Enemas, Colonics, and Herbs for Constipation

In the natural health community, there are a number of regimens and protocols that are neither natural nor health-promoting and yet are aggressively endorsed by the community at the expense of our health.   Many of these are around speeding up the elimination of waste such as laxative herbs, enemas, and colonics.  Today I would like to talk a little about these tremendously harmful practices.  

Elimination is a subject that can be taboo to talk about and as such, we end up with a lot of harmful ideas about what is needed to eliminate regularly and how often we need to be eliminating waste.   Like most other things we want to run before we walk.  If we have been dealing with constipation we want it fixed right now and that opens us up to harmful habits and remedies which keep us trapped in the cycle of never healing our digestive system.  

“Enemas. juices, roughage, and other substances or practices do not result in a pure (unpolluted) healthy body. Health is the normal state unless toxicosis and disease are caused by anti-vital practices and foods.“ Marti Fry, “Why Herbs are Harmful”

Enemas & Colonics

The only place water is designed to enter the body is through the mouth. Putting water in parts of the body where it doesn’t belong is an interference with normal body processes. When we interfere with normal body processes we are immediately creating disease, because disease is the lack of the ability of any part of the body or any cells to process normally. 

Health can only be achieved when the conditions of health are put into place.  We cannot undertake a habit that would injure a healthy body and expect that habit to improve a weakened or sick body. 

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The tissues of our colon are extremely delicate.  They were only designed to handle the end-of-the-line waste.   The stomach, as the first line of defense, will expel by vomiting anything that is too harsh to go through the system.  Then the bacteria and stomach acid break down the toxins.  By the time waste has entered the colon much work has been done to it.

When we flush water up an exit-only orifice we wash out the bacteria, we disturb the mucus put in place to protect the walls of the digestive tract, we bruise and injure the tissues and with all of this damage, the ability of the colon to perform its duties is further decreasing.  Rather than the enema or colonic helping to clean it is adding far more waste to the system, it is damaging the tissues making them less able to work normally and perhaps most importantly it is slowing down healing and extending our suffering immeasurably.  

Coffee or Herb Enemas

As if the standard water-only enema is not damaging enough, humans have now turned to forcing harsh poisons up their exit-only orifice for even greater stimulation.   When a substance is toxic entering through the normal entrance the body at least has defensive mechanisms to protect itself from the enervating substance.  When these same poisons are forced into an area that was never designed for a liquid to enter, the body has no inbuilt defensive mechanism to protect it.  The damage done is magnified considerably.  

A poison entering an exit-only hole is no less a poison, it is an even greater poison.   The stimulating effect of the herbs and coffee to force elimination is not an effect of the coffee or the herb as we will discuss below, they are the response created by the body as a life-saving measure to rapidly remove poison in order to keep the organism alive.  

Herbs and Laxatives

Herbs are inert.  This means they are incapable of taking action.   The body takes all action against substances.  Therefore, when a reaction occurs after the ingestion of a substance to create a rapid elimination we know that the body is taking that action.  When the body initiates a rapid elimination it is because the body has been poisoned.  Therefore laxatives and herbs with laxative properties are poisons that injure the body and force the body to rapidly eliminate them in order to survive.   

Diarrhea is a life-saving effort, as such, it is a tremendous drain on our nerve energy.  If we are already constipated, which is an energy drain, and then we apply poison to the body to expel constipation by inducing diarrhea, then we thoroughly exhaust the body causing enervation.  


It is enervating to take enemas or colonics, and enervation leads to toxemia and disease. We often mistake the euphoria following enervation as a health benefit.  

“The symptoms of enervation that people experience after an enema or colonic are usually mistaken for symptoms of well-being. This is a common error, but one that needs to be corrected if health is to be obtained. An analogy can be made between enemas and drugs. Amphetamines, also know as “uppers,” definitely give a feeling of well-being. Yet, they do not bring health and, in fact, are extremely detrimental to the health. Just because something makes you feel good (at first) does not mean it is good for you. It could be that it’s stimulating and enervating you and setting the stage for disease.”

Enervation is the first step in disease.  Nerve energy is generated by our bodies to handle the normal processes of life.  When our nerve energy is stimulated by encounters with poisons or health-draining habits our body is not able to eliminate at the rate required to keep toxins from overtaking the body.   At this point, the toxins begin to accumulate leading to toxicosis.  Enervation is the first stage of disease.  Toxicosis is the second stage of disease.  

When we employ enervating habits like ingesting toxic herbs to stimulate elimination or using enemas and colonics to clean out our bowels the body becomes impaired.  Because of this impairment less nerve energy is generated, and all of the body’s functions become impaired, including the elimination of endogenous metabolic wastes and exogenous poisons, leading to the second stage of disease.  

If we are employing habits that enervate the body we keep our body from ever reaching a state of health.  We are precluding health from existing within our body through our interventions which we think are cleaning our body.   We are immeasurably extending our own suffering. 

“We do not advocate the use of enemas because they are enervating and usually result in weakening of the muscle wall of the colon due to stretched and detached musculature.” – TC Fry

As we continue to keep ourselves trapped in this cycle of draining the nerve energy so elimination is slowed, followed by enervation with laxatives, enemas, and colonics, we are draining all energy from our eliminative systems.   This problem can only be corrected by stopping all enervating practices and allowing rest.   Our digestive tract is muscle contracting.  If you ran a marathon today you would need to rest tomorrow.  If you are constantly whipping your digestive muscles into work, they will need full rest to heal.  They will NEVER heal if you keep using enemas, laxatives, herbs, or colonics because you are never allowing the muscle to rest.  

Stimulants are subtly undermining

“So insidious in their action are all stimulants that the unwary are surprised by finding themselves more or less slaves to them when they are not conscious of using them to excess.

“The coffee headache is an example. A time comes when it is not convenient to get the usual breakfast cup. A dullness or languid feeling appears three or four hours after breakfast, that cannot be accounted for until some friend suggests that perhaps it is due to missing the coffee; but the victim is not convinced until he proves it true by trying it out several times. Some develop a headache, and still others are troubled with gaping or yawning and a feeling of oppression, due to the heart innervation brought on from the use of coffee.

“At first stimulus gently remove awareness – remove tire and actaute the mind and body. It should be obvious to reasoning minds that borrowed activity must be paid for sooner or later.

“Using nerve energy in excess of normal production brings on enervation. Few people waste nerve-energy in one way only. Food is a stimulant. Overeating is overstimulating. Add to this excess one or two other stimulants – coffee or tobacco – excessive venery, overwork and worry, and one subject to the amount of drain of nerve energy will become decidedly enervated. Elimination falls far short of requirements; consequently toxin accumulates in the blood. This adds a pronounced auto-toxin stimulation to that coming from overstimulating habits, and completes a vicious circle. This complex stands for a disease producing Toxemia, which will be permanent except as toxin crises – so-called acute diseases – lower the amount of toxin, again to accumulate and continue until the habits that keep the body enervated are controlled. Perfect health cannot be established until all enervating habits have been eliminated.”  John Tilden, Toxemia Explained

The body does its own cleaning of its internal parts.

Human hubris tends to lead us into paths of destruction.  We determine that the body requires our intervention and in following that logic we repeatedly injure the body with our attempts to “help” or to “clean” or “to speed up detox”. 

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The body’s infinite intelligence knows when to eliminate.  You cannot control elimination without creating disease in your body.   If the body has slowed elimination it is because the body requires the elimination to be slow. It is not a mistake the body is making.   If you have put the conditions of health into place, eliminating all enervating habits then you know the body will return to normal function when enough burden has been eliminated.  If you have not eliminated all of the obstructions to health then you cannot expect health to be present.  There are no shortcuts, no magic fixes, and no ways to undo the damage of health-deteriorating practices through more health-deteriorating practices.  

“On its own, our inner wisdom will establish the necessary priorities, determine how these may best be addressed, lay out the plan, the ways and means, with exact directions and specifications; and then address each in its own manner and at the appropriate time. We are required only to provide the tools, then step aside and watch the magic within unfold.” – T.C Fry, Life Science Course Lesson 89 

The Ideal Eating Window

Why do we eat between 12 pm and 6 or 8 pm?

We are told by a chronically sick society that we need a balanced breakfast early in the morning.  

From the mainstream article “What Does a Healthy Breakfast Look Like?” 

“We asked Charlotte Furman, a registered dietitian and Technology and Wellness Manager in the Department of Food and Nutrition at UW Medical Center, to help us understand what a healthy breakfast should look like. Furman loves breakfast—it’s her favorite meal of the day. The goal is not to feel like you are depriving yourself of anything, but instead rewarding yourself—with new patterns, new flavors, and hopefully renewed energy and improved mood and health.” 

Firman is already not starting with a good understanding of eating to live, her focus is on “rewarding yourself” through the poisoning of your body.   😒

The article goes on to tell us to stuff ourselves early in the morning by combining every type of food into a single meal that will take hours to digest and will create both ammonia and alcohol in our system as the proteins and carbohydrates both fail to digest quickly and efficiently: 

“What foods make a nutritious breakfast?

For the most nutritious breakfast, try to choose whole, unprocessed foods from each of the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. Try to include proteins from foods like yogurts (look for varieties with less sugar added), eggs, nuts and seeds or legumes. Also try to include complex carbohydrates such as whole fruits and vegetables, and whole grains (i.e. oatmeal) that provide fiber and will help you feel full longer.”

They then go on to provide us with a list of examples of a “healthy breakfast”: 

“Oatmeal with fruit and flax or chia seeds

Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana

Whole wheat toast with pesto, avocado and egg

Whole wheat crepes with yogurt and fruit”

Yikes 😳 

Things have changed a little from the recommendation of “Eggs, whole grain toast, orange juice, milk, and cereal that I grew up with, but I cannot say they have improved at all.   

Aside from the food combining disasters, this dietitian, and nearly all others, recommends an early meal well before noon. So what’s wrong with that? What are they ignoring about our physiology when they recommend breaking the fast early in the morning?

Digestive Phases

Our body has three natural stages that the digestive process goes through. These are digestion, assimilation, and elimination.

The digestive processes run from approximately noon until around 8 PM. 

Assimilation processes run from about 8 PM until 4 AM.  

The elimination process is run from 4 AM until 12 noon. 

When we force our body to digest at 8 AM or 9 AM when the body is still in the elimination phase our digestion will be sluggish and our elimination will be impaired. 

This has a double negative effect on the body. First, sluggish digestion does not efficiently digest food thereby creating more waste and more fermentation in the system. The second is the early shift away from elimination means the body is eliminating less.  

When you combine these two factors the result is far more waste being trapped in the system, leading to disease conditions.  

One way we can witness this for ourselves is in the gas and bloating that often results after an early morning fruit meal.  The cleaner your system becomes, the more you will become aware of this. 

When we eat only during the digestion window we find that our mind is clearer and we have more energy early in the day to get through our tasks.   We have less energy drain and we also allow the repairs to the digestive system to be made, so we have less of the pains of false hunger and are less likely to overeat later in the day.   

Another way we can see this process in action is all of the people who are awoken at or around 4 am, often with a nightmare, anxiety, or some other form of distress.  As the body shifts into elimination, the harmful substances irritate the nerves of the digestive tract and the body’s response is to reflect that discomfort.   

Clinical Studies

Recently studies on the gut microbiome have confirmed these natural rhythms of the body:  

“Many microbes in the digestive tract do not maintain a constant level of their relative abundance but show daily oscillations under normal conditions. Recent evidence indicates that chronic jetlag, constant darkness, or deletion of the circadian core gene can alter the composition of gut microbiota and dampen the daily oscillation of gut microbes.”

“External light-dark cycle shapes gut microbiota through intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells” Chi-Chan Lee et al. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35476894/

“Researchers noted that the basic rhythmicity of the gut microbiota is described by an increase of Firmicutes during feeding periods followed by its decrease over time during the day. Although some gut bacteria such as Bacteroidetes, Proteobacteria and Verrucomicrobia are more present during fasting periods, bacteria that feed on fiber grow at night as food residues reach the colon. Polyphenol and some prebiotic fibers such as GOS (galactooligosaccharides), found in plant sources and breast milk, respectively, are able to consolidate the circadian rhythm by increasing gut microbiota diversity.”

“Gut microbiota rhythmicity is expressed through the secretion of molecules at specific times of the day. At night, genes related to energy metabolism, DNA repair and cell growth are enacted, while during the day, bacteria produce molecules that consolidate their own colonization of the gut.”

“The Gut Microbiota Clock: the close connection between gut microbiota, dietary patterns, and the circadian rhythm” https://www.gutmicrobiotaforhealth.com/the-gut-microbiota-clock-the-close-connection-between-gut-microbiota-dietary-patterns-and-the-circadian-rhythm/

“Indeed, over the past 3 years, evidence has emerged revealing compositional oscillation of the fecal microbiota during the 24-h light-dark cycle – the gut microbiome exhibits compositional and functional structures at different times of day (Thaiss et al., 2014; Zarrinpar et al., 2014; Liang et al., 2015).

Thaiss et al. (2014) reported the time-of-day–dependent composition of the murine fecal microbiota (Thaiss et al., 2014) (Figure 2a). More than 15% of detected OTUs (Operational Taxonomical Units) undergo daily oscillation in their relative abundance, including Lactobacillus reuteri, Dehalobacterium spp., and other species belonging to Clostridiales, Lactobacillales, and Bacteroidales. Additional support was added later by another 2 groups: Zarrinpar et al. (2014) reported that 17% of OTUs are cyclical (Zarrinpar et al., 2014), and we reported oscillation of the relative abundance of genera belonging to Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes, and Proteobacteria (Liang et al., 2015). In addition to the fluctuation in relative taxonomic abundance, the total biomass of the gut bacterial community in mice is higher during the dark phase when the animals are active(Liang et al.,2015). The discovery of microbial oscillation in the gut was detectable despite the dramatic variability of microbiota composition from different cages and animal facilities (Deloris Alexander et al., 2006; Rausch et al., 2016).”

“Timing the Microbes: The Circadian Rhythm of the Gut Microbiome” Xue Liang* and Garret A. FitzGerald† https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0748730417729066

Why do people feel compelled to eat early in the morning?

This habit of early eating is more likely a result of the “hunger” pains caused by the ingestion of harmful substances. True hunger is never evidenced by pain. Pain is part of the healing process. However, if we are stuffing our bodies with harmful substances and mis-combing foods creating fermentation and putrefaction inside our digestive tract there will be a need each morning to make repairs, which triggers pain in the stomach. Feeding temporarily stops those repairs and stops the pain, reinforcing the false idea of hunger.

When we return to the natural diet of raw fruits, tender leafy greens, raw nuts, seeds, and tender vegetables we remove the substances from our diet that are injuring our tissues, and as the body heals we see these hunger pains disappear. Instead, we are free to choose to eat only when the body requires fuel and we become free of the cravings which enslave us and keep us trapped in unhealthy cycles of eating.

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Eat fruit and be well my friends. 🙂