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In this section you will find all of our articles on the natural human diet, how the body self heals and self cleans, how to transition back to the natural human diet, what to expect as your body heals and answers to many questions about achieving health. Eat fruit and be well my friends!

  • The Flu and Saunas
    Question What is the flu? After being at a sauna spa, I got bad flu symptoms. Would you say it is a detox or a virus I picked up in the spa? Answer: Flu symptoms are expulsions symptoms, this is a healing process. The Flu is a detox process in which the body is expelling … Read more
  • Drug Addiction 
    by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton Science, as medicine is commonly called, is never-ceasing in its search for cures. In his syndicated column, Albert Edward Wiggam once wrote that science has not discovered a surefire cure for alcoholism, but it has found a drug that helps. He said that, after a drunken man sobers up the … Read more
  • Nerve Energy
    “The proper way to study disease is to study health and every influence favorable or not to its continuance. Disease is perverted health. Any influence that lowers nerve-energy becomes disease-producing. Disease cannot be its own cause; neither can it be its own cure, and certainly not its own prevention.”  Tilden, Toxemia Explained Understanding our nerve … Read more
  • Humans are herbivores, Comparative Anatomy
    How do we determine what our natural diet is? Here’s a look at some of the supporting evidence and how we arrive at the conclusion that humans are herbivores and that a diet of primarily fruits and greens is optimal. The study of comparative anatomy clearly shows that humans are a type of specialized herbivore … Read more
  • The Nature and Purpose of Disease – Part 14
    The following is part 14 of a 14-part post series on the nature and purpose of disease. If you prefer to watch a video on the subject see our presentation “The Seven Stages of Disease” available at the bottom of the page. T.C Fry on the nature and purpose of disease: 5. THE CHARACTER OF DISEASE … Read more