Why do we get sick?

What is the internal process which creates disease conditions and the progression of the disease state?

Everything in nature eats and poops. This includes our cells. When we work our cells they create waste. When we work our cells in ways that are normal and natural the level of waste created is easily managed by the body and the area around the cells stays clean and free-flowing.

When we eat outside of our physiology, consuming high protein, high fat, or denatured foods we overwork the cells. Our digestive system must work longer and harder utilizing energy that should be available to the cells for cleaning and repair purposes.

Our cells sit in intracellular fluid, this fluid drains to the lymphatic system. When our body is functioning normally this fluid is free-flowing and well-hydrated. When we eat cooked foods, animal proteins, and other inappropriate substances we dehydrate the body and therefore dehydrate the lymph.

A dehydrated lymph system is much less efficient at removing waste from around the cells than a properly functioning lymph system. As the flow slows down the wastes become more concentrated causing further backups.

As the cells become saturated in their own waste, they become less efficient in their processes and therefore create more waste as a result. Much like walking on a sidewalk versus trudging through the mud, going the same distance through knee-deep mud will make you fatigue much faster because you are overworking the body.

In order for the body to maintain a state of health the cells must be free from a backup of waste. This means the body needs energy available for cleaning AND the cells need to be producing normal levels of waste, not abnormal levels. Once either of these criteria are not met the waste will build up around the cells leading to symptoms of disease.

There are two different types of symptoms which are all referred to as disease. The first type of symptom is body cleaning symptoms. These are your expulsion symptoms like coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever as well as shifts in energy from external use (moving arms and legs) to internal use (cleaning the organs and making repairs) which we refer to as fatigue.

The second type of symptom is a cellular malfunction symptom. These would be symptoms like the pancreas no longer producing insulin, the heartbeat becoming altered, or blood pressure raising or lowering. These symptoms are all a result of the cells being so backed up in waste that they are not able to function normally, hence creating abnormal functioning.

Disease is a word that is made up of two parts, the first “dis-” meaning “lack of, or away” and the second “ease” meaning “physical comfort, peace”. So disease is simply the body being in a state of lack of comfort or lack of ease. Health is the state of the body at ease or in a state of complete comfort.

Disease is a progression, it starts with the first sneeze of childhood and builds over years of mis-feeding the body and overworking the cells. Disease is not the various medical labels that group together symptoms and call your symptoms heart disease or cancer or diabetes, disease is simply the state at which your body is no longer operating in normal and efficient parameters as it is designed to work.

Our detoxification (cleaning) systems run 24/7/365 to keep the cells clean and functioning optimally. When we eat as we are physiologically designed and we get plenty of rest, relaxation, sunshine, and exercise the body continues to operate at high efficiency.

When the waste level reaches the body’s current tolerance level the body initiates a high-intensity clean out. This is what we call colds and flu as well as rashes. Colds, flus, rashes, and other similar events are not diseases, they are the process by which the body remedies disease conditions. Once we have allowed the body to complete a cold or flu process without interference our bodies are much cleaner and functioning more optimally. The body has lowered its state of disease and moved closer to health.

On the other hand, when we interfere with the cold or flu symptoms by trying to stop the symptoms via the application of various poisons, both drug and plant-based/natural (garlic, ginger, honey, echinacea tea, elderberry syrup, etc) we stop the body from efficiently cleaning and expelling waste. We instead force the body to stop its deep cleaning efforts to instead focus its energy on the expulsion of the incoming poison. When we do this eventually the body runs out of energy to clean and the cold symptoms stop, perhaps a week or a month later. Had we simply fasted at the first sign of a cold and went to bed and slept the body would have had all of its energy available to expel waste and clean out and the cold/flu would have passed in a few hours to at most a few days. If we continue to eat during this process we slow down the cleaning process forcing it to take longer because the energy of cleaning is diverted instead into digestion. The heavier the meal we eat, the more energy is taken away from the cleaning process and at the same time the more waste is added to the existing burden.

For this reason, a simple cold when fed a heavy meal like chicken soup can progress into the flu and into pneumonia all by the simple mistake of feeding the body and forcing digestion when the body is trying to clean and heal. While fasting at the first signs of a cold detox can stop the symptoms rapidly by allowing the body to divert all of its energy to the cleaning processes.

When we eat foods that are far from our natural diet and carry a heavy burden, like animal products, wheat, beans, cooked foods, dairy products, eggs, and other substances we both drain the bodies energy available for cleaning by requiring long-drawn-out periods of digestion and we add large amounts of cellular waste by overworking the cells. The lack of energy to clean combined with the extra burden of more waste is what leads to symptoms of disease as well as colds, flu, and other cleaning events.

When we eat whole raw fruits, tender vegetables, leafy greens, and small amounts of nuts and seeds we are not overworking the cells because these are the foods our physiology is built for. We are providing all of the nutrients the body requires to run itself in a usable and easily assimilable form. The body is not required to break anything down from an unusable format and convert it to something usable, so we are not losing energy in the conversion process. We are not taking in excesses of things the body needs very little of like amino acids (protein) which would drain the energy as the body needs to expend energy to expel the excess. We are not eating high fat which blocks the absorption of sugar and the expulsion of acids so we are getting our energy from sugar more efficiently and we are getting the sugar into the cells cleanly because there is no excess fat surrounding the cells blocking its entry. In short, when we eat right for our physiologic design all systems function optimally and efficiently creating minimal waste and requiring minimal cleaning.

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