Lumps, Bumps, Growths, and Tumors


Why do old dogs/animals get lumps and growths? Does diet reverse them?


The normal operation of our dog’s bodies is, they eat, and digest, and the nutrients are transported to the cells which then utilize and then create waste. The waste moves out of the cell, into the lymph fluids, and is transported out of the body. When they eat their natural diet this process works normally and no excess waste is created, the body and lymph system remains hydrated, everything flows smoothly and the cycle progresses perfectly.

When cooked foods, dehydrated foods, denatured foods, chemicals, or even just the wrong types of foods are eaten by our dogs, other animals, or ourselves then the cell has to work harder, producing more waste, and the lymph system gets dehydrated and doesn’t flow as smoothly. The extra waste builds up around the cells and the slow-moving lymph backs up with debris. The body cannot move the waste out fast enough and so the waste, which is acidic, starts to eat away at the cells. Since the body cannot get the waste out fast enough it needs to create a pocket to store the waste in so it can move it away from the cells so the cells can operate. This leads to lumps, bumps, cysts, and tumors.

Sometimes the body will push the lump or cyst to the skin surface and then when it has the energy to do so it will create an opening in the skin and drain the cyst (lymph waste) outside the body.

A correct diet will reverse most lumps and bumps. It depends on the age and vitality of the dog or animal at the time we correct the diet. The lumps and bumps are often the last items to go because they are already encapsulated, so the cells are safe from that waste. Wherever there are lumps and bumps there are a lot of other disease conditions that need addressing. The body will focus on the loose cellular debris before focusing on the encapsulated waste.

Fasting can be helpful in breaking down, lumps, bumps, and tumors because the body breaks down useless cells for energy before it breaks down useful ones. It will use autophagy to destroy malfunctioning cells, fatty tumors, and cancer cells before it breaks down organs, muscles, or other essential tissues for energy, so the tumor cells are often the first to go in an extended fast. This would be a fast ranging anywhere from 5 days to 30 or 40 days in extreme circumstances.

Fasting is not always necessary to eliminate lumps and bumps, most will clear simply by following the natural diet and allowing the body to get rehydrated and out from under its burden.

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