The Unnatural Pain of Childbirth

When we consume cooked foods and other unnatural for our physiology substances we create an abnormal functioning of our cells. In the case of childbirth this leads to unnecessary suffering of women through the childbirth process and has led to countless unnecessary deaths in this most natural of processes.

“The British sociologist, Anthony Ludovici, recounts an instructive experience with cats. He bred cats for the purpose of studying the process of birth. He discovered that cats actually enjoy the process of birth, that they purr while their kittens are being born. Mr. Ludovici realizing that animals never cook their foods, took it for granted that his cats should have raw meat. Then, on one occasion, he was called away to the country and left one of his female cats in the care of some friends. When her kittens were born shortly after his return, her flanks heaved helplessly for several hours and she groaned almost like a human being. He despaired of her ever delivering her kittens. Inquiry revealed that his friend had fed the cat on cooked meat, vegetables, bread and milk and milk puddings. Further investigation revealed that not merely the happiness of cats during parturition but of other animals also, is inseparably connected with optimum condition during gestation – pregnancy. He found he was able to produce pleasurable or painful parturition at will by feeding his cats in different manners and keeping them indoors or outdoors. He discovered that he could do the same thing with bitches [female dogs] and, upon inquiry among shepherds, discovered the same thing among sheep. He tells of difficulties among cows and horses fed in certain very unwholesome ways. I have never seen difficulty in cows, and I have watched the birth of many calves, but these cows were supplied with good pasturage and were outdoors all through gestation. Not merely raw flesh foods, but uncooked foods of all kinds, are best for food.”

Eating raw, whole, undefiled foods that are appropriate to our physiology not only allows for a painless childbirth experience, it also provides us with painless periods, a life free from “aging” symptoms which most people believe are natural like sore muscle and wrinkled faces and it allows us to have a sharp mind and agile body well into old age that allows us to live life to the fullest.

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