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In this section you will find all of our articles on the natural human diet, how the body self heals and self cleans, how to transition back to the natural human diet, what to expect as your body heals and answers to many questions about achieving health. Eat fruit and be well my friends!

  • Cancer – Understanding Natural Health Versus the Medical Model Can Save Your Life!
    Question: The conventional position is that cancer cells are abnormal cells that grow and divide uncontrollably. How does that mesh with NH’s position that cancer is nothing more than toxic waste safely enveloped by the body in a protective sac?  Answer:  The medical industry takes a wide range of symptoms and labels all of them as… Continue reading →
  • Emotional Eating
    Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating today. I thought I would share some thoughts from T.C. Fry that may help you make better decisions as temptations abound today. No matter how the day goes, tomorrow is another opportunity, so don’t stress being perfect but do try to hear your internal dialogue as you… Continue reading →
  • Flesh-Eating Bacteria
    Question: What is flesh-eating bacteria and how do people get it? Answer: Flesh-eating bacteria is a myth of the medical industry based on their wrong foundational understanding of bacteria’s purpose in the body. Bacteria only feed upon dead and dying cells and cell debris. It does not feed on healthy living cells. When a person… Continue reading →
  • Blackleg and Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in Cattle
    Question I see the term blackleg come up often when people talk about vaccinating livestock. They also mention BRD a lot too, which is like pneumonia. These cattle farmers are insistent that they must use the immunizations to prevent the loss of the animals. So why does this work in cattle? The 1st seems to… Continue reading →
  • Hydration
    The Importance of Hydration and Water Consumption in Achieving or Restoring Optimal Health In our previous article, “Humans are Herbivores, Comparative Anatomy” we established that eating watery fruits and fresh greens is the optimal diet, what about water consumption? Many people seem to believe that if you consume optimally hydrating foods that water is no… Continue reading →