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Flesh-Eating Bacteria


What is flesh-eating bacteria and how do people get it?


Flesh-eating bacteria is a myth of the medical industry based on their wrong foundational understanding of bacteria’s purpose in the body.

Bacteria only feed upon dead and dying cells and cell debris. It does not feed on healthy living cells.

When a person is diagnosed with “flesh-eating bacteria” what is really happening is the body is extremely toxic and an open wound has become a port for the expulsion of the toxic waste material. The wound is pushing out lots of acidic waste which is causing more and more cells to die in the area surrounding the wound. The bacteria is present to break down those dying cells for recycling or elimination. The bacteria is there in response to the conditions, it is not creating the conditions. When this happens under the care of the medical industry the patient will have many poisons applied to the wound directly or to their body generally. The initial wound or ulceration was caused by the chronic application of poisons and wrong foods to their body and then the medical treatment is to apply more poisons to the body. This means the body is going to have a continuous stream of material it needs to push out in order to survive. This leads to the wound area continuing to ulcerate, destroying more and more tissue in the area and causing more and more bacteria to be created to keep up with the workload.

If the patient was fasted and no more poisons were applied to the body then the body would stop having material to push out, it would be able to catch up on the backlog of waste, the ulceration would stop and the waste load would fall and as the waste load falls the bacteria populations would be reduced by the body in direct correlation to the reducing waste load.

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Blackleg and Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in Cattle


I see the term blackleg come up often when people talk about vaccinating livestock. They also mention BRD a lot too, which is like pneumonia. These cattle farmers are insistent that they must use the immunizations to prevent the loss of the animals. So why does this work in cattle? The 1st seems to be spore-related and carried until a minor injury turns the muscle into a feast for a toxic soup-creating bacteria. The 2nd seems to be commonly, possibly caused by stress… but stress alone can’t create the disease of mucus-filled lungs. How would the terrain model explain these claims?


Whenever we are looking at a medical label blaming bacteria or viruses for disease there are always clues that point to the answers we seek within the medical literature narrative that can help us see through the false science, misconstrued, misinterpreted, or misinformed opinions, and sales pitches and get a clearer picture of what is actually happening.

Here is one source that we can look at for clues – Blackleg: A Preventable Disease of Cattle from the West Virginia University Extension

As usual, they have the fearmongering statements “Clostridium bacteria have developed the ability to survive extreme environmental conditions by developing into highly resistant spores. As spores, the bacterium can live in soil for many years, waiting for its opportunity to strike and infect a host.”

The Bacteria is present in healthy animals without causing infection

Looking at this first one, we can see that the spores are present with no negative impact on the cattle and can live in the soil for many years, which means hundreds, if not thousands of cattle are exposed to them, but only a some of the cattle suddenly start dying from the bacteria according to the medical literature.

Here is another confirmation”If sheep or cattle have ever grazed the land you are currently pasturing, it is most likely you have the Clostridium chauvoei spores.”

A Narrow “Infection” Window

“It is not uncommon for prime blackleg conditions to affect an area for a period of 10 days.”

So beyond 10 days the bacteria suddenly becomes inert and not harmful? It’s everywhere that cows or sheep have grazed previously, thousands of cattle are exposed to it with no health issues. This is the same pattern used to blame e-coli, MRSA, tetanus, etc in humans when these bacteria are found in all healthy humans.

It’s highly unlikely that the material would only become harmful within such a narrow scope, but perhaps we can find a more rational explanation within the article for why a cow would succumb within 10 days of injury.

“It is not entirely understood what causes the bacteria to proliferate, but one theory is muscle bruising associated with handling and shipping may be a major cause. “

“There are several signs and symptoms an infected animal will exhibit, including lameness, loss of appetite, depression, rapid breathing, fever and swelling. Sometimes the animal will appear lame on the affected leg before any other sign is noticed.”

When these cattle are transported they are crammed into metal trailers and very often become injured. Since the cattle are fed a completely unnatural diet, and raised on pastures that are abused and devoid of nutrition, they start out very weak. The cows are given a wide range of toxic injections and supplements, and antibiotics are fed “preventatively” leading to a chronic state of disease from birth to slaughter. The pastures are often planted with only one or two grasses, which are chosen to maximize short-term weight gain, not nutrition. All of these conditions lead to an animal that is not in a good condition to recover should they experience a traumatic injury.

In chicken farming, they feed the birds a feed that makes them grow so heavy in such a short period of time that it is common for the bird’s legs to break under their own weight. In cattle, we see the same pattern of fattening for the fastest return on investment leading to bodies that grow rapidly, but not strong. No care is given to the animal’s nutrition because the cattle farmer only cares about getting them to maximum weight as quickly as possible, they don’t care about their long-term health. They have no desire to allow the animal to live to its natural life span, so there is no incentive to feed them properly for longevity.

Poor Nutrition leads to weak bodies that easily succumb to injury

Most people recognize that livestock that live in a feedlot system are getting very poor nutrition and a stressful life with little care for their wellbeing. However, we tend to get the false impression that “grass-fed” cows are getting good nutrition and living naturally. This is the furthest thing from the truth. A grass pasture is just a field the farmer has planted with rye, wheat, or other grasses. In nature, cows would eat flowers, shrubs, fruit, legumes, clover, wild herbs, and a wide variety of greens and grasses that would be growing next to each other on wide tracts of natural land. Grass-fed cows are fed a mono-crop or possible a small mix of grasses, flowers and legumes in a small grass field. In nature they would not be limited to a few high-protein grasses selectively chosen for maximum weight gain. In nature, they would grow slowly and naturally. On a farm the goal is to get them fattened for sale or slaughter as quickly as possible to maximize profit.

A “grass-fed” cow is the equivalent of a McDonald’s fed child. A body that has been fed poor nutrition is far more likely to succumb to an injury than a body that is strong and has the materials needed to heal properly.

So we have an animal that is severely injured during transportation and then dumped into a field that offers no rest and little nutrition, likely they are also given their preventative antibiotics (poison) and supplements (poison) because the grass field is lacking in many of the natural materials they need. As a result, the conditions of health are not being provided and therefore we cannot expect the body to heal in effective way and we can expect many of these cows to succumb to injuries which would not be fatal in a healthy animal but becomes the straw that breaks the camels back in these weak mis-fed animals.

Why do the injections appear to work?

Using the same article as above –  Blackleg: A Preventable Disease of Cattle from the West Virginia University Extension

We start with the sales pitch, the favorite of the industry is the “better safe than sorry”, “we offer the solution for very cheap so make sure you use the prevention.” Here it is in the article: “It is a very inexpensive insurance policy to protect animals with vaccination. Most blackleg products will cost producers approximately $1.20 to $1.60 per head, plus the cost of labor, depending on the product used.”

In the disease-for-profit industry, they have inbuilt protections to keep their system running. Hundreds of thousands of different disease labels for a small number of symptoms. A set of symptoms can point to one of 10, 20, or 100 different disease labels, but the presence of any particular bacteria or virus is the definitive factor that provides the specific diagnosis in many diseases.

The way a vaccine works is you give it long before any symptoms are apparent and you give it en masse to thousands or hundreds of thousands of victims.

“Vaccines are very effective if given to young, healthy animals in time for them to increase their immunity before being challenged by the disease.”

Since most of the victims would never acquire the disease in the first place you simply credit the vaccine for the lack of symptoms rather than the statistical norm that already existed prior to the invention of the vaccine. Now all the animals that never would have gotten the “disease” in the first place we are told only didn’t get it because they were vaccinated and therefore protected from it.

Then when inevitably symptoms arise in some of the animals or humans that match the disease that the vaccine is supposed to protect for, they simply change the disease label. In humans, we vaccinated for polio, and then anyone who got the symptoms associated with polio from being exposed to a neurotoxin but is vaccinated, they are now diagnosed with transverse myelitis, guillain-barre, spinal cord stroke, meningitis, brainstem stroke, botulism, or other medical labels instead of polio. Polio is ruled out because they were vaccinated for polio already. Instead a different label is chosen. In areas where the vaccine was not given en masse, they are still given a polio label and we rarely see the other diagnosis labels being used.

You see, if an animal has been vaccinated for a particular disease then that by default removes that disease from the diagnosis choices the vet is choosing from and they choose another label instead. Plenty of labels are available to diagnose the same limited spectrum of symptoms, so it’s easy to simply relabel.

In this case, “C septicum, C novyi, C sordellii, and C perfringens may resemble those of blackleg.” and malignant edema, tetanus, enterotoxemia, red water, and botulism all share the same symptoms and can be used as an alternative diagnosis.

But to add a further level of protection for the narrative we are also told “calves vaccinated under three months of age must be vaccinated again at weaning or at four to six months of age to be protected.” and ” Animals must be vaccinated annually.”

So if the vet wants to diagnose blackleg they can also claim that the farmer did not vaccinate enough times.

“Delaying vaccination until a calf is older can be inviting disaster” -Source: Alabama Cooperative Extension article Blackleg and Other Clostridial Diseases in Cattle

The industry sales materials always have the call to urgency and the moral imperative – if the farmer does not vaccinate they are “inviting disaster” and being neglectful and abusive. This type of social pressure helps keep questioning to a minimum – no one wants to be labeled abusive or neglectful so “just to be safe” they inject the poison.

“Intramuscular injection of clostridial vaccines causes significant muscle damage and, therefore, clostridial vaccines must be injected under the skin (subcutaneously or SQ) in the neck area. This will prevent injection-site damage to high-value cuts of meat.

The result of “just to be safe” is “significant muscle damage” but that is socially acceptable because it is a result of medical “care” which is deemed necessary and appropriate as long as its not in the high value cuts of meat.

Bovine Respiratory Disease

“Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), sometimes described as “shipping fever,” is the most common and costly disease affecting the North American beef cattle industry.” “BRD refers to any disease of the upper or lower respiratory tracts”

Here the cause is right in the description, “shipping fever”. The extremely high stress the cattle are under during shipping leads to many of the cattle developing detox symptoms after the ordeal.

Symptoms of BRD in cattle:
Fever (up to 42°C)
Watery nasal discharge progressing to a thick mucoid nasal discharge.
Depression and lethargy.
Lack of appetite.
Rapid, shallow breathing.
Unwillingness to move, standing with neck extended.

All of the above are detox symptoms. This is the body’s natural healing and repair processes being instituted as a result of exposure to toxins or stress. When an animal or human is under high levels of stress this creates an overacid condition of the body due to the overworking of the cells. All disease is a result of the overworking of the cells, so stress, especially prolonged stress can certainly result in detox symptoms.

In humans, prolonged stress results in cold or flu symptoms, which are detox symptoms, also known as a healing crisis. In cattle, the medical industry has labeled this collection of healing symptoms as BRD just like they have labeled the symptoms pneumonia, flu, or cold in humans. It’s the same process just with different labels depending on who invents the label first.

However, there are some caveats to stress creating these symptoms. Under normal conditions in a healthy body the body would quickly eliminate the results of the stress in the body and no lasting symptoms would occur. If anything the symptoms would be minor. In a body that is misfed, however, the body is already under a chronic burden and is unable to rapidly eliminate byproducts of stress. The body is dehydrated and as such the lymphatic system is backed up and moving more slowly than it would naturally. This results in slower elimination of waste products and therefore more damage at the site of the cells when the waste is not able to be rapidly eliminated from the area. Therefore, a normal condition that a healthy body would rapidly eliminate with minimal symptoms becomes a major issue with major symptoms and discomfort for a body that has been chronically misfed and poisoned.

On top of this, if the care given to the animal is rest, fasting, clean water, and species-appropriate food that provides the highest quality nutrition then the body will recover rapidly. If the opposite is done, if the animal is applied with poisons and force-fed, not allowed proper rest, and not provided with the needs of health, then the symptoms will linger, the elimination will drag on and the symptoms may worsen depending on the amount of poisons applied to the body by the medical person in charge of their care.

As with any condition of disease, we cannot poison a poisoned body back to health. Stress creates poisonous conditions, and the body responds to these poisonous conditions by creating expulsion symptoms, the medical industry responds to the body healing expulsion symptoms by applying additional poisons in the way of antibiotics, supplements, and other symptom suppressants, attempting to poison away the symptoms which were brought on by the initial poisoning.

If the body survives the initial poisoning and the secondary poisoning the medical poisons are touted as the savior. If the animal succumbs to the secondary poisons the body’s healing processes are blamed for the death rather than the poisons. The explanation always protects the profits of the disease-for-profit industry.

Colloidal Silver – Magic Cure or Poison?

Heavy Metal Poisoning and Symptom Suppression

Colloidal silver is a beloved magic cure in the natural health world. It is said to be the antidote for every malady from chest congestion to viral infections like the common cold.  It is said to boost your immune system and clear up skin conditions. It is reported to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.  Many people use colloidal silver to cleanse the gut and combat inflammation.  One article discussed below even touts colloidal silver as “ANTI-EVERYTHING.”  Bronchitis, food poisoning, gonorrhea, meningitis, pink eye, shingles, tuberculosis, staph and strep infections, herpes, cancer, and AIDS all are powerless to the mighty cure-all colloidal silver.

If this list of marketed benefits is not raising your red flag alert then you are likely new to the terrain model. By the end of this article, you will understand why these so called benefits are in fact detrimental to your health.

Central to the terrain model is the understanding that 

  1. All symptoms are created by the body intelligently.  
  2. There are two types of symptoms: constructive and degenerative. Constructive symptoms are an effort to alleviate disease conditions. Degenerative symptoms result from degeneration of the body due to the existing disease conditions.
  3. Constructive symptoms are remedial.  They seek to return the body to a state of health. 
  4. Bacteria in the body are created by and controlled by the body. Bacteria exist in the healthy body with no symptoms of disease present.  Bacteria are present at the site of disease conditions because they are part of the healing process initiated by the body, not because they are an outside invading force attacking the body.  They cannot be an outside invading force attacking if they exist in a healthy body without causing any symptoms or conditions of disease. 
  5. All actions are taken by the body.  Substances are inert and cannot take action, therefore all actions as a result of ingesting a substance are the body acting upon the substance to expel the substance, not the substance acting upon the body.  
  6. We cannot use poison to get back to health.  

As we look at this list we can see that the reported benefit of colloidal silver killing bacteria is not a health benefit but a detriment.   We can see that the suppression of symptoms by colloidal silver is a detriment, not a benefit, working against the body’s healing processes.   

Working against the body’s healing processes

Bacteria are the recycling team of nature, breaking down waste and debris.  The bacteria within our body are created by the body and controlled by the body, and found in all healthy bodies, so an antibacterial substance is a substance that kills the bacteria that is your own body’s recycling and waste elimination team.   By its most basic nature, an antibacterial substance is injurious to the body. 

Silver is a heavy metal.  

The term colloidal just means that the particles of silver are so small that they do not settle out of the solution.  A substance that has been prepared in a colloidal state does not necessarily make it usable by the body nor does it alter its fundamental properties as a heavy metal.  Most people try to avoid heavy metals because we know that metals are hard for the body to remove, and can cross the blood-brain barrier leading to neurological deficits.  

“The concept of brain barriers or a brain barrier system embraces the blood–brain interface, referred to as the blood–brain barrier, and the blood–cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) interface, referred to as the blood–CSF barrier. These brain barriers protect the CNS against chemical insults, by different complementary mechanisms. Toxic metal molecules can either bypass these mechanisms or be sequestered in and therefore potentially deleterious to brain barriers. Supportive evidence suggests that damage to blood–brain interfaces can lead to chemical-induced neurotoxicities.”   Brain barrier systems: a new frontier in metal neurotoxicological research

Normal Hand Color vs Argyria - Showing the blue-gray tinge of heavy metal silver deposits in the skin

Despite our knowledge of the dangers of heavy metals, silver, a heavy metal, is sold as the magical colloidal silver and becomes the exception that is touted as a natural cure instead of the poisonous neurotoxin that it is. 

In the terrain model, we know that the body is self-healing and self-cleaning and that symptoms are productive and useful, not random or the result of a war against the body.   For this reason, we don’t apply treatments that stop the symptoms as that would result in injury to the body and a cessation of the body’s productive cleaning and healing processes.  Instead, we seek to remove the cause of the disease conditions, or injury that is occurring to the body and to allow the body’s healing processes to complete without interference or suppression.   

How do we determine if a product is safe or toxic?

When we look at the suitability of applying a substance to the body we want to look at the known effects of that substance.  How does the body respond to the application of this product?  Does the body respond with expulsion symptoms?   Does the body respond with further degeneration?   Does the product stop healing processes?   

Known side effects of colloidal silver:



Myoclonic seizures

Impaired kidney function

Impaired liver function

Loss of bone density

Discoloration of fingernails

Blue tinge to gums

Ocular argyrosis –  a blue-gray pigmentation of the eyes caused by the deposit of silver in the eye.

Argyria – a blue-gray pigmentation of the skin caused by the deposit of silver in the tissues.

Image Credit: Mota, L., & Jorge, R. (2021). Clinical and Forensic Aspects of the Different Subtypes of Argyria. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10(10), 2086.

“The respiratory tract may be affected in severe cases of silver intoxication. Chronic bronchitis has also been reported to result from the medicinal use of colloidal silver. Large oral doses of silver nitrate or acetate may cause severe gastrointestinal irritation due to its caustic action.”

The more extreme long-term effects of ingesting and using colloidal silver topically can be seen in this sad case – Paul Karason aka Papa Smurf who passed away in 2013 after years of taking silver supplements.:

Image Credit:

And the sad case of Rosemary Jacobs, 71, who developed the condition argyria at the age of 11 when she began using nasal drops containing colloidal silver (CS).

As with any heavy metal, the metal becomes lodged in the tissues of the body causing malfunction of the cells in that area as the cells are impaired by the foreign object that is in their way.   

It is fairly easy to see that the application of this heavy metal is at the very least not harmless, but detrimental to the natural and normal function of the body.  Aside from killing the bacteria within your system that are necessary to the health of your body, you are adding a material that will remain lodged in your tissues long-term and impair the function of all surrounding cells. 

Image Credit:

If that is not enough to keep you away from this toxic remedy, let us take a deep dive at some of the most common marketed uses for colloidal silver and breakdown why they are not beneficial:

(From “15 Benefits of Colloidal Silver”


Colloidal silver is a great natural antibiotic…”  “…may destroy fungal diseases, viruses, and germs.”

Antibiotic means a product that can kill bacteria, yeasts, healthy cells, and any other living organism it comes into contact with.  Since our body contains millions and millions of bacteria, all of which serve an important purpose in our body’s natural processes, including digestion, breakdown of heavy metals and toxins, and wound repair, killing these bacteria does nothing to improve our health, it adds to the overall disease burden on the body.    

Additionally, viruses are not alive and therefore cannot be killed.  Viruses are spent cellular debris – small fragments of cells that have been broken down either by the application of poison to the body which injures the cells or by the natural breakdown of cells as a part of the natural life cycle of the cell.   Destroying viruses means nothing as a virus is a destroyed part of a cell and while it can be broken down further, it was not capable of taking any action prior. For more on Viruses see my article: Are Viruses Real?

Fungus is another naturally occurring part of our body that causes no harm.  Killing the fungus has done nothing to remove the reason the body put fungus in place to clean up debris and excess waste.   Applying the solution might kill the fungus but it will not remove the reason the fungus exists in the first place, so all you are doing is shooting the messenger while ignoring the message.   

By destroying a bacteria, fungus, or virus you have effectively killed the messenger, destroyed the clean-up crew, and left the body in a deeper state of disease than when the symptoms first arose.   You may have successfully gotten rid of the messenger, but they will come back because you have done nothing to get rid of the reason for their message.   Like killing the flies that are flying around the garbage but leaving the garbage in place you have done nothing to address the problem.  

“Fights inflammation”

Inflammation is stage 4 of the disease process (See “The Seven Stages of Disease – ) and is a healing process.  Inflammation includes the swelling of an area due to the body bringing water into the area to flush out toxins and cellular debris and dilute acidic waste products.   Inflammation also includes heat as the body brings bacteria to the area to break down dead tissue for recycling and breaking down toxins.  The activity of the bacteria creates heat.   Inflammation also includes increased blood flow to the area to bring in nutrients and building materials required to make repairs.  The body uses inflammation to heal, therefore a product that fights inflammation or shuts down inflammation is not helping the body, but harming the body.  This is why when we use products to stop inflammation the inflammation often comes right back after we stop the product.  

Image Credit:

“Treat eye infections” 

The medical concept of infection is that bacteria invade the eye or other areas of the body and wage war randomly on that part of the body.  The germ theory narrative states that a single germ or bacteria enters the body and the body is defenseless to beat this single germ, but then the germ multiplies hundreds and thousands of times over, creating an infection, a mass of bacteria that is waging war against the tissues. 

Despite being unable to stop the single germ in the beginning the body allows the germ to multiply into an entire battalion and then and only then, once the bacteria has taken hold and laid the body low does the body begin to fight back against the germ.  At this point, the allopathic model states that the immune system battles back from its position of weakness and overcomes the thousands of germs that one germ alone was too much for the immune system to handle.  

The terrain model states that bacteria work in the body in the same way they are observed to work in nature.  Bacteria work upon dead or damaged tissue to break down and recycle the tissue.   Bacteria never attacks healthy or live tissue, it only works upon dead tissue.  Even the allopath has admitted this fact.  

In the terrain model, we recognize that the tissue is injured first by exposure to poison, toxin, or irritant.  The bacteria is brought to the area of injury by the body to recycle the damaged tissue.  The bacteria is found at the site of injury after the occurrence of injury because it is working on the repair of the injury not because it is a cause of injury.  The bacteria increases in population in proportion to the amount of work that needs to be done and then the bacteria population decreases naturally as the area is repaired and the conditions of health are put back into place.  

In the allopathic model, the concept of an external bacteria/germ attacking the body is justification for the use of poisons applied to the body to kill the germ.   

In the terrain model, we recognize that poisoning a poisoned or injured body is detrimental to the health of the body and that killing the recycling and repair team is counter to the healing processes put in place by the body.  Therefore the use of colloidal silver, or any other antibiotic substance is working against the natural healing processes utilized by the body. 

The eye becomes irritated by exposure to a poison, toxin, dirt, debris, or other injury and the healing process begins.  The body brings bacteria to the area of injury to break down the dead and dying tissue so it can be replaced with new tissue.   Applying a poison at this point to kill the bacteria stops the healing process and causes further injury to the body.  This is why antibiotics often fail in the first, second, third, or fourth rounds.  

“Treat ear infections” 

Again the same process of healing is being circumvented by the application of a substance that damages the body.  Like the eye infection, the bacteria are in place to assist with healing the injury and the application of the colloidal silver stops the healing process and injures the body in the process.

Image Credit: Mota, L., & Jorge, R. (2021). Clinical and Forensic Aspects of the Different Subtypes of Argyria. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10(10), 2086.

“Relieve physical injuries (burns, cuts, etc.)”

As mentioned above, the body takes all action.  Substances are inert (dead) and cannot take action. 

This means when a wound is healed it is the body that is repairing the tissues. The body clots the blood. The body creates the scab. The body eliminates the dead and damaged tissue. The body brings the building materials to the site of injury for repair. All actions are taken by the body.

The body closes wounds slowly and intelligently to allow for the weeping of waste out of the wound.  If the wound closes too rapidly there is no exit for the waste and in extreme cases this can lead to sepsis, a danger often experienced when injuries are artificially sown shut with stitches. 

The skin is our body’s natural defense from poisons entering the interior of the body.  When the skin is injured there is an area where a toxin could potentially enter.  If we apply poison to the skin at the area of the wound the body will take action to more rapidly close the wound. 

Rather than closing slowly and naturally and allowing for the proper draining of waste as the wound closes, the body is forced to rapidly close the wound trapping the waste inside the body.  This waste then requires removal via a different route adding to the overall burden on the body.   This is true of all ointments, salves, tinctures, antibiotics, or any other substance placed on a wound.  While the wound may close more quickly this is at the expense of the body, not to the body’s benefit.  

“Alleviate skin conditions”

Skin conditions like rashes, eczema, or psoriasis are an expulsion symptom. 

The body is backed up with acidic waste, toxins, and poisons. The body activates its secondary elimination channel, the skin, to expel these waste materials.   In a healthy person, all eliminations move through the primary channels which are the bowels, kidneys, and lungs.  When our body is overwhelmed and backed up, more aggressive measures must be put into place. 

The body must utilize its backup systems to keep up with the heavy burden.   Since these symptoms are how the body pushes waste out when it is already under a heavy burden, the addition of substances that stop the body from pushing the waste out in this area means you are trapping that waste inside the body or forcing the body to find yet another avenue for expulsion. The colloidal silver may clear the symptom, but again it has done so at the expense of the body and has put the body under an even greater burden of disease. 

Image Credit: Mota, L., & Jorge, R. (2021). Clinical and Forensic Aspects of the Different Subtypes of Argyria. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10(10), 2086.

“Heal sinus infections”

Yet again we see the remedy being used to work against the body’s army of healing organisms.  A sinus “infection” is the inflammation of the sinuses due to chronic or acute irritation.  The application of the toxic heavy metal does not remove the cause of the initial irritation or the chronic irritation.  It does nothing to address why the body is irritated.  It stops the symptoms again, but again we must ask, why did the body create those symptoms, and is stopping them beneficial?   Sneezing allows the body to push out waste, mucus carries out the waste, inflammation results from irritation and the process itself is the way the body rids itself of excess and heals, so again stopping the “infection” is stopping the body-created healing process.  

“Cold and flu remedy”

Probably the most dangerous use of a poison like colloidal silver is as a cold or flu remedy.  The body creates colds and flu when the conditions inside the body have become intolerable and it does so as a healing process.  Colds and flu are a collection of expulsion symptoms like sneezing, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. These symptoms all are pushing material out or breaking the material down so it can be pushed out.  Colds and flu occur when the burden on the body has become so great that the vitality of the body is very low and the cells can no longer function as required.  The body creates a massive purge of toxins, carried out in mucus and fluids, to alleviate the burden on the body.  

“Heal pneumonia”

Pneumonia is the progressive result of attempts to stop cold and flu expulsion events.  The more we impair the body’s ability to expel by applying toxic substances to suppress the expulsion symptoms the greater the threat to the body becomes.  The body must expel the waste. When it is not able to do so in its initial less aggressive attempts then the mucus continues to build. The body continues to put fluid in the area to dilute the waste with the result being fluid in the lungs awaiting expulsion. This is what the allopathic model calls pneumonia.  

The application of colloidal silver does nothing to remove the cause of the pneumonia symptoms or any of the prior symptoms that led up to the body creating pneumonia.   If we continue to poison the body at this point with any poison the body can be pushed beyond its ability to survive.   Applying colloidal silver to a person with pneumonia can easily result in the death of the patient.  

 “Treat a sore throat”

Throats become sore due to injury by ingesting irritants, inhaling smoke, drinking alcohol, ingesting cows milk or spicy foods, or cooked foods.  Any substance that is not appropriate to our physiology has the potential to cause injury or irritation to the throat. Any toxic substance which is inhaled also can injure the tissues of the throat. 

When the tissues become injured the body responds by signaling pain to force us to stop eating so that we stop using the throat long enough for the body to make the necessary repairs.  The body puts bacteria in place to break down dead and damaged tissues and recycle them.  Applying colloidal silver kills the bacteria that is there making its repairs.  Again, the colloidal silver has done nothing to remove the cause of the initial injury and the application of the poison impairs the healing processes leaving an excess burden for the body to deal with on top of the initial injury.  

“Treatment for pets”

“infections, minor cuts and wounds, eye and ear infections, and ringworm”

Not only do we injure ourselves by ingesting and inhaling this heavy metal but then we apply the poison to our companions for the same reasons.  We seek to suppress and shut down the symptoms which have been put in place by the body to heal the body and by doing so we add additional disease conditions and further impair the body.   There are no safe uses for colloidal silver in pets, just like you would not apply any other heavy metal to your dog or cat for any reason.  

The remainder of the uses listed in this article are household uses not relevant to this particular article but you can see from this list of common uses that the only perceived benefits are a misunderstanding of the healing processes of the body and an attempt to shut the body down as it makes attempts to clean, repair and heal.    

Removal of Cause is the only path to health

Like all remedies, pharma or natural, there is no effort to remove the cause, there is only an attempt to suppress or hide symptoms, the symptoms themselves being the cure that is created by the body.  In all cases, the remedy is working against the body, suppressing or interfering with the healing processes of the body and resulting in a greater condition of disease after the application of the toxic substance.  

These purported benefits are all a result of the allopathic mindset of applying poisons to a poisoned body in an attempt to heal by poisoning.    This is the opposite of the terrain model in which the objective is to remove the sources of poisoning and injury and allow the self-healing body to proceed as designed to repair and clean.  

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Koch’s Postulates Explained

The Following is an excerpt from Life Science Course LESSON 66 – Contagion, Epidemics


The German scientist, Robert Koch, maintained that for a specific bacteria to be the cause of a disease:

  1. It must be found in every case of that disease.
  2. It must not be found when the disease is not present.
  3. It must be capable of living outside the tissues.
  4. It must then be capable of reintroduction into the organism and producing that disease.

As has been repeatedly demonstrated, specific bacteria do not fulfill these prerequisites.

Robert Koch (1843-1910) was a bacteriologist, physiologist, and one of Pasteur’s contemporaries. The specific requirements of “Koch’s Postulates” follow:

  1. A culture of the bacteria must be taken from a diseased animal.
  2. It must then be grown in pure culture in a laboratory.
  3. After this, the culture has to be injected into a susceptible animal.
  4. It must cause the same disease, and culture must be taken from this animal.

This is a modification of the germ theory, requiring a condition of susceptibility to establish a causal relationship between specific germs and specific diseases.

Scientists know that specific bacteria are not found in every case of a specific disease. The eminent Canadian physician, Sir William Osier (1849-1919) found that the diphtheria bacillus is absent in 28 to 40% of cases of diphtheria. Green’s Medical Diagnosis says that tubercle bacilli may be present early, more often late, or in rare instances be absent throughout the disease condition. Koch’s first postulate, “the specific bacteria must be found in every case of that disease” is not fulfilled in tuberculosis, diphtheria, typhoid fever, pneumonia, or any other disease. Specific bacteria are not found in every case of a specific disease.

Nor is the second postulate fulfilled, because it is a medically-known fact that bacteria are found in the bodies of humans and animals which exhibit no symptoms of any disease. Specific bacteria are repeatedly found when the specific disease is absent.

Further, bacteria are not capable of living outside the tissues; therefore, the third postulate is not fulfilled. Neither Pasteur nor any of his successors have ever induced a complaint by the inoculation of airborne bacteria, but only by injections from bodily sources. The reason is obvious: germs are dependent on human or animal organisms for their survival.

Quoting from “The Germ Theory Reexamined” by Bob Zuraw and Bob Lewanski (Vegetarian World, Volume 3, Number 11, September-November 1977): “Koch’s Fourth Postulate: Introducing germ cultures in a healthy body or organism does not produce signs and symptoms of the disease.The Bio-Chemical Society of Toronto conducted a number of very interesting experiments in which pure cultures of typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and meningitis germs were consumed by the millions in food and drink by a group of volunteers. The results: no ill effects whatsoever.”

But when the condition of susceptibility is introduced, this changes the whole concept. Thus we are back to the same point we have been emphasizing: the condition of the host is of primary importance in the production of disease.