkey.com/the-animals-key/

It includes everything you need to know to get started. Let me know if you have any questions!

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