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Stress, Health and the Lymphatic System




The stress response itself is a natural and often life-saving response that under normal conditions would cause no issues. However, we do not live in normal conditions. The normal stress response is designed to be quickly initiated and quickly eliminated. For example, you see a lion, you run, the body releases stress chemicals to help you run faster and longer, then you are safe and you rest and the lymphatic system flushes the acidic stress hormones and returns to completely normal operation. This is how the response is supposed to work. A short burst of acidic chemistry that is easily eliminated by the healthy, hydrated body.

But in today’s world, we are often chronically stressed. Now a very large part of this chronic stress response is actually due to our cooked food habits. Putting toxic substances into the body creates anxiety and depression in the body which then in turn triggers the stress response. Eating cooked and processed foods also dehydrates the body, which in turn leads to a dehydrated lymph system. The lymph system is the body’s sewer system, flushing out waste. When this system becomes dehydrated the waste flows out more slowly or even comes to a halt if the dehydration of the system is severe. When this happens toxins, poisons, stress hormones, cellular waste and debris, and everything else toxic that the body needs to eliminate efficiently becomes backed up inside our body. This backup then leads to cellular malfunction and disease symptoms.

We also have unnatural work stress, financial stress, relationship stress, etc that instead of being a few minutes worth of reaction become all-day events. Extending out the length of a stress response magnifies its harmful effects.

When our stress response is being triggered for hours, days, or weeks on end this can add a heavy burden on the body. Acids are continuously created by the stress response altering the chemistry of the body. The alkaline minerals used to neutralize acids are being used up far more quickly. If we are not eating ideally this problem is magnified as the body is already limited in its supply of alkaline minerals and those minerals that are available are already being utilized to counteract the harm of cooked foods.

Stress is not a cause of disease on its own, but it can contribute to the overall burden on the system. However, it is important to keep in mind that if we are eating the natural diet our lymph system is properly hydrated and is able to easily handle stress. If we are eating cooked foods then the chronic injury to the cells caused by those cooked foods is creating stress in the body. The first line of defense against stress is putting the right food in the body so the body is not in distress continuously. Keeping the lymphatic system clean and well-hydrated maintains the body’s ability to eliminate stress hormones efficiently and effectively whenever they arise.

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