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Are you ready to create sustainable change, overcome cravings and set yourself up for success on the natural human diet? 

The Natural Diet support group is an uplifting online community group where you can learn the natural human diet and how to implement it with ease. Members find daily guidance and inspiration to create lasting change while transitioning at the right pace for their needs.

The purpose of the support group is to provide a step-by-step transition back to the health that is your birthright. Anyone at any level from SAD diet to fully raw is welcome and encouraged to join. We focus on small changes and daily improvement so anyone can jump in right where they are and get started improving their health right away.

What we offer:

  • Grocery Lists
  • Meal Plans and Daily meal examples
  • Recipes
  • Inspirational and motivational posts
  • Daily check-ins
  • Your wellness questions answered by Lauren and Nat of and Mariah of
  • A supportive group dynamic to cheer each other on and share each other’s helpful tips
  • Tips for dealing with family, friends, and social situations
  • Fasting tips and best practices
  • How to deal with detox symptoms
  • and so much more

If you are ready to achieve your best health, reach your ideal weight with ease, look and feel younger, have abundant energy, and return your body to a state of ease and comfort with the support of a caring community then this is the group for you.

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Not sure if you should join? Here are some testimonials from our group!

  • Leyenda DeLeona

    I am really enjoying this group! Everyone here has been friendly, knowledgeable, curious and open-minded. The Natural Diet is explained in ways that completely make sense. And I love that it's simple!! This group has become a strong source of support and encouragement ???????? See you all in March!!

  • Hildegard Bingen

    My husband shared a win today- he has not had reflux the past couple months since he switched to vegan and more raw foods

    And at this point he has eaten more lettuce in the last couple months Than he did in his whole life combined I’m sure! Maybe several times over

    So proud of him!!

  • Jessica Monson

    Hi Everyone!

     Today is my Birthday! Today I am grateful to God for the blessing of allowing me the opportunity to adquire this knowlege. The principles of Natural Hygine are changing my life. 

    This is a very special Birthday for me. Today like for the past 3 or more years acording of the exact time that I am on my monthly cicle today I should off be bloated with a huge belly, not being able to get out of my house like for 10 days or more and I AM NOT. This month my cicle is going even better than the last one, and the last one was better than the one before. 

    In this journey I have lost friends, I have lost so much time with family, I have been living hiding because of the nature of my symptoms and how visibles they are. Is not all perfect yet. But definetly something that look imposible, is getting better and better and better. I am grateful for you Mariah Mazza , Lauren Whiteman and Nat Farris and for the beautiful people of this group, what a blessing!

    Happy Birthday to me! Today I'II be celebrating with my yummy lettuce lasagna boat!

  • Hildegard Bingen

    My 3+ year old has been day time toilet trained for about 8 months- it was so slow going for her

    But night time has been back and forth with Her being able to keep it dry or not

    I started about 2 months ago with myself eating a ton more fruit and salads and more and my family is joining in

    It’s now been 2 weeks of my 3 year old having zero wet diapers at night!!! You guys I ???? believe it was from incorporating more fruit and veg- we are for sure still transitioning but I think it was too much burden for her kidneys before w all the butter and meat and milk and cheese we were doing- we are not 100 done w all those but we have not done meat in several weeks and we went from drinking 5 gallons of raw milk a week to zero! So massive reduction in several areas plus adding in all the good stuff! 

    This is so exciting!!

    Oh also my baby stopped having 99% of his reflux issues when I switched my diet imperfectly over!

     I 100% think people that are serious should join the paid “Terrain Model Diet Support Group”  because the responses are way way more in depth from everyone and you don’t get the random totally wrong advice that ppl in the main group give who are new- so if ppl really want to make changes even slowly this paid group is the way to go- and it’s such a nominal fee - it’s basically free.

  • Vaibhav Bawa

    Just wanted to share a quick update about what I am going through since I've been doing raw for 16.5 months. For about the first 14 months, I was only doing fruits (no greens) and avoiding water because I was told we should only derive our water from fruit.

    Life for the first year or so:

    • Felt great all summer, detox symptoms off and on to the point I couldn't even walk very far.
    • By September last year, my legs were burning with dryness as usual for me, that time of year - had to use something topical to relieve it, which I later realized wasn't recommended.
    • I craved sweet fruits like dates and figs but would get very dry if I ate them. Seems like Fall weather I always need more sweet in my life to warm me up and keep up with the generally active nature of the season.
    • By Fall, I started taking interest in some cooked food with Fall flavors. The craving grew and I was indulging regularly (and feeling horrible after it) - sometime 3-4 times a week.
    • The indulgence carried on through winter although I was getting tired of it but I couldn't stand the cold with what I was eating otherwise, cooked food seemed to keep me warm (acids burning from inside for warmth?).
    • My dental health wasn't that great but that was explained as acids leaching out into the mouth from detoxing sinuses and need to be rinsed off often throughout the day, made sense but doing that didn't help a whole lot.
    • Oh, and I was on a protocol for several months that included 7 or 8 of Dr Morse's herbs.

    Life since introduction of greens and 1 gln. water in late July:

    • I used to drink 1-1.5 gallons when eating cooked but the 14 months of starving myself for water, I had to start with only a quart a day - couldn't drink any more than that. I was able to work up to a gallon in a month - now I can drink up to 1.5 gallons sometimes, no forcing, but definitely try to hit at least a gallon everyday.
    • With greens, especially, my dental health improved to the point I no longer felt the need to brush my teeth and haven't since then. I do rinse my mouth morning and night and brush occasionally when I eat fats and have something sticking to my teeth or just want my mouth to feel fresh.
    • My legs got dry a bit and were were burning mid-Sept but that went away and I did nothing to relieve it other than scratch a bit. My legs still look dry but don't itch or burn anymore.
    • With water regimen, I started waking up to pee 3 times every night - around 12:30 - 2:30 and 4:30 which would vary by +-30 minutes. Now, I wake up only twice within the assimilation cycle (before 4 am)
    • No more cravings for cooked food! I think hydration and minerals from greens is what I needed. Now I can enjoy dates and figs everyday and nuts every other day or so. BTW, you don't eat nuts in Dr Morse's world.
    • I am maintaining my weight at 120 lbs (I could gain some). Looking forward to longer fasts to clean out my malabsorption.
    • I quit taking Dr M herbs when I learned from NH that herbs are harmful and a burden to the body, which matched my own experience. Now, I feel my body is healing more efficiently than ever since it has nothing burdening it and interfering with its innate wisdom.
    • Overall, I feel more grounded, have the best mental clarity I've ever had which has greatly improved my work performance, especially decision-making (I am highly self-critical and have very high standards).

    So, I am sooooo grateful for the little shifts I learned to make from NH, it's turned my life around for the better. Now, I just need to figure out how to get my girls do what I do to feel better, both physically and mentally.

  • Jessica Monson

    Before starting all this journey with my health in 2020 I was an active person doing excersice or a sport. I will go to the gym to excersice, nothing excesive, but active. I also was either doing cycling, (my favorite), walking or jogging, etc. When I started to experience all the inflamation that I go thru and also doing some things that made my situation worst (Using natural medicine like suplements and herbs and other therapies like Coffee enemas) I started to feel that I was getting worst and worst and so weak. I was having numbness in my right leg, disconfort in my spine, tingiling on my right shoulder and a lot of musscle soreness. This went on and I stop doing  excersice since 2021.

    Then I started to eat all raw and I was feeling at times even more weak. At times I was concerned about not doing any type of light excersice because I consider that have been so long, but I really felt that I couldn't. Until now...????..

    I am starting to feel so much better. I have a stationary cycling bike and today I just sat on it and I thought oh my goodness I actually feel that I can do this again. I am starting to feel stronger, I also notice that my hair is getting more abundant and I don't notice too much hair falling at all. I also notice that the disconfort that I was experiencing in my spine is basically not there, the tingiling I don't know the last time I felt it and the numbness on my right leg is so much less, seriously our bodies are amazing.

  • Jessica Monson

    I saw a post in the Terrain group about herbs and reading the responses of some people had me thinking so much about how horrendesly brainwashed we all have been. It's so weighty for me to see that so many people just can't see this common sense information. I was visiting a naturopath for years in the past and I did so much supplements and herbs and I did not experienced any healing. Then I did so many Dr Morse herbs and each time my body reacted so violently to all these herbs ????.. One day I saw a post by Mariah were she was adressing this issue on herbs. I remember telling my husband about it and I remember telling him at that time I think I agree with her, this make so much sense, but at that time I was so afraid I think to let go because we have this horrible idea ingrained in us that we need something from outside to fix our bodys... that's how we grew up thinking that we need a magic pill, herb, suplement because we don't have a CLUE how the body works and what the body is capable of.????

    Then I started to follow this woman that by eating a raw food diet save herself from having surgery to remove 6 fibroids and her uteres and the first thing she said is that she did not consume any other thing other than living foods, and then another one that was sick almost all of her life and in one year and a half of eating raw foods no herbs she is completly a different human being. Then when I started the challenges back in November I was ready, I stop every herb that I was taking that by that time were very mínimal... I have to say that for the first time in 3 years of experiencing the most horrendeus severe inflamation (liquid retention in my belly) every month in my ovulation this last 2 cycles I have seen a little bit of improvement. 

    I have a long way to go I know, but even tho I haven't seen mayor changes yet, in the past I felt that I was getting worst each time, now even tho I can't really explain it or put it in words is like I feel there is something good happening in the right direcction little by little. ????

    Hope everyone is doing good!????

  • Helen Ann

     Another small success story!!

    Every 2 to 3 months I have to get my bloods taken (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and usually my neutrophils and WBC are low but this time they are classed as normal... , first time in about 5 years????

    U&E and liver function were also normal.... just need to work on my ESR (8) and CRP (3) 

  • Drew Williams

    Since I read the post on water i've been drinking a gallon+ a day. It has had a noticeable impact on cravings. I'm eating less both in the day and evening, i'd say by 15-25% as a whole, and not going to bed hungry either! Finally seeing some good movement on the scale as well. I think being dehydrated was bringing on craving-like feelings. Gallon+ a day is the new normal.

  • Gosia Adur

    I have just picked up my blood results (I know, I know) and I can't believe what I'm seeing!

    A little background: I've become anemic in September 2006 (nearly 17 years ago) as a result of cesarean and never really recovered from it. My body wouldn't tolerate iron supplements so I started seeing naturopathic doctor over 3 years ago. They put me on laktoferrin, colostrum, copper,some probiotics supporting iron absorption. I felt better and more functional but when I tried to live without those last year I become very much non functional within 2 months. I thought I'm destined to be dependant on them for the rest of my life.

    I went hygienic on 22nd May this year and ditched all my suppliments. Part of me wanted to have hope and the other part honestly feared that I'm going to die within weeks ???? I stopped having any symptoms of anemia within 2 weeks of being on the diet.

    Going back to my blood test. I AM NOT ANEMIC!!! Not only that - all my blood cells are of a normal shape (my haemoglobin would fluctuate in and out of range for years but even when it was borderline within range, blood cells were odd shape and 'non functional' and I would have problems breathing). Looking at my B12 - the value has doubled (from mid range to the top range) ????

    My ferritin and iron are still below range BUT are higher than when I was on suppliments.

    Don't let anyone tell you this diet will starve you - it'll heal you!

    1. I know we shouldn't keep checking blood as it changes from moment to moment, but I wanted/needed some sort of reassurance and confirmation. I can also use it to show to people who challenge me saying natural hygiene is a diet of starvation you cannot survive without suppliments (I do struggle sometimes when discussing what I eat now, especially with family - now I don't have to).
  • Cassie Simons

    So I’ve been eating raw since the March challenge and I can honesty say my mental health has improved 100%. Im amazed at how much it’s improved it’s absolutely incredible. 

    Ive suffered with depression anxiety etc since a child and I’ve have a lot of trauma over years and I’ve been trying so hard the last 3 years to deal with past traumas and heal relationships with family members but I’ve just felt so stuck. I’ve felt alot of anger. 

    I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to start achieving in my life but just have felt so overwhelmed with doing any of it that i was stuck in the same patterns and not moving anywhere 

    Since being raw, for the first time in my life my mind is so clear it’s never been so clear. My memory has improved I’ve started reading, socialising, learning guitar, growing some food working on projects I’ve been putting off. 

    My anxiety has reduced 100% and I just feel so calm in every area of my life. My family have seen a massive change in me and they just can’t believe the effects this way of living is having on me. 

    Im only at the beginning of my raw and healing journey and I don’t eat perfect and I still have my ups and downs and work to do but they are not so intense and overwhelming anymore and I feel I can deal with things in a much healthier way. I couldn’t be happier about this. 

    I just wanted to share this with everyone in hope it helps anyone. I’ve seen such changes in such a small amount of time. I Just feel so blessed that I’ve found this way of life and the truth and found this support group as it’s been everything to me so thank you to the admins and of course everyone participating 

  • Ina Allen 

    ❤️❤️ BIG NEWS! BIG WIN! ❤️❤️

    I know this group does not give much credence to blood tests. Understood. But I will take a moment to celebrate what looks like a win for me. 

    More than 15 yrs ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and eventually with an autoimmune disorder. My integrative doctor offered everything from armour thyroid to supplements, selenium, iodine, ashwaghanda, curcumin . . . Nothing stopped the progression. 

    Here is a rough breakdown of the TSH over the years. 


    2013 - 1.67

    2015 - 3.93

    2017 - 4.94

    2018 - 4.07

    2019 - 7.58

    Fall of 2020 started Dr. Morse protocol 

    2021 (Jul) - 6.49

    Fall of 2022 transitioned to NH

    2023 (Feb) - 4.93

    2023 (Nov) - 4.43

    I think I stabilized my thyroid function thanks to NH! ❤️❤️

  • Leyenda DeLeona

     I took my blood pressure on January 1st this year.  It was 153/104.  I checked it today, February 3rd, and it was 130/85!

  • Lesli Chantelle 

    I feel generally lighter and less heavy inside my body. My skin is clear, my anxiety has lowered significantly, and my ability to manage stress is at an all time high. I have more energy than I can ever remember having in life. I'm a single mom and sometimes only get 3-4 hours of sleep but still make it through every day without crashing mid-day. With our move, I work on packing, cleaning, and sorting for 12 hours a day and have the stamina and strength to get through it! I've also found I am significantly more in tune with my body. I can tell if a healing event is going to start and can immediately begin fasting. I can also detect when I've come into contact with a toxin or non ideal ingredient because my body gives me cues like lethargy, a headache, increased thirst, or digestive discomfort.

    I started this journey just to try it out and here I am almost 15 months later still trying it out. I have also felt freer with my food choices. I can go anywhere at any time because I can always bring my food with me! Grocery shopping is a breeze because I get the same things every time with the occasional variation if I'm trying a new recipe. Overall, I feel like I am the healthiest I've ever been.