Recommended Products and tools

The following is a list of products I use for preparing meals and general care of dogs and cats.  I get questions about these items frequently so I thought it would be useful to compile them all in one place.  

Food Preparation

Training Treats


Cleaning Up

  • White vinegar – pick up at any local grocery store
  • Animal odor eliminator –
    • Removes urine odor, great for cleaning crates and deodorizing pet beds, stopping marking behaviors as it fully removes the smell by breaking down the proteins.
  • UV light –
    • To find pet stains

Preventing the need to Clean up

Bathing & Grooming 


  • Coconut soap
  • White vinegar – pick up at any local grocery store – Dilute 1 cup to 1 gallon of water or less, use as a rinse after shampooing to clear hard water minerals, restore fur Ph and 

Dog Grooming

Pest Issues:


  • Flea traps –
  • Flea Combs –
  • Flea Shampoo –
  • For major infestations
    •  Essential oil-based flea spray –
    • Diatomaceous earth –
      • It would be best to not use either of the above directly on a cat or dog unless there is a severe infestation that is not responding to bathing.   Instead use this on dog beds, blankets, and carpeting where fleas congregate.  Essential oils are plant toxins and the fact that they can kill small insects such as fleas tell us they are toxic, so these should be used sparingly and only when other avenues have been exhausted.    Diatomaceous earth is a lung and eye irritant, so use caution when applying and let the dust settle before allowing pets in the room.  Use a mask and eyewear to protect yourself when applying.


Tick Key –

Travel Safely

Other General Dog and Cat Care Items

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