Varicose Veins – Are you ignoring this red flag?

Varicose veins are unsightly and most people’s concerns around varicose veins or spider veins are in wanting to rid themselves of them purely for cosmetic reasons.  What most people don’t realize is that these unsightly veins are a warning sign, a giant red flag waving trying to warn you of the great stress the body is under and the damage being done to the structural integrity of the body. 

What is a Varicose vein? 

Varicose is defined as abnormally swollen or dilated. A varicose vein is a condition in which a vein, most often in the legs, becomes enlarged, swollen, dilated, twisted, and often painful.  Modern medicine considers this condition to be permanent because they never seek to remove the cause of the issue or allow the self-healing body to make repairs as it is designed to do. 

Traditional medical treatment involves compression stockings and procedures to close or remove the veins. Larger varicose veins are treated with ligation and stripping, laser treatment, or radiofrequency treatment. Smaller varicose veins and spider veins are usually treated with sclerotherapy or laser therapy.  In all of the available treatments, there is nothing addressing the cause and therefore nothing that is stopping the progression of degeneration.  By treating symptoms without removing the cause, they are shooting the messenger and ignoring the message.   

A warning sign

Varicose veins are an indicator symptom or a warning sign. They are a clear red flag that conditions in the body are not allowing for the normal operation of the body and that there is serious degeneration of the tissues underway.   The issue they are drawing our attention to is mineral supply and usage. If the body does not have a large enough mineral reserve the body will pull minerals out of the veins, arteries, muscles, bones, teeth, and other tissues to meet its needs.   

A chronic lack of organic minerals being supplied via the diet results in a chronic depletion of these minerals from the tissues.   When this occurs in the veins the depletion results in varicose or spider veins as a first early warning sign, but this condition can lead to aneurysms, burst blood vessels, and strokes if the conditions are not corrected.    This depletion of minerals can also be seen in bone loss and osteoporosis, dental cavities, frequent muscle injuries (sprains and tears), easy bruising, hernias, bowel prolapses, weak hair and nails, sagging skin, and a wide range of other symptoms.   

We will talk a bit more about minerals below, but first, let’s look at how a varicose vein develops.

“Venous flow is most efficient during muscular activity when the contracting muscles compress the sinusoids (minute blood vessels) and deep veins, thereby pumping the blood toward the heart; the direction of flow is controlled by the venous valves. Veins function to conduct blood from the peripheral tissue to the heart. Blood pressure in these vessels is extremely low compared to that in the arterial system, and blood must exit at an even lower pressure, creating a need for a special mechanism whereby blood will be kept moving on its return to the heart rather than being allowed to pool and create more resistance to capillary flow. To achieve this, veins possess a unique system of valves. They serve to direct the flow of blood to the heart, particularly in an upward direction, preventing backflow when closed, movement of blood in veins toward the heart is brought about largely by the massaging action of contracting skeletal muscles and by the pressure gradient created by-breathing when, during inspiration, the pressure in the thoracic cavity decreases and the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases. Insufficiency of the valves can cause veins to become varicose, that is, swollen with accumulated blood, knotted, and painful. The veins lose their elasticity as a result of the continuous distention. Varicosity commonly occurs in the superficial veins of the lower extremities, which are subject, to strain when the individual stands for long periods of time. Obesity hastens their development.

Initially, superficial veins are tense and may be palpated but are not visible. Subsequently, they become visibly dilated or painful. Eventually pigmentation (from red blood cells diffusion through the capillaries), eczema, edema, subcutaneous induration and ulceration occur. The ulceration is usually small, superficial, and very painful because of exposure of nerve endings. These ulcerations may start following minor trauma to an area of pigmentation, induration, eczema, or edema, and are usually chronic by the time they are seen.” – T.C. Fry 

In short, the weakening tissue is unable to withstand the pressure of the blood flow and becomes distended and misshapen as a result.   Minerals are what provide the strength needed by the veins to maintain their shape and elasticity.   


Minerals, also referred to as cell salts, have a wide range of uses in the body, from neutralizing acids to building bones and teeth, but most people don’t realize that the minerals we consume also form part of the structure of all of our muscles, veins, arteries, organs and all other tissues.   Minerals are the strength-giving material that allows our muscles to maintain their integrity and our organs to maintain their shape.  Minerals also give strength and structure to the veins and arteries.  Like the mortar in a brick wall, if your minerals become depleted (mortar) then your brick wall (organs, veins, tissues) will begin to collapse under any stress.  

In a normal healthy body, the body might pull minerals from the vein for immediate use elsewhere but the natural diet being consumed would provide abundant minerals for replenishment of the supply and the body would quickly return the minerals taken from the vein with the incoming supply.  

However, with our unnatural cooked foods-centered diet, that humans have shifted to over many generations, we are no longer replenishing our organic minerals at an adequate rate.    This means most of the population is suffering from some level of chronic depletion of their mineral supply. Often we are even so depleted that our children are being born into a deficit, leading to crooked teeth, small jaws, narrow breathing passages, and a wide range of birth defects.  

Humans are eating a high acid-forming diet of cooked animal tissues and secretions, grains, refined sugars, and starches, which not only lack a supply of usable, organic minerals but also deplete the body of organic minerals as the body attempts to digest and eliminate these substances.   Our unnatural cooked foods diet is abundant in inorganic minerals, but severely lacking in organic minerals. 

Organic vs Inorganic Minerals

Most people understand our need for minerals but few understand the distinction between an organic mineral and an inorganic mineral, nor the importance of differentiating between the two. When we eat the Standard American Diet we consume minerals in our cooked foods, however, those minerals are largely unusable by our body. Here are some key points we all must understand:

1. Minerals are inorganic as they exist naturally in the soil and water. Rocks are inorganic minerals, we cannot digest and utilize rocks, but plants can.

2. Minerals are organic as they exist in plants and in the animals which eat those plants. Organic minerals are usable by the human body and other animals.

3. Only plants can transform inorganic minerals into organic minerals. Plants and the bacteria in the soil that assists them, break down rocks and bring them up into the plant where they are converted (or organized) into an organic form of the same mineral.  

4. Humans must eat plants to obtain their organic minerals.

5. Inorganic minerals are useless and injurious to the human body.

6. Cooking food turns the organic (organized) minerals back into inorganic (disorganized) minerals. 

The minerals found in raw plant foods are therefore usable and beneficial to the body while those found in cooked foods are injurious to the body.  When we consume a predominantly cooked food diet we are flooding the body with unusable inorganic minerals while limiting our intake of usable organic minerals.

How the Confusion Began

Inorganic minerals and organic minerals are said to have the same chemical compositions, and as such, they were confused by early nutritionists. The mineral identified as iron in the bloodstream is said to have the same chemical composition as the mineral, iron, in a nail. It is therefore easy to see how these early nutritionists and chemists incorrectly assumed that there were no other differences between these two forms of iron. As a result of this assumption, the public was sold iron mineral supplements that consisted of surplus powdered nails to address iron deficiency.  An error in reasoning was made by assuming that a chemical similarity in minerals also meant there were identical nutritional characteristics between organic and inorganic minerals and that one could be substituted for the other.  While the same minerals are found in man and animals that are found in soil and water, it was wrong to assume that these were interchangeable.  Humans are plant eaters, not rock eaters. 

“It is necessary that the minerals in the soil be elaborated into organic compounds by the plant before they can be assimilated by the body. The various mineral compounds produced by the chemist differ in their structure and in the relative positions of their component molecules than those produced in the plant.

Over sixty years ago a German scientist named Abderhalden conducted a series of experiments comparing how several species absorbed different forms of iron. He found that animals fed with food poor in iron, plus in addition of inorganic iron, were unable in the long run to produce as much hemoglobin as those, receiving a natural iron-sufficient diet.

While the inorganic iron may be absorbed into the body, it is not utilized in the formation of hemoglobin, but remains unused within the tissues. Abderhalden also concluded that any apparent benefit of the inorganic iron resulted from its stimulating effect.

Chemically, it is true that iron in the bloodstream and iron in nails are the same and that calcium in rocks (known as dolomite) is identical to calcium in the bones.

However, it is a grave error to believe that the body can digest and assimilate and utilize powdered nails and crushed rocks.” – T.C. Fry, Life Science Course Lesson 10

As a result of this confusion the supplement industry was born and today millions of people poison their bodies with inorganic mineral supplements in the hopes of avoiding a return to their natural foods.   Sadly this results in greater and greater degeneration of the body as the unusable and injurious inorganic minerals are pushed through the system and exit unused.    The only result is a temporary stimulation as the body activates its all hands on deck, red alert response to being poisoned.  This stimulation is often confused with a beneficial effect and a temporary shift in the disease symptoms and the person then believes the supplement has helped the body when in fact it has created greater injury and burden.

Blood testing often further reinforces this error because the blood reading will show the inorganic minerals circulating in the blood, as the body attempts to eliminate them.  Let’s say you exhibit a symptom, such as varicose veins, and take a blood test that shows you to be low in calcium.  A physician recommends you take inorganic calcium supplements, and you acquiesce and agree to have blood tests again two months later.  The physician then shows you an increase in calcium in your blood and in spite of the symptoms remaining, or returning shortly after, the deficiency is considered corrected.  The contents of the blood do not accurately reflect the contents of the tissues as the blood is material in circulation rather than material in use.  Therefore the levels in the blood are a poor indicator of utilization.  They cannot distinguish between that which is being put to use and that which is being expelled as useless or toxic material.  

Healing Varicose Veins

Once we understand the cause of any issue it becomes easy to determine the correct course of action to correct the issue.   Since varicose veins are a result of a chronic lack of adequate minerals being supplied as well as a chronic misuse of minerals in the body due to the intake of a high acid-forming diet, the correction is simple.  Correct the diet, rest and fast.   Through the correction of diet we stop the deficit by supplying adequate minerals.  Through rest we allow the body to make necessary repairs and reallocate resources.   Through fasting, we supply a deep physiological rest which allows for the reallocation of resources most efficiently and an elimination of those acidic wastes which are tying up the minerals in the body.   

Fasting for repair of Varicose Veins

“Dr. Shelton advocated the fast for all cases of varicose veins. He said, “For more than 40 years I have advocated the employment of the fast in cases, of varicose ulcers. In many such cases that I have cared for, I have not had one to fail of healing.” Also in regard to varicose ulcers and fasting, Dr. Shelton quotes Dr. Harry Clements. He cites an article that appeared in The Lancet, June 15, 1968, entitled “Fasting for Obesity,” the article read, “Perhaps the most unexpected effect was the rapid healing of varicose ulcers. Case 10 had had ulceration continuously for 18 years, following an operation on her varicose veins, but after six weeks starvation the ulcers had completely healed whereas case 12 had ulcers which had remained active for seven years in spite of seven months’ treatment in 1964, yet they healed in three weeks.”

The body will heal when provided with the proper conditions for healing and repair. As with all toxic conditions, rest is the primary condition, and the fast met that requirement.” – T.C. Fry, Life Science Course Lesson 76

Whether we utilize fasting or simply a correction of our diet and physical rest the body will make the repairs necessary as long as we stop creating the injury.   We can only live in a healthy body if we put the conditions of health into place.   Those conditions require the natural human diet of fresh fruit, sweet lettuce, tender vegetables, and small amounts of nuts and seeds to be provided along with fresh air, sunshine, moderate exercise and other healthful pursuits.  The more rapidly we correct our dietary missteps the faster we can return our body to the pristine health which is our birthright.   

Desire Health? Return to the Garden of Eden

Our society promotes this false idea that we can do 100 things wrong feeding our body but then fix it all by popping a pill. For many that pill will be a pharma drug (pharmaceutical from the Greek pharmakeia- “poisoning, sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it”).

For others it will be an equally harmful vitamin or supplement, pill or powder, they have been told cures this or that ailment, or maybe they just fear they are lacking in their nutritionally devoid diet.

Either way you can never fix a wrong by adding a second wrong. You cannot poison a body back to health. You cannot make up for the plate of chicken and rice by taking a powdered fruit and vegetable supplement because it’s not the missing vitamins and minerals that are creating 99.9% of disease. It’s the dehydration, it’s the lack of fiber, it’s the overworking of the digestive system. It’s the fact that you are eating so far removed from your natural diet of watery, sugar-rich, raw fruits, sweet, tender, water-rich,leafy greens and nutrient dense nuts, seeds and vegetables.

There is no shortcut to health. If you want a healthy body you have to supply the conditions which allow the body to operate under normal parameters. You need to supply the foods which your body was intelligently designed to consume. When we follow God’s word and return to what he gave us for food in the Garden of Eden – Genesis 1:29 – our bodies return to perfect health. When we obey the lesson of Daniel 1:8-20 setting aside the rich and heavy foods and wine for our natural foods and water we thrive.

The natural diet of man is fruits and tender leafy greens, with small amounts of nuts, seeds and vegetables. These are all foods we can eat raw, in their whole natural form without any tools, fire or weapons. When we return to the natural diet God originally given to us in Eden all disease conditions reverse.

When we sin against our bodies, we are made to suffer. But we are provided every answer to stop the pain, should we choose it. The more you open your eyes, the more you see, this world is biblical and you have been given a guide book should you choose to accept it. The medical industry practices pharmakeia, their symbol is the snake ⚕️and the rod. Health never comes from the poisoning arts but they have most of our loved ones under their spell. No cures for any disease ever yet we continue to fund them $100 trillion a year. Open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear, the answers are laid out for you. The battle is good versus evil, health versus disease, if you don’t know which side you are caught up in, if you are blind to the reality of this world, there is nothing anyone can do to return your health to you. If you are caught up in the trappings of this world, only misery awaits.

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Eat fruit and be well my friends.

Disease 101 – How we create disease on a cellular level (and how we reverse it):

Our cells are designed to function in specific chemistry which has been created intelligently based on our natural diet which is a function of our anatomy and physiology.

When we stray from the natural human diet of fruits and tender greens we begin to change the internal chemistry of the body.

When we consume foods that are not well suited to our anatomy and physiology we are overworking the cellular metabolism.

As the cells work they produce waste.  Everything in nature eats and poops and so do our cells.

So in a normal, healthy body, the cells are working at normal efficiency in normal chemistry. The cellular waste is sent into the intracellular fluids, which are then transported through the lymphatic system (the body’s sewer system) out of the body and expelled via the primary or secondary elimination channels.

When the body is in a state of health, this cellular waste is quickly cleared away from the cells and sent out of the body. If we encounter stress or emotional trauma, these acids are quickly eliminated by the body. If we run from a lion and build up lactic acid, these acids are quickly eliminated as a normal part of the body’s functioning.


When we put in inappropriate foods we do two things that cause our health to suffer. The first is consuming cooked or dry foods which do not have adequate water content for our physiology. When we consume these water-deficient foods we dehydrate the body and the body must pull from its own cells to help move the drier foods through our digestive system.

We require roughly 80% water content simply for food to make it through the digestive tract without pulling water out of our cells.

Consuming any non-ideal foods including processed foods, cooked foods, or dried foods dehydrates the body. This leads to a dehydrated lymphatic system. The lymphatic system, again, being the sewer system, needs to flow freely if we are to avoid disease. If the lymphatic fluid becomes dehydrated it becomes sticky and slow-moving.

The natural state of the lymph in a healthy body could be seen as flowing like maple syrup. Thick but free-flowing. But when we consume cooked foods, the lymph will dry out. Moving into a peanut butter consistency, the lymph barely slides along, getting stuck in various parts of the body. The more dehydrated the body becomes the more slow-moving the lymph. Eventually, you end up with lymph that resembles the dry crusty peanut butter stuck to the bottom of the jar that has been in the back of the pantry for five years.

With our unnatural cooked-food diets, we are dehydrating the sewer and that means that the waste is getting backed up around the cells. The waste is predominately acidic, and acids burn and damage the cells which makes it harder for the cells to function normally. Instead of normal cells, functioning in normal chemistry, we now have damaged cells, functioning in abnormal chemistry.  This is what creates the problems we call symptoms of disease. The cells are in a state of dis-ease, or lack of ease, and so is the body as a whole.

The second thing that causes our health to suffer is overworking our cells by providing raw materials which are difficult to digest and assimilate. Our natural foods are very low in protein and very low in fat. Protein and fat are more difficult for human anatomy to digest, requiring our stomachs to produce harsher stomach acid as well as leaving more residue and waste.  Fruits and leafy greens contain the same nutritional components in a form that is much easier for us to digest and assimilate.  They are already in the ideal form the body needs to create its own proteins and fats so excess energy is not wasted in digestion and excess waste products are not produced. They are not in a complete protein or complete fat form which requires breakdown before assimilation and a lot of excess waste as a result. Instead, they are in the exact form needed for immediate use.  

Our natural foods are also very high in carbohydrates, predominantly fructose, which is ideal for our physiology.  Carbohydrates are the energy for every cell in the body. They are required in abundance to keep all the cells running properly.  When we starve our body of carbohydrates by eating high-fat and high-protein diets we create fatigue as the body is unable to have enough fuel to run each cell efficiently.  

Most of the inappropriate foods consumed today tend to be much higher in protein and fat.  However, we cannot use protein directly;  it must be broken down into its constituent amino acids.  Consuming these foods forces the body to do extra work to break down these proteins into amino acids. This is why we often get tired right after we eat a meal of inappropriate foods.

This excess work of the cellular metabolism also leads to excess waste. Remember, everything eats and poops.

Therefore, when consuming inappropriate foods, we are creating more cellular waste while drying out the sewer system that is designed to flush the waste out of our bodies. We have both more waste being created than we are physiologically designed for AND we have less waste being eliminated because the elimination channels are slowed and in some cases so dry and backed up that they are completely blocked.

There is more waste and less flow, so cells are sitting in waste. We start to see the beginning stages of dis-ease, or lack of ease, with symptoms like irritability, irritation, itching, and many other mild to moderately uncomfortable symptoms. The cells are uncomfortable sitting in their own waste.

In addition to these two issues, we are also creating inefficiency in cell processes. If you try to walk knee-deep in mud you are going to be working much harder than if you were strolling down a sidewalk. Cells sitting in their own waste are operating knee-deep in mud. They are using far more energy and creating far more waste because they are working in such inefficient and dirty terrain.

We have a slower-moving sewer, fewer functional cells, and more waste being created.  This disruption of the sewer system creates more dysfunctional cells, which in turn create more waste and a dirtier sewer system.  So round and round we go, building layer by layer of dirty terrain, eventually encouraging the cells to change their structure from a healthy normal cell to a bacteria, yeast, fungus, or eventually into a cancer cell.

But don’t despair, the body has ways of remediating all of this waste. One of the most common of which is the cold or flu symptoms which we are taught to fear and think of as its own distinct type of disease. Colds and flus are expulsive cleaning events.  In times of trouble the body creates these expulsion events wherein the body expels the waste via secondary channels, encased in mucus.  This is why we end up with a runny nose or mucus in the throat and lungs. 

Another common symptom of the body eliminating waste is skin rashes like chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever, foot in mouth, impetigo, etc. The body is pushing acids out through the skin and the skin becomes irritated by the acids, creating redness and inflammation. These events can also create tiny ulcers, such as chicken pox. The ulcer is a drain point for the acid wastes to exit.

Natural hygiene organizes all types of disease into a single paradigm that encompasses seven stages.  When the body first becomes bogged down in waste we say it is in a state of enervation.  To be enervated is to be drained or lacking in vigor.  We might feel a little run down, weak, or tired. If we fast and rest at this first sign the body quickly catches up on its waste backlog and can return to normal function.

However, most people ignore this first sign of disease and simply reach for something to suppress the symptoms.  The symptom in this case is the lack of energy or tiredness and we tend to suppress this symptom with stimulants.  Coffee, tea, caffeine pills, energy drinks.  Even salt and animal products can act as stimulants.  This means most people are maintaining their bodies in a constant state of low-level disease.  Of these seven stages of disease, many of us tend to remain in stages two to four.  These are called toxicosis, irritation, and inflammation. 

Level three, irritation, is where we see the cold and flu symptoms, allergies, or body odor. The body is working to eliminate the backlog by creating expulsion symptoms.  The body still has the energy to clean but the waste load is high enough to impede normal operations. 

Level four, inflammation, is where we see inflammatory conditions and pain. Levels four and five are where we begin to see destructive symptoms. This is where the wastes are causing enough damage to the cells that this leads to significantly impaired function.

Level five, ulceration, is a worsening of the inflammation to a point where instead of just cells being irritated or destroyed, now larger tissues are being broken apart in an effort to clean; Ulcers being the eponymous example.

Level six is called induration.  Induration means hardening.  This stage is where the body is creating scar tissues to attempt to create a boundary between the waste and other healthy cells.  This is a self-protective measure that allows the other cells in the body to continue normal operation. This stage is where many people can get a cancer diagnosis although this is not true cancer.

The final stage, level seven is cancer.  At this point the cells are so saturated in waste that they are no longer able to communicate with the surrounding cells. The cells are operating solely for their own survival and have recruited other types of cells that can survive in the high acid environment.  Though they may be able to survive and help process the dangerous wastes in order to clean up the area they cannot perform normal functions.  

We can begin to reverse the course at any time by doing our best to remove the cause of the pollution and by supporting our bodies with water, rest, and foods they were designed to metabolize.  By supplying a natural diet we are able to return to normal chemistry.  Utilizing fasting and rest also helps to allow the body time to clean and repair. Fresh, ripe, juicy fruits are easy to digest and allow the body to direct its vital energy to heal itself.  Additionally, fruit provides hydration to flush out old acidic wastes. Filling up on mineral-rich tender greens allows the body to neutralize the acids with alkaline minerals and sweep out the bowels to clear elimination channels. 

Levels six and seven of disease (induration and cancer) may not fully heal in all cases, however, the body always seeks to return itself to normal operating parameters. If the scar tissue has gotten too thick, the body may not be able to remove all of it. One example is seen in the remodeling of the bones in arthritis, where the body is not able to correct these issues. Otherwise, the body will replace and repair all cells if we give the body the appropriate diet, plenty of rest, adequate digestive rest, and enough time.

As always the best time to get yourself back to a state of wellness is now.  Before you begin the slide into a deeper state of disease which may have serious consequences.  Start today by incorporating more fruits and more salads and transition gradually back to your natural foods. 

Eat fruit and be well my friends!

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