Fruit is Essential to the Wild Canid and all Domesticated Dogs

Evidence that Canids eat Fruit in the wild

One of the biggest mistakes made in feeding dogs is the idea that dogs are exclusively meat eaters and do not require fruits in their diet. This mistake of overfeeding proteins to our companions has led to epidemics of chronic disease. Yet the most popular raw feeding models, PMR and BARF miss the mark on this essential part of the natural diet for dogs. Even when presented in raw feeding groups to substitute fruit meals for some of the meat meals to lessen the burden on the body, it is nearly always rejected. Luckily we have tons of evidence from nature to guide us to the natural eating habits of canids and we see their love of fruits is clearly evidenced. Below is a collection of various studies and amateur and professional wildlife videos showing clear evidence that our dogs are meant to eat fruit and thrive. Adding to this evidence I have personally seen all of my rescues with chronic and terminal disease conditions heal rapidly once put on a fruit-heavy raw natural diet. If you want to learn more about the natural dog and cat diets get our free feeding guide here:

Voyageurs Wolf Project Wolves eating blueberries
Coyote climbs a tree to eat apples
Coyote eating apples from a pile on the ground
Coyotes eating bananas
Coyote eating apples that have fallen from a tree

Coyote enjoying apples in a yard
Cooper the Coyote eating apples
Wolf mom and pup eating blueberries
Captive wolves enjoying a pumpkin

Wolf enjoying a watermelon
Coyote Eating Bananas
Coyote eating plums
Coyote eating apples from a yard.
Wolves eating berries
Wolf eating watermelon

Wolf eating a pineapple
Dogs living on a fruitarian orchard enjoying their fill of fresh fruits
Coyote eating bananas left in the woods. – Banana footage starts around 2:30
Coyote eating cauliflower left in the woods.