What medicine calls “infection” is the most common healing process that the body initiates.

All bacteria in the body are created by the body for the benefit of the body and are used for cellular repair, nutrient transportation, and waste removal. These bacteria are always present in all healthy bodies but their population increases after the body has been injured or poisoned and decreases once the toxic material has been eliminated.

The body brings bacteria into an area to break down the waste and damaged tissue for removal.

The body brings in water to flush the waste out creating swelling. This is called inflammation. (Often a separate medical label ending in “itis” is used to describe the inflammation healing process – rhinitis, nephritis, meningitis, arthritis.)

The body brings additional blood flow to the area to provide repair materials causing the redness and heat. The activity of the bacteria breaking down the waste also generates heat.

All of this is the self-healing body doing what it needs to do to heal. Medicine deems all of these actions taken by the body to heal itself as dangerous and claims they need to apply poison to stop them. In the science of natural hygiene, which is what we follow to heal our ourselves, and our companion animals, we deem the healing processes created by the body as helpful rather than harmful. Rather than trying to force these healing processes to stop we aim to support the healing process and remove the cause of disease that led to the creation of the healing symptoms. When you remove the cause, disease conditions disappear.

When the body creates the healing process called “infection” by the disease industry, the only thing we need to do, or can do to assist the body in this process is not poison the body with treatments that impair these processes and most importantly not feed. Fasting allows the body to focus all available energy on the cleaning and repair process to heal quickly. Feeding slows the healing considerably and extends the amount of time the body ends up in pain or discomfort. This is because digestion is the largest energy drain on the body. As long as the digestive processes are working the energy available to heal is diverted and healing must proceed more slowly.

Medicine has never cured a single disease because the foundation of everything they do is based upon a false concept and false understanding of the role of bacteria in the body. For example, MRSA infection is a common issue for patients in hospitals. It is said to be antibiotic-resistant and cause major damage to the body. However, we now know that every human has a population of MRSA in their body at all times. All healthy bodies carry around all forms of bacteria that medicine blames for disease. If the bacteria is present in a healthy body and not causing symptoms then it cannot be a cause of disease in an unhealthy body.

Medicine is founded on the incorrect narrative of germs attacking the body which allows them to sell us poisons (antibiotics, antibacterials) to kill those germs. The only way to justify the sale of these poisons is if the public believes that the germs always present in the healthy body, created by the body and controlled by the body, are the cause of disease and that they require poisons to kill those germs. As a result of this narrative, allopathic medicine has created what they call “superbugs” or antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. In reality, the body that is not killed by the application of poison is simply more injured and creates more and stronger bacteria to help itself heal.

The person who takes an antibiotic frequently finds that their symptoms return a short time later. The disease business narrative says they have developed antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Following their flawed logic, the disease industry then sells their customer a stronger poison to kill the germs created by the body to heal both the initial injury and the secondary injury created by the first round of poisons. The body will temporarily stop the cleaning process to deal with the incoming poison. However, this is the healing process the body uses to remedy disease conditions, so necessarily, the body will try to create the symptoms again a few days, weeks, or months later. Eventually, the body either runs out of energy to clean and heal temporarily pausing the healing symptoms at which point medicine then claims the drugs worked. Or the body shifts its elimination pathways and creates a different type of expulsion symptom to try to heal, shifts to internally storing the poison or waste material in tumors leading to cancer, or the person or animal dies from the repeated poisoning.

We see this most commonly in dogs with “allergies” or ear “infections”. The body tries to eliminate the waste through the skin or the ears and the owner rushes to the Vet where poison is applied to the ears or skin. The symptom stops temporarily while the body deals with the poison, then the body rests and recovers its energy, and the cleaning symptom returns. And again the owner runs to the vet to stop the cleaning, applying more poisons. This process repeats year after year until the dog or cat gets diagnosed with cancer or organ failure from the repeated poisoning and repeated stopping of the body’s healing processes.

The body never benefits from the application of poisons. You cannot poison a poisoned body back to health. But this is exactly what medicine attempts whenever the body starts the healing processes they call infection and inflammation. Since medicine always works against the body’s ability to heal itself AND it never seeks to remove the cause of the initial injury (cooked, foods, processed foods, meat, dairy, eggs, salt, spices, alcohol, coffee, tea, etc that poison us) the body is just continuously pushed into higher levels of disease.

The “deadly systemic infection” sold to you by the disease for-profit industry is the body-initiated cure for the disease conditions present in the body. This process is never dangerous because it is the cure for disease conditions. The body healing itself can never harm the body. However, if one were to apply poisons to the body when the body is in a vulnerable condition trying to clean out the prior poisons this drugging can result in severe injury, brain damage, or death. It is the drugging itself that causes the injury though, not the body’s healing processes.

The body’s healing processes never cause damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, or other organs. The body has a mandate to survive and will never create any conditions as part of the healing process that are dangerous to the body. However, if we keep putting in the cause and keep stopping the body from cleaning out the waste eventually chronic disease is the result. It is the ever-growing backlog of waste in the body that causes injury to the organs, not the body’s attempts to remove the waste and recover.

Frequently the appeal of following the drugging route to stop the healing process is based on the idea that the person or animal is suffering due to the healing process. After all, no one likes a cold or a flu-healing event. It’s certainly not fun and most humans are happy to swallow whatever any salesperson tells them will stop the cleaning as quickly as possible. So it is natural that we would want to try anything to stop the infection and inflammation and put an end to the short-term pain. In reality, drugging the body and causing more damage to the body’s tissues by suppressing healing processes always increases the suffering of the animal.

They started out with waste from one problem and by applying the various remedies we so exhaust the body that the symptoms of healing that the body created with the infection are temporarily impaired and stop for a short period of time. Drugging makes us feel better in the short term but it’s not better for the animal (or the human) because it causes long-term suffering from chronic disease and degeneration of the body.

The pain of healing on the other hand is short-lived, especially if we are willing to listen to the body and work with the body. First, we must cease the input of unnatural foods so the body can focus fully on healing quickly. and then we correct the diet so the body is not battling a chronic state of disease. The short-term gain of temporarily stopping the healing symptom the body is creating does not lead to long-term health outcomes. However, the short-term pain of allowing the healing process to complete and removing the cause of disease does lead to long-term health.

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