Healing Stories – Broken Bones, Severe Injuries and Fasting


Healing Testimonial from Gary Kemp

In July 2023 one of my rescue dogs, Sidney, sustained two severe pelvic fractures by being run over by a 2 ton vehicle. 

I will skip the details of this incident, but suffice it to say that the injuries were so bad that he was barely able to use his hind legs, which he had to drag them behind him to move.

After a night on painkillers during which he regularly woke and expressed some distress, I drove him to a vet. An X Ray showed two alarming pelvic fractures and I was told that an operation would cost at least 700 Euros (ie extremely expensive) and other Vets quoted similar prices. 

It was only after two (or three) days on painkillers that I remembered earlier positive experiences I read in the natural feeding Facebook group regarding natural healthcare for dogs and cats, so I revisited their page and thoroughly studied the files on fasting, natural diet and other relevant material on healing, as a result of which I began fasting Sidney three days after his injury. I stopped the medication, restricted his movement so he could only walk within a 10 x10 metre area, and left him plenty of clean water.

I think I noticed an improvement within the first 24 hours, certainly with the first 48. From then on, I noticed what to mainstream people would generally be described as miraculous: Sidneys rear legs were healing noticeably EVERY DAY. At first splayed so far outwards that they were almost parallel to the ground, after about 10 days on the fast, they were at less than 90 degrees to each other, and Sid was not just walking: He was galloping in short bursts.

I stopped the fast after about 12 days, even though Sid had lost very little weight on the fast and showed little interest in eating. For the first few days I gave him raw fruit only, then began to reintroduce butchers scraps in the form of trimmed chicken carcasses. His recovery continued with noticeable daily improvements, until after just four weeks, he was running and playing almost as normal. I think the complete recovery took a bit longer: maybe six or seven weeks, in the sense that it took that long to see him perform his previous play-acrobatics, eg jumping with all four paws in the air, and chasing the other dogs as if he was chasing rabbits.

It is now six months since Sidneys “accident”, and he has shown absolutely no sign at all of any relapse. In fact, his overall health on a raw diet comprised of raw chicken carcasses and bones and raw fruit seems even better than before the accident.

Healing Testimonial from Gary Kemp

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    1. I have had 4 dogs with cataracts that the cataract healed completely – Elizabeth, Bean, Happy and Emmie. Currently Charlie is healing and his cataracts have not cleared yet and have gotten whiter over the past year, but in the last few weeks I have started to see evidence of them clearing. His left eye the entire white area is slowly getting smaller. His right eye the white is getting lighter and an area of iris is showing through in a triangle shape. I have also noticed that his eyesight has been improving. Hopefully within the next few months his eyes will be clear as well. We never know how long it will take, but so far there has not been a condition yet that has not responded. Some clear quickly others take a few years but the body repairs everything when we put the conditions of health into place.

        1. Fasts typically range from 4 days to 20 days, possibly longer if the dog starts out overweight. Typically we see great improvement in chronic disease symptoms in fasts of 5 to 7 days. Followed by proper feeding, which is laid out in the feeding guides found here The Animal’s Key

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