Healing Cats and Dogs by Returning to Nature

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In this section, you will find all of our articles on healing our companion animals that make our lives brighter every day. Below you will find healing stories from each of Lauren’s rescue dogs as well as friends and clients whose animals have healed from a wide range of health conditions. We will also be adding articles about how to transition back to the natural diet, and why returning your pet to their natural diet will allow their self-healing, self-cleaning bodies to work as they are designed to return your companion back to the vibrant state of health that is their birthright. You will also find articles on what to expect as the body is healing, the difference between healing symptoms and suppressing symptoms, and much more. Check back regularly as we are adding more articles as fast as we can write them!

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Latest Articles

  • Why do Vets discourage raw feeding?
    Often people who have done any research about the health or healing of their animals are shocked to find out that their vet discourages them, or even outright tells them they are putting their dog’s life at risk by feeding a natural, species-appropriate raw diet.   The vet will often launch into a tirade about… Continue reading →
  • When is the optimal feeding window for my doggy?
    My preference is to feed fruit meals early in the day – usually before noon, because they are very water-rich and this means the dogs need more potty breaks. If we feed fruits too late in the day they can have us up all night for potty breaks so I typically feed fruit meals between… Continue reading →
  • Healing Stories – Broken Bones, Severe Injuries and Fasting
    SIDNEY’s Story: NATURE HEALS FRACTURED BONES PERFECTLY  Healing Testimonial from Gary Kemp In July 2023 one of my rescue dogs, Sidney, sustained two severe pelvic fractures by being run over by a 2 ton vehicle.  I will skip the details of this incident, but suffice it to say that the injuries were so bad that… Continue reading →
  • Why do other raw feeding models like B.A.R.F, P.M.R, and R.M.F. fail to heal our pets completely?
    If you have been researching a raw food diet or natural food diets for dogs and cats you may have come across the Prey Model Raw  (P.M.R.) or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F.) diets both of which market themselves as the natural diet for our canine companions.  They have significant differences but both have their… Continue reading →
  • Healing Hairloss in Cats
    Question My 9-year-old cat started losing her hair about a year ago. After changing her food, she seemed to improve temporarily, however, she is now worse than ever. She also has a number of tiny red spots on her skin. I spoke to a vet and she said they would probably recommend steroids. I would… Continue reading →
  • The Folly of Cookery
    Why I don’t feed cooked foods to my dogs and cats and you shouldn’t either It hardly needs to be stated that our companion animals are sick and getting sicker on the standard kibble diet.  Few will deny the decline of the health of those under the care of the current feeding regimens, especially kibble… Continue reading →
  • Organic vs Conventional
    DO WE NEED TO BE FEEDING ORGANIC FRUITS AND GRASS-FED MEAT TO HEAL OUR COMPANIONS? Find out what is far more important to your pets health then organic and grass fed.… Continue reading →
  • Recommended Products and tools
    The following is a list of products I use for preparing meals and general care of dogs and cats.  I get questions about these items frequently so I thought it would be useful to compile them all in one place.   Food Preparation Training Treats Water  Cleaning Up Preventing the need to Clean up Bathing &… Continue reading →
  • Gorge Feeding vs. Daily meals
    WHY DO WE CHOOSE DAILY MEALS RATHER THAN GORGE AND FAST AS WOLVES AND COYOTES EAT IN THE WILD? In nature, dogs follow a gorge and fast model of feeding.  In our homes we tend to do the opposite, offering smaller meals daily.  In this article, we will explore what gorge and fast feeding are,… Continue reading →
  • Evidence that Canids eat Fruit in the wild
    One of the biggest mistakes made in feeding dogs is the idea that dogs are exclusively meat eaters and do not require fruits in their diet. This mistake of overfeeding proteins to our companions has led to epidemics of chronic disease. Yet the most popular raw feeding models, PMR and BARF miss the mark on… Continue reading →

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