It’s winter in the northern hemisphere and that means we naturally gravitate towards denser foods like nuts and seeds.  Unfortunately, many of the raw food and fruitarian groups rail against nuts and seeds and this can lead to confusion about whether we should be eating them at all. 

Common questions come to mind about how many nuts are too many.  Are all nuts raw? Will nuts stop detox?   Often these questions can lead us to shy away from nuts and seeds.

In addition, it is easy to overdo a meal of nuts if we are eating them pre-shelled. Sometimes our digestion through the healing process can struggle with the nuts and seeds making us feel like we shouldn’t be eating them.  Lastly, we have many loud voices in the various raw and fruitarian communities spreading the false message that nuts, like greens, will slow down or stop the detox.   This is 100% false and nuts should not be avoided based on a fear of stopping detox. 

In short, both nuts and leafy greens are essential to a well-rounded diet which is essential to returning the body to a state of health.  Let’s see what some of the noted Natural Hygienists have to say about nuts and seeds.

Nuts in the Hygienic Diet

“Next to fruits, nuts are the most essential foods in a well-balanced and wholesome diet.” – Otto Carque, Rational Diet

“We should consume only pure water as thirst demands and wholesome raw ripe fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as genuine hunger dictates. – TC Fry

“Nuts in general are the best, the most wholesome and most economical source of Protein, because while they are eaten unfired their protein is well balanced with the positive salts.”  – George Julius Drews

[Note: salts are minerals]

“Coming now to nuts, they are, as before pointed out, the great source of proteid – outside meat and certain legumes.  When thoroughly masticated, they are a wholesome and very nutritious article of diet…..They contain practically the elements of a perfect food in due proportion – supplying the system with proteids, fats, carbohydrates, and salts in a concentrated form, with but little waste.   In addition to the nitrogenous matter which they contain, they are also a valuable, and in fact the chief, source of fats….On the whole, it may be said that they are the most valuable articles of food that we know, and when supplemented by a few fruits, form a perfect and nutritious diet.”   – Hereward Carrington

Kellogg says that “nuts are the choisest of all substances capable of sustaining life,” and that in “nutritive value the nut far exceeds all other food substances.” Also, “The nut is the choisest aggregation of the materials essential for the buildnig of sound human tissues, done up in a hermetically sealed package, ready to be delivered by the gracious hand of Nature to those who are fortunate enough to appreciate the value of this finest of earth’s bounties.”

“Nuts, particularly the pecan, produce more food per acre than any other product and no one need eat animal products so long as these delightful foods are to be had. They are not to be considered as a “meat substitute.” The meat is the “substitute,” as Prof. Sherman, of Columbia University, says.”” Herbert Shelton, The Science and Fine Art of Food and Nutrition

“The digestibility of protein in 28 experiments with mixed diets, to which were added fruits and nuts, averaged 90 percent. …The digestibility of the carbohydrates in nuts, so far as the available data show, is about equal to that of the same ingredients in other foods…It would appear that, while it is not possible to state the exact digestion coefficients for all nuts, enough has been done to indicate their high nutritive value and digestibility…The distress sometimes experienced when nuts are eaten is undoubtedly often due to improper mastication or over-indulgence.  The investigations made at the California station indicate clearly that considerable quantities of nuts properly eaten do not cause distress…As a whole nuts may be classed among the staple foods, and not simply as food accessories.”  – Professor Jaffa, “Nuts and their Uses as Food” from “The Natural Food of Man”, Hereward Carrington

“Paleontologists tell us that primitive man was a nut eater. All over the face of the earth man has used nuts as food from time immemorial. There are many kinds of nuts and these have all proven excellent sources of food, not alone for man, but for the lower primates and many other animals, including many birds. They are rich in food values, delightfully flavored and keep for extended periods so that man, as well as the squirrel, may store them for future use. Many animals besides squirrels eat large quantities of nuts. Many of the birds make use of the nut as an article of food. Horses will consume great quantities of acorns. While they will eat fruit from the trees, they eat acorns off the ground after they have fallen. Hogs eat so many hickory nuts that in certain parts of the country they are called pig-nuts. Horses are also fond of pecans.

“It takes months of sunshine to perfect the nut and when it is completed it is a veritable storehouse of minerals and high-grade protein, emulsified oil and health-imparting vitamins. Packed in a nature-made, water-proof and air-tight shell, the nut-meat comes to us clean and wholesome. Hermetically sealed the nut does not become contaminated and spoiled as does meat, for example. Nuts are free from waste products, are aseptic and do not readily decay, either in the body or outside of it. They are not infested with parasites (trachinae, tape-worm, etc.), as are meats.” – Herbert Shelton

Nutrition in Nuts

“Scientific investigations prove that all the nuts, especially in the form of unroastes nut butter, furnish a relatively high amount of basic amino acids , and that nut proteins are of a high biological value.”  

“Animals that have declined on a diet devoid of water soluble vitamin, promptly recover when the almond, English Walnut, filbert, hickory nut, pine nut, chestnut and pacan were introduced.  

“Nuts are rich in minerals, particularly iron and lime. Pecans are rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Almonds, pecans, walnuts, chestnuts, and hazelnuts contain an average percentage of iron of about two and a half times that of fruit, three times that of vegetables, greater than that of cereals and more than average meats. The almond is rich in iron and lime. One pound of almonds contains as much calcium as twenty-five pounds of beef or eleven pounds of bread and potatoes. The almond is twice as rich in blood-building elements as meat and is very rich in bone-building elements, in which meat is sadly lacking.”  Herbert Shelton

“Most nuts are abundant in vitamins A and B. The researchers of Cajori demonstrated the abundant presence of growth-promoting vitamins in pecans, English walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, filberts, and hickory nuts. Most nuts are rich in oils. The fats (oils) of nuts are the most easily digested and assimilated of all forms of fat. Kellogg says: “The fat of nuts exists in a finely divided state and in the chewing of nuts a fine emulsion is produced so that the nuts enter the stomach in a form adapted for prompt digestion.

Nuts are fairly rich in starch and sugar, and are three to four times richer in vitally important salts than animal flesh, even richer than milk in these vital substances. Not albumen is easily assimilated and does not form uric acid. Nuts are rich in fat, which, like that of milk, is in a state of emulsion – that is, ready-made, prepared, or pre-digested, as it were – for circulation through the lymphatic system. 

Measured in calories, most nuts rank high. One example must suffice. Measured in calories, two ounces of shelled pecans contain as much food as a pound of lean beef.

Everything that can be had from flesh foods can be gotten in better condition and more usable form from other sources, and especially from nuts. Nuts are not only cleaner than meat, they come in hermetically sealed shells that prevent contamination.

Nut proteins are of the highest order, most nut proteins being complete. Kellogg maintains that nut proteins are the best of all sources upon which the body may draw for its supplies of tissue building substances and that the proteins of nuts are superior to those of ordinary vegetables or meat. “Nuts furnish perfect proteins.” Nut proteins are superior to those of cereals and are claimed to be more complete than those of eggs. Indeed, Kellogg says: “The special method of research adopted by Dr. Hoobler of the Detroit Women’s Hospital and Infant’s Home, provides a most delicate biological test for the nutriment value of food. The test shows the nut to be superior to meat, milk or eggs or all these foods together in producing the highest degree of nutritive efficiency. Nut protein is the best of all sources upon which the body may draw for its supplies of tissue-building material.” – Herbert Shelton

“Studies of the proteins of nuts by Osborn and Harris, Van Slyke, Johns and Cajori demonstrated that the proteins of nuts are at least equal to those of meat. This was shown to be true of the almond, black and English walnuts, butternut, pecan, filbert, Brazil nut, pine nut, chsetnut, hickory nut and cocoanut. Observations have shown that, in general, the proteins of oily seeds are complete proteins. Johns, Finks and Paul found that the globulin of the cocoanut is an adequate growth-factor in rats and that cocoanuts are almost completely sufficient as the sole source of protein in human beings. Para nuts have also been shown to be rich in superior protein. Not all workers are agreed about hickory nuts, many maintaining that these possess a low-grade protein. The others named are rich in high-grade proteins, promoting growth, development, reproduction,lactation, and the rearing of the young, not alone in animals, but also in man.”  – Herbert Shelton

“Nuts are acid-ash foods, as are all proteins, but they are not so much so as are animal proteins. The comparative degrees of acidity of the proteins run walnuts, 8; oysters, 15.3; veal 13.5; eggs, 12; chicken, 11.2; beef, 9.8; etc. Nuts contain less acid minerals than meat.” – Herbert Shelton

Proper Food Combining of Nuts

“Nuts are often used as a dessert after a heavy meal. In this case, they are harmful. Combined with fruits or vegetable salads, nuts make a complete meal in themselves, and their indigestibility in most cases must be attributed to a lack of wisdom in the choice of food eaten with them.  If nuts are thoroughly masticated and used in small quantities, and well combined, they are easily digested and utilized by the human body.” – Otto Carque

Carque goes on to explain that nut butters are an excellent option for those with defective and weak teeth who are not able to thoroughly masticate the whole nuts.   Nut butter should always be raw and without salt.   

Nuts pair well with greens and can also be paired with dried fruits.  Nuts can be eaten as a stand alone meal, prior to the salad, or after the salad.  They are often enjoyed as part of the salad meal, either as a salad topping or dressing.   

“It would be difficult to overestimate the tremendous gain that would accrue to the people of our country if the millions of acres now devoted to grain-raising were devoted to nut and fruit culture.”  – Herbert Shelton

Heavy metal detoxing, cilantro, and the chelation myth

If you have been in the natural health community for any length of time you have probably heard about the supposed magical powers of cilantro to pull heavy metals from your body.   Heavy metal detox smoothies with cilantro, detox tinctures, powders, potions, and various other products claim to use the magical power of cilantro to pull metal out of your body.   

With heavy metals being the big scare tactic in natural health, anything that can “assist the body in detoxing” them has a huge appeal, which means money in the pocket of those who sell them.   You may have even seen popular terrain theory gurus like Dr Kaufman profiting off selling you some expensive cilantro concoction to help you “pull out heavy metals.”   

All of this marketing is a scam.  

The people pushing it may not realize it is a scam, having fallen for some false correlations, lacking an adequate understanding of why the body creates symptoms, or having missed some lapses in logic in these claims, but it is a scam nonetheless and one which ultimately is keeping true health out of reach for you.  

Cilantro is not a magical herb that can float around your body and suck out the heavy metals and there is nothing – no product, herb, pill, potion, or tincture – which can ever  “assist the body in detoxing.”  Anyone selling you on the idea of “assisting the body in detoxing” either is scamming you or is ignorant of how the body operates.  They are selling you science fiction that belongs in Star Trek, not real life. 

The body takes all action

When we consume any substance the substance itself is acted upon by our body.  The substance is inert, meaning incapable of action, or dead.  The food is chewed by the body and swallowed by the body.  It enters the stomach where it is broken down and softened by the contractions of the stomach. The body creates and releases enzymes and acids to break apart its bonds.  Then the body moves the substance from the stomach to the digestive tract, where additional contractions break the material down and the body’s bacterial colonies go to work on the substance.  The body breaks down the material and the bacteria moves the material to the cells by passing through the walls of the digestive tract.   Every step from the first bite to the elimination is an action taken by the body on a substance that takes no action.  

Let us compare this to the cilantro chelation myth.   In the claim, cilantro is said to attract heavy metals, pull heavy metals, remove heavy metals, or assist the body in removing heavy metals, often the claims state that it will remove heavy metals from our brains or improve cognitive function, presumably by its power of removing those heavy metals.   How is this possible?   Inert objects take no action.   As we just saw, all actions are taken by the body against the substance.   At no point does the cilantro gain the ability to direct its own action. The cilantro does not jump out of the stomach and swim up to the brain in order to work like a magnet to suck out heavy metals.  This is biologically impossible.   

Many people have fallen for this logical black hole, however cilantro is inert.  Perhaps when bottled and sold for $120 for 1.58 oz it can suddenly perform magical feats.  Back in reality, cilantro cannot push or pull, it can not attract or repel anything.  It can no more take action on the body than a virus can.   ( ) Inert objects or substances cannot take action.  Until that changes, cilantro cannot assist us in detox. 

How did we get the idea that cilantro can detox us?

At this point, you might be wondering how this fallacy became a common claim in the natural and alternative health communities.   There must have been some type of science that led to these beliefs.  As with any bit of misinformation there is always some kernel of truth that they grow out of and the same is true with the idea of cilantro chelation.   

In this case, an observation was made, heavy metals in water moved towards the cilantro in water.  Much like a magnet pulling a metal paper clip, rather than remaining stationary the metal in the water moved towards the cilantro.  

Here is the problem:

In vivo is not ex vivo.   

In vivo means “performed or taking place in a living organism.”   Ex vivo means “that which takes place outside an organism”.   Cilantro in water is ex vivo, occurring outside of the body.  Cilantro in the stomach is in vivo, occurring inside of the body.   When we study something in science we are either observing an action in vivo, occurring inside the body, or we are observing ex vivo.   Things that occur outside the body do not react in the same way inside the body.  Outside the body, there may or may not be a living organism taking action against the substance.  In vivo, the body is taking action.  

Metal floating towards cilantro in a glass of water does not equal metal being pulled from the brain or some other tissue.  The cilantro remains in the stomach until the body breaks it down and eliminates the waste. There is no way for the cilantro to magically pull from the brain to the stomach.    The body takes all action.  The cilantro is inert; it is dead.   Nothing inert can move something from one area of the body to another. If anything was moved from the brain it would be by the action of the body.

Adding to the inaction of inert substances we must also realize that the stomach is a filter.  The digestive tract and the stomach are outside the body, not inside.  Picture the body as a donut and the stomach and digestive tract as the donut hole.  Substances enter the mouth and exit the anus and the entire time they remain in the tube which is the digestive system.   Only the body’s workers, the bacteria, and microscopic organisms can pass from the digestive tract to the interior of the body.   These workers break down the usable material and carry that into the body while leaving behind all of the unusable material.   The original food does not enter the body cavity, only the materials the body wants and can use will enter.   

Now that we are clear on how dead material cannot take action, let’s look at why some people are confused into believing that cilantro, as well as other toxic materials like herbs, liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, etc., are “assisting their body with detox.”  

Nothing can detox the body

When it comes to healing the body we cannot use products to start a detox, speed up detox, or influence detox in any way. All we can do is create a burden or not create a burden. What we can do instead is put the conditions in place to lift enough burden from the body so that the body is able to initiate the detoxification of old waste which is impairing cellular function.  Rather than initiating detox for new poisons, when we remove burden the body can remove old waste and improve cellular function. We can stop putting in the poisons and toxins that require detoxification or rapid removal from the body and instead, the energy can shift to repairing decades-old damage and removing old waste.

Most importantly we can stop burdening the body with foods that are difficult to digest, assimilate, and eliminate and that drain our nerve energy and steal that energy away from the cleaning and healing processes.

In other words, healing is all about subtraction and not addition. Healing requires us to put less in the body, put less burden on the body, do less, and rest more. Healing is not about addition. We don’t add things to assist the body, we take things away to remove the burden from the body.  To learn more about what detoxing is please read: 

Cilantro is a mildly toxic herb

Our body is equipped with certain defensive mechanisms to protect us from harming ourselves.  Unfortunately, over many generations of social conditioning, we have taught ourselves to ignore or fear some of our greatest defensive protections.   

The ones we fear are the expulsion symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, fever, and other symptoms. These are all used by the body to remove poisons, toxins, acidic cellular debris, and other waste that impair the body’s ability to function normally.   Modern medicine has taught us to fear these healing processes and to apply either pharmaceutical poisons or more natural plant-based poisons to shut down the body’s healing processes and suppress the symptoms, rather than addressing and removing the cause of the excess waste.    We apply poison to the body and then when the body responds by trying to remove the poison we apply more poison to the body until the body runs out of energy to expel it and instead moves further up the disease ladder. This is the basic premise of the medical model.

The defensive mechanisms that we ignore are our senses.  We are gifted with a sense of taste and smell which are designed to protect us from consuming irritants, toxins, and poisons.   When a food smells sour, we know that it is rotten and should not be consumed.  If we ignore this sense and eat some yogurt or fermented foods, drink alcohol, or otherwise consume a rotten substance the body has to deal with this via other means, usually diarrhea or vomiting.   

The sense is meant to protect us and avoid the expulsion symptoms from having to be used.  But most of us have been well trained by society to ignore this protective sense when it comes to certain traditional “foods” and toxic beverages.   

If we drink alcohol our first reaction is to pucker and have discomfort at the taste of the alcohol.  The alcohol is not pleasant to consume.  It is dry or bitter and if strong enough creates a burning sensation.  The feeling we register is not one of comfort, even if we have been trained to associate positive emotions with drinking.  This is our first warning that we are consuming a poison.  Next, our stomach will register discomfort.   We keep going though and eventually, we become intoxicated, which simply means we have been poisoned.  

The body responds by activating all of its defensive mechanisms.  If we are lucky we have enough vital energy in our body to vomit and remove the poisonous beverage out the way it came in, minimizing the damage to our cells.  If our body lacks the energy from years of chronic abuse then the poison travels through our system and the liver has to spring into action to break down the poisons.    

With each substance we consume our senses tell us if it is a beneficial substance or a toxic substance.  Our natural foods cause no discomfort when eaten.   

Toxic substances cause some form of discomfort.  The most common ways we register this discomfort are spicy, bitter, excessively salty, or sour (fermented).   When we consume these substances our body becomes stimulated as it takes action against the material to remove it.   This is akin to a red-alert, all-hands-on-deck reaction.  The body ramps up its energy to defend itself from the damage the substance is causing.  Unfortunately, we subject our bodies to these abuses from a very young age, long before we are capable of refusing the foods our parents force-feed us.   Many children spit them out and cry but well-meaning parents keep forcing them to eat, not understanding the rejection because they were force-fed these same substances long ago and no longer have the awareness to realize the discomfort they cause.  

This is how we have trained ourselves over many generations to ignore the senses God gave us.   We do so at our own peril.   

Cilantro is one of those substances.   If your system is clean and you have awareness and vitality you will notice that cilantro is bitter and spicy.   You would never sit down to a large bowl of cilantro because to do so would cause great stomach pain and likely vomiting.   In small quantities, the poisonous herb is added to cooked foods to stimulate us.  We eat it often enough that the body has stopped responding aggressively against the poison, the body simply doesn’t have the vital energy available to do so, but we do still get a mild rush from the injury that is caused each time it is eaten. This rush is stimulation and it is behind most of our food addictions and cravings.   

Cilantro is just one of many ways the average person ingests toxins each day. Since we are burdening the body on a daily basis the body must conserve its energy.  When we ingest a new irritant the body will respond to this with vigor, but if we eat irritants chronically the body becomes tolerant and conserves its limited energy for more concentrated poisons.   However, when we return to the natural diet and return vitality to the body, we immediately notice the burning, the bitterness, and the discomfort.   Regaining our connection to our senses allows us to omit this harmful herb from our plates.    

However, for those who are not eating naturally, their connection to their protective senses is dulled.  Instead of hearing the body’s warnings and heeding them, they consume the cilantro as a culinary spice or as a magic potion in hopes of ‘assisting detox’ and their body responds by ramping up detox symptoms.  Then the unwitting victim sees the detox symptoms and believes the cilantro is “assisting detox.”   What is really happening is the body is taking action against the cilantro itself, which is then taking energy away from the body being able to heal and do deeper cleaning.   By taking the cilantro, they not only are not assisting detox but they are both causing injury to the body and taking energy away from the body that the body could be using to detox and heal removing old waste.   Cilantro is not only not helping them detox but it is impairing detox by distracting and robbing energy.   

This same misunderstanding has been used to sell other detox herbs, tinctures, TRS and heavy metal detox sprays, spirulina, chlorella, and other non-food supplements.  In all cases, the increase in detox symptoms is a result of the body taking action against the supplement and not a removal of the heavy metals.   They are only impairing and slowing the removal of heavy metals.   

Only the body itself can remove heavy metals and the only way it can do so is if we stop causing the daily injuries that drain the energy from our body and impair the detox processes. 

Do you want to learn more about how our self-healing and self-cleaning body remedies disease conditions and returns to a state of health when the conditions of health are supplied?   Start by reading “Why do we get sick? –

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Eat fruit and be well my friends.

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Medical Deaths

Who you get your health information from matters if you care about the end results.

Doctors are not in the business of health, they are in the business of maintaining disease in their patients for profit. As such, their training by the industry does not allow for health practices, only for the application of various legally justified poisons to suppress symptoms of the body’s own healing processes.

If you are looking to get your car fixed would you go to a mechanic that had never fixed a car in their entire history as a mechanic and had a long history of destroying cars beyond repair?

Or would you want to take your car to the person who had fixed their own car?

Getting health advice from an industry that is the 3rd leading cause of death (iatrogenic deaths) when they are doing things exactly as they are designed to be done is like taking your car to the mechanic that never fixed a single car. You can do it, but you aren’t going to like the results.

In the Science of Natural Hygiene or the Terrain Model of Health, the sick person is treated like a healthy person whom we want to keep healthy. Natural Hygiene says the body has been poisoned, let us remove the cause of the poisoning and remove all obstructions to healing.

In the medical model, the already poisoned body, showing signs of illness (aka the body cleaning itself) is subjected to ever-increasing poisons until all signs of the body’s healing processes (the symptoms) have ceased. Allopathy says adding poison to a toxic body will lead to health. Poison + Poison = Health Two wrongs don’t make a right, you cannot poison a poisoned body back to health and so the end result of this idea is iatrogenic death as the 3rd leading cause of death, while mortality rates plummet whenever Doctors go on strike.

In herbal medicine, homeopathy, TCM, Ayurveda, and other similar medical modalities the same underlying principle follows the allopathic model – add a “natural” poison to poison the body back to health. The idea that something is natural and therefore better allows for distraction from the fact that these models still do nothing to remove the cause of the original poisoning, still apply poison to the body, and still focus on working against the body’s own self-healing, self-cleaning principles.

The body can only heal when you understand that the body is self-healing and you stop trying to interfere with the healing symptoms and instead focus your attention on the removal of the cause. Break a bone and the body will heal the bone – this we readily accept, but the same process happens in every other condition and in those cases, we reject the body’s own healing processes.

Remove the poisons from the diet, return to the natural foods your physiology is designed for and the body will have no need to create the symptoms we call disease. Disease must be continuously caused – the body always works back towards a state of health, so to remain in a state of disease requires constant effort.

All cells have specific needs which must be met for them to operate at peak efficiency. Any straying from these needs, especially by way of the foods we put in our mouths 3 meals per day will result in impaired function of the cells and the creation of body-controlled symptoms to facilitate a repair.

If we add additional poisons to the body when the body is creating the solution that is the disease symptoms, we progress the disease conditions further. This is why Iatrogenic medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death, and why 9 out of the top 10 death causes can also be directly attributed to modern medicine. You cannot poison a body back to health, you can only return to health by providing the conditions of health which your cells require. That means returning to the natural diet and only putting food into your body that is suited to your anatomy and physiology.

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Eat fruit and be well my friends.