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Surgery vs Healing Tumors Naturally


Why do tumors have a better chance of reoccurring after surgery than after healing via a return to the natural human diet?


When a tumor is removed via surgery nothing has been done to remove the reason why the body created the tumor in the first place. Since the cause is not addressed the same conditions remain in place, so the natural progression is for the same end result. If you keep making the same mistakes you should expect to keep getting the same results.

When a tumor is removed by the body after a person corrects their diet, the conditions which created the tumor – the wrong foods being eaten – have been removed. There is no longer a need for the body to create a tumor because the conditions of disease no longer exist. The cause has been removed therefore the effect does not occur.

In addition, when we undergo surgery a tremendous amount of additional damage is done to the body requiring even more cleaning and repair work to be done by the body. Tumors are created by the body as a solution to an excess of cellular waste and debris that the body is not able to remove. The body is not able to remove that waste because the across-the-board burden on the body is too high. When we add to that waste burden yet again, the body is still under the same burden it was originally but now it has additional waste to remove but even less energy than it had before the surgery.

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