Welcome to The Raw Key!

This site is different from nearly every other site you will find on the internet. The ideas presented here may at times be uncomfortable or go against things you have been taught to believe your whole life. I hope that you have arrived here because you can see that chronic disease is rampant and realize there must be a better way.

The things we have been doing have not been working for us as a species. We have shortened our natural lifespan, we have children being born with cancer, we have high levels of infertility and birth defects. Chronic disease and premature death is the norm, rather than the exception. The consequences of living out of alignment with nature and in alignment with a for-profit disease industry.

The information found in these pages will hopefully allow you to see the errors in logic that abound in our current system and empower you to take back your health and instill health in your family, friends and loved ones that cannot be taken away by any person or any business. I hope you will approach these articles with an open mind and a desire for truth and that I can successfully communicate the simple logic that abounds in living in alignment with our true nature.