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Ointments, Herbs, Poultices, Antibiotic Creams, and other Suppressants

T.C Fry on why using herbs/remedies or pharma drugs to “heal” is not healing but suppression:


I think you’re wrong about all healing being self-healing. I’ve personally seen a woman who had a leg ulcer for over a year. Topical application of comfrey poultices healed it in less than ten days. How can you deny that?


I do not deny that the leg ulcer healed, and I do not deny that the comfrey poultice was the agency that precipitated the healing process of the leg ulcer. But the body is probably worse, not better for the treatment.

What happens physiologically to cause the ulcer in the first place? Why do they sometimes persist only to heal later? What happens when the agency of toxic materials such as in garlic, aloe, comfrey, or in pharmacological preparations are applied and the ulcer is healed?

The comfrey poultice neither caused nor healed the ulcer. The body created the ulcer in the first place just as it creates a boil, fever, pimple, or other so-called infection. The body creates these conditions as outlets for an extraordinary load of toxic materials. As long as the body is burdened with toxicity that it cannot eliminate through normal channels, it will utilize vicarious outlets, i.e., outlets other than normal. As long as the practices introduce into the body toxic materials and the sufferer’s habits are such as to cause the body to retain its own metabolic wastes, then the body will protect itself against a death-dealing situation by getting rid of its problems any way it can.

An ulcer is created in two ways. First, a lesion can be created by the body through self-autolyzation of its tissues. The body causes the self-digestion of a hole to the surface in the case of a boil or pimple. It is the body that forces toxic materials into the hole it has created to the surface. It is the body that creates the tremendous pressure necessary to keep the pus and debris near the surface in the form of a boil until drainage or expulsion occurs.

Just so it is the body that causes the ulcer in one way or another. Probably the leg ulcer was caused by the body’s collection and concentration of poisons in a given area until the cells and tissues of the area were totally destroyed. Then the body utilizes the open sore as a drainage outlet much as a teakettle will discharge its steam through a blown hole after the hole is blown. When aloe vera, comfrey, or certain pharmaceutical preparations are applied, they do not solve the body’s problems. Herbs and drugs have not the intelligence or power to create cells and new tissue to bridge the chasm or gulf that constitutes the ulcer or lesion.

What happens is that the poultice or drug application applied to an open sore poses a new danger. Absorption of poisons from the outside causes the body to change strategy. Where it had been exuding poisons to keep them low, the body is now absorbing poisons there. To obviate this new threat the body closes up the dumping ground and seals it off from the outside by scarring it over.

Though the body healed the ulcer, it is now worse off than before. It is retaining the toxic material previously expelled through the open sore or ulcer. Either it must now create a new extraordinary outlet or suffer the retention of the toxic materials it previously expelled through the ulcer.

Had the ulcer sufferer fasted, the ulcer would have healed more quickly than with the application of a poultice. Moreover, the body would, under the fasting condition, be free of the input of toxic materials and toxigenesis due to enervating habits. Under this condition it can accelerate expulsion of toxic materials through regular channels. Once the level of toxicity has been reduced below a certain tolerance level, the body will promptly proceed to heal the ulcer. Healing takes place much more quickly under the fasting condition than any other. While fasting, the body can concentrate its energies and its material resources to the healing process, thus affecting healing much more speedily.

So, the comfrey poultice did not do anything other than become a source of irritation. The body “closed up shop,” so to speak, at the ulcer site and did business elsewhere. Keep in mind that all healing is a body process and never that of drugs. And let us not mistake the drug nature of comfrey. It contains pyrrholizidine and allantoin, two quite toxic alkaloids or glycosides.

The Dangers of Saline Drips

Normal Saline IV drips are one of the most common medical treatments and often we are given the impression that this treatment is anywhere from harmless to helpful to even life saving but nothing can be further from the truth. The seemingly small amount of NaCl used in the Normal Saline solution (0.9%) may on first glance appear harmless but in reality we are injecting an inorganic salt, which is a biocide (kills cells) into our blood stream.

According to a NY Post article from 2018 stopping use of the saline drip “…could mean 50,000 to 70,000 fewer deaths and 100,000 fewer cases of kidney failure each year in the US…” (…/the-saline-used-in-iv-bags-could…/)

The article goes on to say, ““We’ve been sounding the alarm for 20 years” about possible harms from saline, said Dr. John Kellum, a critical care specialist at the University of Pittsburgh. “It’s purely inertia” that prevents a change, he said.”

A quick look at PubMed brings up a number of studies which should raise serious red flags.

Take note of the concerning statements used such as, “This study was terminated early for safety reasons” and “Further research in the field is strongly encouraged.”

Here are a few excerpts:

“Results: This study was terminated early for safety reasons. A total of 60 out of the planned 240 patients were randomized. Thirty patients received normal saline and 30 patients received the balanced crystalloid… The normal-saline group developed hyperchloraemic metabolic acidosis. More patients needed vasopressors for circulatory support in the normal-saline group compared with the buffered crystalloid group (97% vs 67%, respectively; P=0.033)…

Conclusions: Compared with patients receiving a balanced crystalloid, normal saline in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery was associated with an increased need for vasopressor support.”


“Results: A total of 150 patients were included in the study of which 76 were randomized to 0.9% saline while 74 received an acetate-buffered balanced crystalloid. Noradrenaline for cardiocirculatory support during surgery was significantly more often administered in the normal saline group, given earlier and with a higher cumulative dose compared to patients receiving an acetate-buffered balanced crystalloid (30% versus 15%…)

Conclusion: The use of an acetate-buffered, balanced infusion solution results in reduced need for use of catecholamines and cumulative catecholamine dose for hemodynamic support and in less occurrence of arterial hypotension in the perioperative period. Further research in the field is strongly encouraged.


“Results: Of 15,802 patients enrolled in SMART, 1,641 patients were admitted to the medical ICU with a diagnosis of sepsis. A total of 217 patients (26.3%) in the balanced crystalloids group experienced 30-day in-hospital morality compared with 255 patients (31.2%) in the saline group… Patients in the balanced group experienced a lower incidence of major adverse kidney events within 30 days (35.4% vs. 40.1%…) and a greater number of vasopressor-free days and renal replacement therapy-free days compared with the saline group.

Conclusions: Among patients with sepsis in a large randomized trial, use of balanced crystalloids was associated with a lower 30-day in-hospital mortality compared with use of saline.”


From a terrain model perspective we already know that Salt, an inorganic mineral is a biocide which damages our cells and causes disease symptoms.

For more on the dangers of salt:

Saline, is inorganic salt mixed with water and sometimes other inorganic minerals. This substance is then injected directly into the body, bypassing the normal filtration. When we ingest salt through the stomach and bowels they are filtered by those organs which offers some protection against ingesting salt in our diet. When we bypass that filtration we are concentrating the damage and it is going directly to the organs. Therefore it is no surprise to the hygienist that this dangerous treatment is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and serious injuries.