"Old age is not an inevitable condition; It is an accidental state caused by ignorance and wrong living."


Most people think it is natural and normal to get stiff and sore as we get older. We accept as a normal factor of the passing years slowing down and having difficulty moving, walking, running, or even standing. This sad state of affairs is certainly common, but this is decidedly not normal.   

Our bodies are designed to remain loose and limber as we age, to carry us along gracefully to a bare minimum of 120 years of age without pain, stiffness, or weakness.   Based on historical records and common lifespans of mammals we should be living closer to 150-160 years with some evidence even suggesting a natural lifespan of 200 years, but the damage done generation to generation has severely shortened our current longevity.   Today we are impressed if a loved one makes it to 80 or 90 years and we accept that some among us won’t even survive to retirement.  We accept that after 40 we will pull muscles, after 50 we will groan getting up off the couch, by 60 or 70 we may end up with a cane or a walker to keep us upright.  

We will have chronic daily pain, poor posture, difficulty sleeping, and feeling tired all day and awake all night.   This is a sad state that we have pushed the human body to but it is completely avoidable and we can correct this easily by correcting the common mistakes of living we are all making.  The slow stiffening of the body year after year is a result of the dietary mistakes we are making and those can be changed to avoid the pain and suffering and even reverse its course if you are already suffering.

“When a piece of wood is immersed for a period in certain mineral waters, the wood cells thru a chemical action similar to that observed in electro-plating, are replaced by molecules of minerals, and petrifaction ensues. In petrified wood, the form and markings of the original are distinctly seen. At rare intervals surgeons find a human kidney that has actually become petrified-a stone kidney -and sometimes in post mortem examinations veins are found which are brittle, and which crumble at the touch. In old age the various organs are partly petrified -ossified is the term used in the textbooks. But petrifaction is the proper term. The cells of the muscles, arteries, etc., are not replaced by osseous deposits, but by mineral matter.”

“Suggestion is now mainly responsible for keeping the limit of life at about eighty years. For thousands of years man has been taught that he would die at about the age of 70; consequently when in the neighborhood of this age, man begins to look for death-to expect death-to believe in death-and he is never disappointed. The mineral salt deposits in the body commence to manifest themselves between 40 and 50 years of age. These salts are derived mainly from ordinary drinking water, altho[ugh] cereals contribute their share. The presence of an excess of lime retards the functions of all organs; all processes are hindered; the various bodily systems act slowly; this favors the additional deposits of more salts. The functions of the organs are still more restricted. We say the man is “aging rapidly.” As the body becomes weaker the organs become weaker, and mineral deposits quickly accumulate. The victim is rapidly becoming petrified. All organs are clogged; the vital powers are lowered, and as the petrifaction proceeds, death approaches; finally the muscles of the heart become so dense that their elasticity is gone and death ends all. When one dies from “old age,” he dies because his body is partially turned to stone. If we can keep the percentage of water in the body at 80 or 85, we will never die of old age. To maintain the proper proportion of aqueous elements in the system, no liquids but distilled water should be used for drinking or cooking; and furthermore, foods containing a high percentage of mineral salts, as cereals, should be eaten sparingly. When the ideal hygienic race conditions prevail, man will live on distilled water, nuts and fruits; and he will understand the art of mastication; he will breath pure air twenty-four hours out of the day; he will spend many hours daily in the sunshine; he will take enough exercise to keep the body supple, and his mind will be free from worry, care and anxiety; he will not expect death at any particular year or time, nor will he think ·about dying; children will not read the deadly suggestion about “three score and ten years,” and they will be taught how to build and mould the body by mental processes; all suggestions will be for health, strength and vigor. Bulletins from the bedside will be abolished, and “drugs” will exist only in the dictionaries of. the antiquarian.”  – Elmer Ellsworth Carey “Distilled Water and Longevity” 

“Old age is not an inevitable condition; it is an accidental state caused by ignorance and wrong living.”

When we consume mineral-laden waters, table salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt, supplement tablets containing inorganic minerals, or any other source of inorganic minerals, including cooked foods, we start the process of ossification which slowly turns our bodies to stone, inhibiting the function of our organs.   The body cannot digest or metabolize inorganic substances so they are instead deposited into our tissues until they can be eliminated.  

One way we can visualize this for ourselves is the towel test.   Take a towel and soak the towel in salt water.  Allow the towel to dry.   Upon drying you will note that the towel is now brittle and stiff.  This same stiffening and hardening of the tissues, muscles, and organs occur when we ingest inorganic salts and other inorganic substances at a rate that the body cannot eliminate. 

“Inorganic materials cannot be utilized; they clog up our bodies if not eliminated, and they combine with body fluids, oils, compounds and wastes and form substances that cake our vascular system. They are deposited in our joints and muscles, interstitial spaces, organs and lymphatic system. Both deranged foods, that is, those that have been cooked and processed, and impure water contain inorganic minerals, which are harmful to our organism.” – T.C.Fry Life Science Course Lesson 3

The unusable inorganic minerals combine with cholesterol and form plaques that get deposited in the veins and arteries, causing blockages.   They get deposited into the cranial cavity where lost brain cells are filled in with minerals leading to ossification of the brain, causing senility.  The inorganic minerals lead to kidney and gallstone formation, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, heart conditions, and other serious conditions.  In our joints, the accumulation of toxins weakens and irritates the tissues in the joint, degenerating the cartilage.  Then through a process of ossification the body deposits mineral salts into the joints, replacing the cartilage, these mineral deposits harden leading to the fusion of the joints.

“It has been suggested that the different stages of life—from infancy to old age—are just differences in the state of ossification of the body parts. The major difference in body tissues between youth and old age is the greater rigidity and toughness of tissues in advanced age.”

Our mistakes in living – consuming cooked foods, taking supplements, drinking hard waters filled with minerals, consuming salt and other inorganic minerals, and keeping the body in a chronic state of dehydration all work together to break down the tissues and replace them with mineral deposits, leading to a hardening of the body over time.  Stop the progress of slow and painful degeneration and hardening of the tissues by returning to the natural diet of water-rich, raw whole fruits, tender leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and tender vegetables.  Drink plenty of distilled or reverse osmosis water, get exercise, sunshine, and fresh air daily and watch the clock roll back on aging. Today is the day to take back your health and age gracefully. 

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Eat fruit and be well my friends. ?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you. I agree that humans once lived a lot longer than we do so today and that we’ve degenerated generationally … the good news is that it’s never too late to improve our health and to in turn extend our lives… thanks again for this article.

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